Portal Time

Discloser- I don't own portal or adventure time. Wish I did. But no.

Chapter 1: The Shaft

One time in the Land of Ooo, our favorite heroes were about to discover an age old mystery buried in the rust and ruble of time.

"…When cloud comes a hunting, Nobody's saved!", Finn exclaimed as he goes "Cloud Hunting" for Jake. "DUDE…DUDE!", Jake screams running out between two hills, "You gotta see this!". Finns soft blue eyes widen into two blue boulders as he sees where he's going. "Dude, you went into the Far Lands!" Finn cries as he hesitates to step in to the lined border. "Just come on!", Jake rants dragging Finn into the "Far Lands".

Jake spent the next 7 minuets rummaging through trash and rubble to find Finn gasping at when he digs up a rusty, worn down, elevator shaft. "What is that?", Finn asks. "Well it wa…s an elevator shaft, until it lost the elevator", Jake says in response. they both agree to slide down the r\elevator Rails into the murky depths below.