Hello readers. I know i still have two fics going on but this story came to me after watching the movie "One Night with the King". This story is going to be loosely based on the movie. Don't expect this to be anything like the movie though. It's kind of a mix between it, 1001 Arabian nights and other thoughts and Ideas. At the same time it's a capture fic, a concubine fic and much, much more I think. So I do hope you guys give it a chance and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Katara had sailed the whole week. The Southern Water Tribe had been conquered and rumors had it that Ba Sing Se was on the verge of being taken down. Now, all that stood before the Fire Nation and finally forming a long desired empire was the Northern Water Tribe. Katara had fought bravely, being a Master Waterbender, trained by the best in the north, but to no avail. In the end the South had fallen and her father and brother had hidden her in one of the Fire Nation ships, where she had fled to the Earth Kingdom. Now, almost one year later, she was being taken to a prison, for stealing a rioting. She had been a fool, breaking into a prison to try and rescue Earthbenders from the Fire Nation. The prisons nearest the Capital were, by far the best the invaders had, and as she stared out the ship's small window she could see the land approaching.

The Fire Lord had recently become a widower and this had increased his Nation's violence. It was rumored throughout the land, that without a wife and an heir he was more vulnerable than ever. Of course, Katara had never been one to believe rumors. If only the Avatar was still among them, the Fire Nation would've never been able to take over the world. If everything was stable, she would had probably married ages ago, started a family perhaps. And she would still be with her family. She wondered if Gran-Gran had survived. The woman was old but very sturdy.

Her clothes were torn, from fighting, her hair disheveled and her body bloodied and bruised.

The waterbender sighed. If anyone found out she was the last remaining waterbender in the South Pole she would certainly be killed.

The door to the brig opened and a large crew member entered a looked down at her. Even though the brig was filled with chains she was the only prisoner around.

The man looked at her, raising his upper lip in apparent disgust at her. He threw a bowl of very foul smelling grub at her knees and left the brig. Katara awaited until the man left and, out of desperation a hunger, lunged towards the bowl, using her very dirty hands to shove the meat into her mouth. In the back of her mind she thought she had somehow managed to catch her brother's table manners but she didn't mind much right now. Her stomach was very much sticking to her back from lack of food, and she was sure she would get scurvy from lack of variety in her food. And probably before that she would die of dehydration. The guards and crew didn't know she was a waterbender. Still she only got water once every three days and the amount given to her wans't enough to quench her thirst.

Katara chocked in her hastiness to get food down to her stomach and in a fit of cough, she leaned towards the metal wall of the ship, tiredness taking over her.

She woke up to the sound of something clanking against the metal. Katara licked her lips to restore them their humidity tried to straighten up. Her knees were aching, pulsating with acquired pain and the rest of her legs were numb. She was sure that when, and if, she was stood up her knees would be very bruised and raw as well as her wrists. The door to the brig opened once more and two men stepped inside. One kneeled down to open her manacles and the other grabbed her by her upper arm. The waterbender almost felt flattered two men had to come and collect her, despite of her state. Almost.

She was dragged- yes because her legs just wouldn't move, her muscles hadn't been used for almost three weeks, or so she thought it was that long- up toward the deck, and she saw the imperial Gates of Azulon. It was evening and the girl was thankful for it. The garish light of day would only hurt her eyes. It took her a while to focus her blurry vision. She once again licked her lips as one of the crew men passed through the guards and gave her a bowl full of water. She gobbled it down eagerly, trying not to choke.

The ship docked and she could listen to various voices bustling about the port.

Katara could hear the crew shouting and busying themselves, but the guards beside her never moved. She was pushed down the plank and onto the soil for the first time since she had been captured.

A man was rooted in front of her, and as he rose his brow and quirked his lip in revulsion he spoke.

"This is what Shiatsu has sent me? Who am I supposed to sell this little savage to?"

The two guards looked at one another and handed the man a letter.

"Lord Shiatsu has sent you this, Master Yun Ra." The one at her left spoke, his voice monotone.

"Hm." The man standing in front of them read through the letter. He was short, shorter than her. Katara was medium sized for Water Tribe women. She was as tall as every other female there. But Fire Nation and even Earth Kingdom women were a lot taller and slimmer. And that made their men also tall. He had a very weird mustache, the tips quirked upward, covering most of his already thin upper lip. His eyes were small, and his long hair was graying. He looked her over once more and nodded.

"I suppose that with a bath you can be worth some good coins. It is rare for us to have Water Tribe around these here parts."

He bobbed his head to a cart with an iron cell atop of it. The men opened the door and threw Katara into it.

She hit the wall with force and felt something sticky trickle down her face. Blood. She soon could taste it and as the cart started moving, she needed to lean against her container to be able to support herself.

A sigh escaped her lip. What would they do to her? She wished she hadn't left the South Pole. Maybe she would be dead by now, maybe not. But at least she would be with her family. She missed Sokka, his usually good mood and bad jokes. He was reliable and adoring and despite annoying her to no end, Katara would never love anyone as much as she did her brother. Her father, Hakoda, chief of her small village, a just a righteous man, brave and adoring, he was the best father someone could wish for. Gran-Gran, with her stern posture and rules, always ordering her to do her chores, keeping her in line.

Tears escaped, concealed in the shadows. What would become of Katara now?


She could smell food and feel the warmth of a fire as the man who had collected her at the docks walked her through large corridors. Of course they weren't alone together. Guards were holding her by her upper arms, pulling her more than guiding her.

"You will bathe, then eat and drink and then you will rest. Tomorrow we will present you to possible buyers." He seemed almost joyful at the thought.

"Possibly someone will want a Water savage as their chambermaid. Or to scrub floors." He nodded to himself and Katara cringed. When she came here, from the prison in the Earth Kingdom, she thought she would be incarcerated. It seemed now she was a victim of slave trading.

The guards pushed her through a set of doors and stood on the other side as they closed.

Yun Ra watched her as women gathered around her and pushed her through red curtains and undressed her. Katara tried to protest but was too weak to do so. She was sat down on a low bench and scrubbed almost until her skin fell off. Her hair was wet, washed with some kind of fragrant product she had never seen, rinsed and washed again. The blood that had caked in her knuckles, knees, wrists, ankles and face was now washed, and she could see the purple bruised that surrounded her articulation. One of the women, a pretty green eyed girl, grabbed a brush and cleaned her nails. The waterbender could see the blood and dirt being removed before the same girl clipped her nails. The stood her up and, drying her body with a towel, walked her into another room. They sat Katara on her table and spread warm goo onto her legs. They then proceeded to place a paper of some sort atop of the goo. The girl raised her brow before stinging pain was processed by her tired mind. She screamed but her voice came out weak from weeks of disuse and lack of mucus.

They eyed her and frowned.

"How barbaric!" One said, tone very much displeased. "You ought of thought they would at least make themselves presentable, but no. They truly look like monkey-hawks."

Katara grimaced. What was this talk about not being presentable? If she wasn't tired she would let them know that the men up on the Northern Water Tribe desired her very much so.

The man, Yun Ra steeped into the room and in a fit of shame fought to cover herself. The women grabbed her and exposed her naked flesh to the man. Katara was horrified. Would she be raped? In front of all these women? Her eyes averted and she could feel the tears rising in her eyes. There was no bigger shame than this.

"Hm….keep her hair between her thighs. It will make her a bit more interesting for her new master. If it displeases him, or her they can simply have it shaved themselves!"

Katara blushed deeply and closed her eyes hard. The women nodded and continued in their affairs to make her presentable.

After she was clean through she was given warm soup, some bread and water and a bed.

After she had eaten she laid down to rest, crying herself to sleep. Her life would be a nightmare.


She stood in front of a buyer, an old, round man with kind looking eyes. He had some facial hair and stroke it in thought. Katara tried not to fidget too much under his gaze. Thoughts raced through her mind. Having her doing house work was the least of her problems. But she knew all too well what men liked doing to their female slaves.

He nodded once and smiled warmly.

"Yes, I think she will do just fine."

"She is a rarity around these parts, General Iroh. I'm sure the Fire Lord will like the distraction, especially since he has been so down after our beloved Fire Lady, Mai, passed away."

The man, Iroh, Katara had caught sighed in mild displeasure.

"Yes, our most distinguished Fire Lord has been busying himself with the Royal Harem. I guess loneliness took its tool on him."

Yun Ra nodded as if in understanding.

"He was a very honorable man, General Iroh, refusing to use the royal concubines as long as our Lady was alive."

Iroh nodded thoughtfully and Yun Ra grabbed Katara by the arm."But the royal harem has been for generations, General Iroh and with good reason. It's a shame he didn't take any of the women there or else we wouldn't be having this predicament with heirs right now. The Empire is now almost consolidated and an heir would be essential in keeping the villages and cities still not under our rule quiet and orderly."

Iroh kept his face neutral. "Our Lady Mai was very brave trying to deliver a child into this world, Master Yun Ra. It was very unfortunate neither she nor the child survived. But I'm sure Fire Lord Zuko can keep the Empire good Lord Ozai"- his voice faltered at the name, shame evident in his tone.-"strove to consolidate"

"It feels almost like a dream doesn't it General Iroh? One Hundred years of war now almost at an end, the Fire Nation the absolute Empire?"

"Yes. Yes it does." the old man was quiet as he placed quite a heavy bag on Yun Ra's hand.

Katara closed her eyes. Empire. The word sounded bitter in her ears. She had, up until this point, believed that one day the Avatar would come and save them all. But now it seem it was too late. The Fire Nation had already won, under the rule of Fire lord Zuko. She frowned and glared at the old man. And now she would become his whore.

The waterbender was lead to a palanquin and sat next to the old man.

Her face was stony, her body completely stiff and her head held up high. Iroh smiled.

"You shouldn't worry. The Fire Lord treats all of his concubines with great respect."

The girl was filling rather strong after she had eaten and rested properly.

"I do not wish such a man to treat me properly. I wish he leaves me alone."

Iroh laughed vigoursly.

"Yes. I'm sure you'd rather be at home. But believe me this is saving your life."

"I would rather die than be the Fire Lord's whore!" She spat venomously.

The old General sighed. He was offering her an opportunity to live. She would be taken care of if he hadn't bought her. Water Tribe was not viewed with kind eyes here at the capital, especially since the Northern Water Tribe was the only capital city still out of Fire Nation rule.

Perhaps Zuko wouldn't even mind her much. She didn't look anything like Mai. And apparently she was also very different from the late Fire Lady when it came to her temper.


Zuko sat on his dais in the throne room, the wall of fire menacingly keeping him from unworthy eyes. He kept his back straight, as was fit for the Fire Lord, his hands clenched at his knees.

The doors opened noisily and he heard steps coming closer. The wall of fire flickered as his temper flared. He was tired of being interrupted. But now that they had conquered Ba Sing Se, it seemed that he could have no rest.

"My Lord!" He heard his uncle's voice and suddenly his weariness wavered.

"Speak General Iroh." His tone was cold, as it should be. The Fire Lord could show no emotion, no weakness, especially when his enemies lurked these very halls. He had proven himself worthy of this throne to Ozai, his father. Even his punishment and subsequently, his banishment hadn't kept him from the throne. The moment he had killed Zhao in that Agni Kai his father had deemed him once again worthy of being his heir. He smiled inwardly. That had shown Azula her true place.

"Perhaps you could give me a moment of you precious time. I know you are very busy my Lord, but I was hoping I could speak to you privately." His uncle's voice was cheerful as always.

Uncle. Only you to keep yourself familiar with me while at the same time showing your respect.

"Leave us." The firebender barked and his voice resonated throughout the throne room.

The guards scuttled out of the room hurriedly and as the wall of flames parted the Fire Lord walked down from his spot eyeing his uncle quizzically. He would almost miss the girl if it wasn't for the fact that she wasn't bowing to him, and instead shot him a death glare. He frowned.

"What is the meaning of this?" He pointed towards the girl, his voice indignant.

Iroh only smiled.

"This, my dear Lord, is the gift I bought for you!"

Zuko frowned at his uncle and then at the girl. She was different than all of his other concubines. Her tan skin, long chocolate hair and those bright blue eyes.

He had seen those traits once before, while looking for the Avatar.

"Well my Lord what do you think?"

Zuko only glared at his uncle. What use could a Water Tribe peasant have?

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