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Leo was still resting on his bed when a sudden vibration underneath his stomach startled him out of his teary nap. Bleary eyed, he read the cell's screen. Caroline? He quickly cleared his throat and tried to halt his sniffling before answering.

"Um, hello?" He greeted hesitantly.

"Elena? Elena, is that you?" Caroline practically screeched. "Bonnie told me what happened, but, oh my god! Your voice is so deep! If I didn't know that you were actually a girl, I would even call it…super-hot!" Leo managed to both cringe, smile, and blush at her reaction.

"Care, while I'm very happy to hear that you don't think I'm a total freak (and I am very flattered by your strange compliment)…that's a little bit creepy." He laughed hollowly.

"What's wrong, Lena?" Caroline whined overdramatically. Leo had been stupid to think that she wouldn't have noticed that he'd been crying. Even as a boy, she knew him inside and out.

Either way, he decided to just give up the whole "It's cool, I'm fine, no, being turned into a boy, snubbed by my boyfriend and forced to wear my brother's oversized clothing is totally cool. Oh yeah." act. For one of the first times in her life, Elena was actually being forced to bitch. Funny how that was happening now…

"Stefan and I got into a fight." He sighed resignedly.

"WHAT! Over what? You being a boy? But that's crazy! It was an accident! He can't get mad at you for that!" Caroline protested loudly, the epitome of a good bitch-to friend.

"Yeah, I totally agree with you! But, um…it kinda turned into an Elena-induced problem when we, um…."


"WE KISSED, OK! Stefan got all pissed off because HE KISSED A BOY." Leo waited for Caroline's reaction but was met with silence. "He doesn't love me this way, ok Care?" He pushed. "Do you see what I'm saying?" Yet more silence. "Care…?"

"You two…kissed?" She said finally.

"Er, yeah?"

"…Man. I wish I could've seen that."

"CAROLINE!" Leo exclaimed, shocked.

"WHAT! Do NOT even tell me that you don't think a make-out session between two hot guys wouldn't be totally sexy!"

"You're screwed up."

"Oh, zip it. I'm not the only one! There's a whole horde of us man-on-man lovers on, like, fanfiction and stuff. Seriously. Don't hate." Leo couldn't help but laugh at that. Leave it to Caroline to brighten his sodden spirits.

"I hear that smile! What would you do without me, Elena? Or should I say, Leo?" Caroline said slyly. Leo could only agree with her.

"Ooh! You know what else would cheer you up?"

"Um, having my boyfriend show up beneath my window with a boom box? Maybe waiting to profess his undying love for me and beg for my forgiveness?"

"Close! Me and Bonnie are taking you shopping! NO BUTS! We'll be there in 20 minutes!"

Honestly, Leo wasn't about to complain. He definitely needed a bit of time with his girls to get over all the boyfriend drama. As a thank you and goodbye, he growled,

"I'm in! Oh, and you're right. It was reeeeaaaallly sexy." He hung up then, Caroline's girlish squeals still ringing in his ears.

Leo couldn't believe how good it felt to be wearing his own clothes. Plus, his mind being mostly that of a female, his new duds were quite dapper. As he, Caroline and Bonnie set their bags down at a table in the food court to eat their lunches, Caroline repeatedly nudged him to point out one of the many groups of staring and giggling teenage girls.

"Quite the popular dude, huh?" She teased good-naturedly. "I don't blame them! You're very good-looking as a boy, I must say!" Both Leo and Bonnie rolled their eyes and laughed.

"It's the Michael Kors, Daaahhhling." Leo drawled in his best gay voice as he gestured to his new suit jacket and jeans ensemble with tomato sauce-covered fingers.

"Not so hot when he's scarfing down a meatball sub, though." Bonnie commented dryly. Leo stopped his "scarfing" to shoot her a mock-offended face.

"Dude, I'm a dude! Do you even know what it feels like to be this hungry all. The. Time?"

"You say that like it's a bad thing." Caroline sighed longingly as she watched him polish off his second chocolate chunk cookie. "Only in my dreams would I have a teenage boy's metabolism…" She grumbled, glaring down at her innocent little Asian chop salad.

The three friends laughed heartily over their meals and jokes, unsuspecting, while Klaus and Rebekah looked on. Originally, Klaus had been imagining different ways to possibly kill himself while his sister tried on several hugely expensive gowns which she would never have an occasion for. Rebekah had seen how angry and reclusive he'd been since he returning from his trip to find his doppelganger missing, and she wanted to get him out of the house. Klaus had hesitantly agreed, but he had had no idea that "out for some fun" meant "going to hell/the mall." But now, seeing his missing doppelganger's friends out with a handsome young man, looking as if they had not a care in the world, he saw a chance to do some personal research. Following Her brothers gaze, Rebekah growled.

"Oh no. Not today, Klaus. This is an occasion for play, not work!" She snapped under her breathe. Klaus rolled his eyes and scoffed at her.

"Oh Rebekah, get over yourself. I'm merely going to engage in a chat with the mortal children. Are you ok with that? Maybe I just want to introduce myself to Caroline's new guy friend…" He grumbled, a hard edge added to this last sentence. But Rebekah grasped his arm quickly before he could escape.

"Fine. Just try not to kill him, ok?" She warned quietly.

"Since when do you care who I feel like killing? He asked her, incredulous.

"Since you started having murderous thoughts towards a particularly pretty 'who'"

Caroline, who was facing the approaching originals. Stopped her giggling immediately to choke on her Coke. Unable to speak, she gestured frantically in the direction before her. Her concerned and confused friends turned around to find their view blocked by two bodies. Looking up at a pair of smirking faces, all three members of the table seemed to gulp simultaneously.

"Why, hello Caroline." Klaus drawled in her direction, though she was still trying to figure out which way her Coke was supposed to go down.

"And hello to your new friend!" Rebekah quickly added, wiggling her fingers at Leo. Swatting her hand away, Klaus took control of the situation before the friends even had a chance to respond.

"All right, so I'm going to try this the polite, civil way, first. If you refuse to answer my questions, then I will have to resort to….uglier means of Interrogation. Is that clear?" The girlfriends glanced at each other, each one frightened, but they nodded all the same. "Gooooood." Klaus sneered. "So. Where. Is. My. Doppelganger?" He was met with silence.

Leo, thoroughly pissed off over being treated like he was a slow child, let his testosterone enter the conversation. How would this new Elena act? He thought brazenly. Shifting in his seat to face Klaus, he raised a contemptuous eyebrow and leaned against the table.

"Ok, Dude? I have no idea what a freaking Doppler-thing or whatever is. But! I do know that we're not retarded, and that you obviously have some type of rod-shaped object shoved up your ass if you really think that you can talk to strangers like that."

Every member of the conversation stiffened, mouths gaping at his audacity. Then Rebekah's loud eruption of laughter broke the silence. Bristling, Klaus took a deep breath. He really didn't want to kill anyone in front of Caroline, as weak as that made him feel.

"You're right." He forced in reply. "Who are you again?" Of course, he couldn't help but yank Leo up by the collar when he spat this into his face. Cringing, he said.

"Leo." But Klaus didn't even hear him. He was squinting at him, analyzing. After a moment of awkward staring, he said,

"Do I know you? Your stupid face looks oddly familiar."

"Um…I'm very distantly related to the Gilberts in this town. Ring any bells?" Leo tried to keep his voice, breathing, and heart beat normal when he said this, knowing that any slip up could mean his life. Luckily for him, they fell for it.

"Oh yes, that makes sense." Klaus shrugged simply, dropping Leo back into his chair in a less than graceful fashion. "Back to my previous question. Has anyone seen Elena lately?" He snapped, glaring at Leo, who was currently rubbing his now-sore hip.

"Nope! I saw her the day after I came in from California, and then she disappeared. My half-uncle-whatever-he-is didn't seem too concerned, so I thought it was ok." Leo stated simply. Bonnie nodded and agreed.

"Yeah, we haven't seen her since she introduced us to Leo!"

"Oh, I thought she was doing, like, a family exchange with Leo! Like, living in California or something! That's weird if she's missing…." Caroline finished, believingly appearing thoughtful and concerned.

Klaus glanced at each of their faces diagnostically and then huffed, obviously stressed and frustrated.

"Right. Well. I'll be talking to you all soon if she doesn't come back. Be warned; if I find out that you've hidden anything from me? It won't be pretty." With that, he turned on his heel to hide his face, which was now flushed with slight embarrassment and a serious amount of anger. Rebekah winked and blew a flirtatious little kiss at Leo before being yanked along with her big brother. Funny enough, Leo felt himself grin devilishly back at her.

"Oh, my God!" Both of his girlfriends screeched once the two were out of sight.

"I can't believe you said that!'

"He really bought it?"

"I seriously almost had a freaking heart attack!"

"We're better actors than I thought!"

"Did you seriously just flirt with Rebekah?"

Leo could barely comprehend the both of them when they talked at the same time.

"Ok, I don't know if this is just because I'm a boy now, but you guys are going to have to seriously slooooww doooown if you want me to be able to understand what the fuck you're saying!" He laughed, putting a hand over each of their babbling mouths.

And so, for the next few hours, the friends chatted and plotted over Klaus, Rebekah, and this new, freer Elena. Leo had to admit, it was so much easier being someone who had no idea what a vampire was.

Unfortunately, that feeling wasn't going to last for very long.

Leo had only been home for a few minutes when the home phone rang. As he was the only one there for the moment, he was forced to answer it.

"Hello? …Gilbert residence?" He added quickly.

"Well, good evening, Leo!" A perky, British accent-coated female voice cooed into the phone. Eyes widening in shock, surprise, and a little bit of fear, Leo scrambled to reply.

"Um, Hi! Rebekah, right?" He asked cautiously.

"The one and only!" She laughed flirtatiously. "I love how you recognized my voice." Leo could just picture the eyebrow wiggle that accompanied that comment.

"Ok, judging by your tone, you aren't calling to threaten me over my verbal abuse of your brother. Am I correct?"

"Oh, certainly! To be honest, that little comment at the mall was what really sparked my interest."

"Alllrrriiigghhhtt….well then…what's up?" How weird is this?

"How would you like to meet me up at the grill for dinner tomorrow?" She asked coyly.


"You should know that I didn't really mean that as a question." She rushed sternly.

"Well then. I suppose I would love to!" Leo said, faux-cheery voice wavering slightly.

"Great!" She cried happily. "See you at six." And then the line went dead.

Leo looked down at his phone and collapsed stiffly into a kitchen chair. How did she even get this number?

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