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The scientist gazed at the two rag dolls in front of him, he had just finished his last stitchpunk and was about to import his soul into the two of them.

One of them was a rather simple stitchpunk, he was made of burlap and had a zipper along his front and the number 9 on his back, his hands were made of wood and copper. He would be a good apprentice for 2 along with 5.

The other stitchpunk was much more complex: She looked more monstrous than any of the others, even 8. Her palms were made of ironwood, one of the strongest known woods out there, her fingers were made of the tips of small fish hooks, very useful for climbing and attacking, instead of it opening and closing like normal, her mouth opened in slits. Five holes in all made up her mouth. On her back were four black metal plates. The number 10 was written on her right thigh. She would be a very helpful additive

She would be the one to save us.

The scientist set 10 to the side and got ready to import his soul to 9.

He hesitated.

He had felt himself grow weaker each time part of his soul was taken from him, he passed it off at first, swatting it away like an annoying fly, but after 6 it hit him hard. Every part of his body felt like it had been hollowed out and was ready to break, he had grown slightly paler and he had almost passed out a few times. He gazed upon the red box on the table, he had written "10" on the small piece of paper attached to it.

That would have to change.

He was already extremely weak, he probably only had one piece of his soul left. His humanity. He would have to give it to 9.

No, why would he? 9 didn't have any special talents. He wasn't inventive like 2 or 5, he wasn't strong like 7 or 8. He wasn't artistic like 6 or historic like 3 and 4.

But neither was 10.

But 10 had a purpose, The scientist argued with himself, she could assist 7 or 8, maybe even both.

No, He concluded, 7 and 8 will be fine, 7 has the warrior part of his soul and 8 is all brawn. They could care without assistance.

And who knows, maybe 9 can be the hero.

He will.

The scientist grabbed a small box filled with forgotten trinkets and junk and gently took 10 off the table, he placed her inside the box. Just another trinket left to be forgotten.

He placed the box on a nearby shelf and ripped off the tag attached to the red box that was still on the table. He tied another one to the box and wrote "9" on the paper.

You know the story.

9 was the savior not 10, 10 was left to be forgotten in a box filled with nothing but other forgotten trash. She was never aware of the other stitchpunks, she never knew what happened with the fabricator. She wasn't even brought to life.

Then it came in her life.

10 placed another lifeless form on a makeshift supporting beam. She didn't know what the purpose of this was, then again, she hardly understood why It told her to do such confusing work. But she knew better than to argue with It. So she did as she was told, like an obedient dog.

This time, It had told her to make five forms that looked like her. She didn't understand it at first, but It had given her a mental picture of what to make them look like. She had found a few still intact pieces of cloth, pieces of goggle like eyes and the things needed to make hands and feet. She had spent day and night for days, even weeks working on them. She had put the lifeless forms into a circle, now they were almost finished. All they needed was the power.

'what is the power?' 10 spoke to It, It never communicated with her in person, but with thoughts. It was in her head, controlling her, telling her what to do, like a puppet.

'It is all around you 10' It said 'just look'

'I don't know what you mean'

'see the ground 10? it is damp with power, but each spot has different power'

'what parts have which power?'

'collect dirt from different parts of the ground, that will give you enough power to bring these beings back to life'

'but why do I have to bring them back to life? What am I bringing back to life? Who are they?'

But it had stopped talking, just like that.

10, walked out side. Sure enough the ground was wet, the day It had taken her as Itself,

enormous buckets of liquid had fallen from the sky, It had told her that the liquid wasn't a threat, but It didn't tell her what it was.

10 walked to a well watered spot and collected an arm load of dirt. She walked back to her small shelter and emptied the armload on the ground. five times she repeated the action, in completely different areas, like It had told her to.

'excellent' It said. 10 jumped, It never failed to startle her when It spoke, even if she had been with it forever, she could never get used to its voice.

'Bring the pile to the center, I will handle the rest'

10 obliged. She hadn't had the slightest clue what It had been planning but she wasn't ready to hesitate.

She heard a shuffle.

Quickly, she turned around, scanning the area to see if any trouble was near. Nothing.

She heard it again. Like small foot steps.

She growled, getting her fishhook fingers ready.

Whatever was out there must have heard her because the sound stopped.

Satisfied, 10 went back to centering the dirt when she heard a voice.

"Who's out here?"

'I'll to the rest! You find out what's happening' It ordered. 10 Nodded and walked towards the sound. As she got closer she could hear the sound of voices whispering and the sound of feet scuttling.

10 pressed herself against a boulder and stood still, listening for anymore voices.

She cursed under her breath when the gravel crunched under her feet.

They must have heard it.

"who's out there?" The voice said again, this time more demanding. It sounded close, very close. whoever was out there must have probably been on the other side of the boulder 10 was hiding behind. Maybe they were.

Slightly, ever so slightly, she stepped out and peeked over the rock.

There were four figures there, two of them were smaller than the others. One of them was made of a pale, smooth material while the other was made of a tan-ish material. The smaller two were made of a rubbery material that she didn't recognize. They both wore hoods.

The pale one spotted her.

"Hey! You!" So it was a girl "who are you?"

'Run 10 run!' It shouted. 10 sprinted back to her shelter, the other four followed her.

"Wait!" The tan one called "Come back!" 10 ran faster.

When her shelter was in eyeshot, she slowed down, she looked around, making sure that those four weren't in sight.

She nodded when she was sure she wasn't being followed anymore.

'that was a close call' It said 'don't let it happen again'

'I won't' 10 said 'Now, let's continue'

10 kicked what dirt she didn't bring into the pile and kneeled in front of it. The pile started to make a green-white glow. The glow became more intense as traces from the glow started to reach the five forms on the outside, like an octopus stretching its tentacles.

The tentacle-like glows started to intensify. They entered the eyes and mouths of the forms.

"What are you doing?"

10 snapped her head around. The four that had followed her were right behind her.

Not missing a beat, 10 growled and lashed out. She aimed for the larger of the four, the smaller ones ran in different directions.

One of the larger ones blocked her attack with a staff.

"Wait!" He said "We don't want to hurt you"

10 ignored him, kicked his staff out of the way and slashed his chest. The other one tackled her and pinned her to the ground.

10 screamed and lashed under her grasp.

"Who are you?" Her attacker demanded.

She didn't answer her, all she did was push her off and run back the glowing heap.

'10, we have no time. We must flee!'

'But where will we run?'

'Nowhere, we'll just run. Run 10, run!'

10 hesitated.


10 ran away. She ignored the calls of the two attackers.

'that's it 10' It said 'run. Run away'


"Who was that?" 9 asked.

"I caught a glimpse of her number, it said 10, she put up one tough fight" 7 answered as she inspected 9's wound, it wasn't deep, luckily, and 10 mostly caught his zipper.

3 and 4 were cataloging the forms in the circle. They couldn't believe their eyes. The forms on the beams were replicas of the fallen Stitchpunks. They went from Stitchpunk to Stitchpunk. How did she do it? She got every detail perfectly, or at least very close.

They poked and prodded the forms. Almost expecting them to move.

3 inspected 6's face, admiring the somewhat new looking stripes, the not yet ink stained hair and the uneven eyes.

3 flashed her eyes in 6's face.

He blinked.

3 stumbled back, startled.


She took a cautious step forward.

"3, Don't be afraid. It's me, 6"

Stepping forward, 3 inspected him even more.

"It's 6" 6 said again.

"3, what are you doing?" 7 called out. She saw 6. Alive and well.

"6? is that you?"

"Um, yes"

"You're alive!"

"Yes I am" He glanced behind her "So are the others"


10 watched the small reunion in the distance. It brought a strange feeling to her to see the four reunite with their fallen comrades.

'You made us lose our shelter' It said 'but at least we accomplished our goal'

'Why?' 10 asked 'Why bring them back to life when we are just going to know'

'that's the brilliance of it 10, I need you to go back to them, earn their trust and report back to me'

'what for?'

'You'll learn soon enough 10. You'll learn'

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