10 lay on her side in her bed, racking her brain on what the number meant. It felt like it should be important, but she couldn't figure out why. Could it be how many days Nex was going to keep 6 and 4? 60 weeks? Months? or, (creator forbid) Years?

Maybe it wasn't a time. Maybe it was nothing, perhaps it was just a scare from Nex. To keep her away from him. But that doesn't make any sense, 10 is a traitor, but he still needs her to complete himself. Maybe that's what the 60 was for: overpowering her curiosity and luring her back to himself. That would make much more sense. But that voice...

"Planning your escape?"

Looking up, 10 saw the remaining seven stitchpunks in the door of her room it was 1 that had spoke. 10 scoffed "go away" She murmured, lying back down.

"10, that's troubling you?" 2 asked.

"None of you care"

"You're right" 1 said "some of us don't care" 7 shot him a nasty glare "but we cared enough to ask you"

We? 10 rolled her eyes and covered her face with the folded up fabric that acted as her pillow. "Even if I cared to tell you, none of you could understand what's happened. I betrayed the only thing I've ever known, now he only wants me as a battery pack to repair himself with. I can't kill him, I'll only kill myself, all hope's lost for 6 and 4; they're already too far in Nex's System. I can feel it"

"So that's it?" 7 said "You're just giving up? Just like that?" 10 shrugged.

"I suppose, it's too late to try and get them now..."

The remaining stitchpunks walked in her room and formed a half circle around her bed. They looked at one another, trying to figure out what to tell her. To a point she was right, but she couldn't just give up all like that, that just looked weak and helpless. Perhaps she was deep inside.

Finally, 1 walked out of the circle and sat at the foot of her bed.

"10" He started "I'm going to tell you a story-"

"Oh for the love of-" 10 started, as if she were disgusted by the thought of listening to him.

1 ignored her and continued on "There was...another one, before me" That immediately got everyone's attention "He was more of a prototype, but one of us nonetheless. His name was 0"

"How come you never told-" 9 started but was cut off when 1 raised his hand for silence.

"He was blind" 1 continued "He was deaf, he couldn't speak... But we were best friends. Brothers, more like it. But then, we got into a fight. I left, he stayed. Then one day, I decided to come back, I wanted to apologize, bury the hatchet and put it all behind us. But when I returned I didn't see him. The Scientist told me he had died a few days before"

"That must have crushed you" 10 stated.

"It did. And do you want to know the worst part? I couldn't even remember what we were fighting about"

"Hm...I don't want to sound rude, but what was the point of this story?"

"The point was this: You can't just run from fights, problems or anything else and expect them to just disappear, you have to confront them. Defuse them before anything too drastic happens. Or before you do something idiotic, like I did"

That was an excellent point. You can't just run away from a conflict and expect it to solve itself. It had to be defused, like he said. She can't just run from Nex and never turn back (although that sounded nice to her), she had to save 6 and 4.

"I'm going after him" she finally said, swinging off her bed.

"We'll come with you" 9 said "You can't go alone, and no one should be alone here"

"Fair enough" She said, walking towards the door "Well what are you all waiting for?" 10 paced quickly out her room "We don't have all the time in the world"

One at a time, the rest of the Stitchpunks followed her. 9 walked out the door followed by 1.

"I'm very sorry about 0, 1" 9 said sympathetically.

"Don't be" 1 said plainly "I made it up"

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