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Chapter one the golden ticket challenge

Erika Bucket a young women in her 20s with dark red hair down to her waist which she always got annoyed with trying to put it up since she didn't have the money to get it cut and bright green eyes. She had the hardest job in the world which was to look after her 12 year old brother Charlie Bucket who had short hair which she always cut herself and her 1 year old daughter Charity Bucket and work at Fathingham's Candy Store the pay was alright but not enough. They live in a crumbling house at the edge of the town and all they can eat is cabbage Charlie is still going to school for a special reason meaning it was charity. Their parents and grandparents died in a fire about 2 years ago and it took most of the money they had to buy the house they live in now. Erika's boss is allowing her to bring her daughter to work with her because no one wants to look after a poor women's child because they had no pay.

After they had supper and talked about the day they went to bed. Meanwhile the gates of Willy Wonka's Factory opened and people came out posting signs around the town. The next day there was a crowd around the post and the buckets read the sign which was none other than a letter from Mr. Willy Wonka

Dear People of the World,

I, Willy Wonka, have decided to allow five children to visit my factory this year.

In addition, one of these children will also win a special prize, beyond their wildest imaginations. All you have to do is look under any ordinary wrapper of any Wonka product and search for a Golden Ticket. These tickets could be in any store, in any country of the world.

Good Luck

Willy Wonka.

She walked to work and her boss Rosaline an elderly lady who asked "Have you heard?" Erika nodded and put her daughter in the baby sack for her back or front she prefers the front though "Yeah you should see the signs all around town" As she was going through the inventory she found at least to bars extra she decide to store them in her locker until she could buy them for her brother. After an extraordinary busy day at the candy shop she walked home as she passed the factory. She touched the metal gate and said quietly not knowing she was being over heard by the amazing chocolateir himself since he had microphones above the gate "Whatever happened to the amazing chocolateir that made him stop have workers at the factory"

She went home and Charlie said "I saw a lot of people at the candy shop today on my way home from school" She chuckled. Later the next day 2 tickets were found already she turned on the TV and the news started

"The Winner of the first Golden Ticket was of course Augustus Gloop, of Dusseldorf, Germany." said the reporter. The image on the screen changed to a boy about standing with his parents. He was huge. His face was covered with chocolate and he had about two half-eaten Wonka bars in his hands and another sticking out of his pocket. "I took a bite out of the chocolate and I tasted something that was not chocolate. Or coconut, or peanut butter, or caramel, or nougat, or sprinkles I look at it and I find the golden ticket!" he exclaimed, holding up the ticket with a bite taken out of it.

"We knew Augustus would find a ticket, with the amount of candy he eats everyday it was not possible for him not to find one!" said a woman how could only be his mother.

"So Augustus, how did you celebrate?" asked a German reported.

"I eat more candy!" replied Augustus, taking yet another bite out of his bar.

"How disgusting" said Erika with a dirty look on her face

"The second golden ticket was found in Buckinghamshire, England by Veruca Salt."

The screen shifted to a young girl standing with her parents.

"When my little Veruca told me she wanted one of these golden tickets I knew I must find her one. So I bought as many cases of Wonka bars that I could lay my hands on. I'm in the nut business you see. So I told my workers to search the candy bars till I could get my little girl what she wanted. And I did." replied Mr. Salt.

"She's worse than the fat boy!" said Erika angrily

"I don't think that's fair, she didn't find the ticket herself." said Charlie.

"That man spoils his daughter she must be quite horrid don't you think Charlie" she got what she wanted a laugh out of her baby brother. A week later 2 more tickets were found

"The third ticket was found by Miss Violet Beauregard of Atlanta, Georgia"

The TV show a little blonde girl, standing in a trophy room with her mother, who was dressed in the same outfit as her daughter.

"I'm a gum chewer, mostly, but when I heard about these ticket things, I laid off gum and switched to candy bars." said Violet, snapping he gum as she talked.

"It says here that one of the kids is gonna win that special prize. I don't care who those other four kids are that kid is gonna be me"

"Tell them why, Violet." said Mrs. Beauregard.

"Because I am a winner." replied Violet.

"This just in the fourth ticket has been found. I repeat the fourth golden ticket has been found. We cross now live to Colorado." said the reporter as the camera tuned into someone's living room. A middle-aged couple stood there amongst the flashed of cameras. A boy was sitting on the floor playing a video game. The explained something about tracking manufacturing codes and something about cracking the system, before continuing with his game.

"In the end I only had to buy one candy bar." said Mike.

"And how did it taste?" asked a reporter.

"I don't know. I hate chocolate." said Mike.

"Well it's a good thing you're going to a chocolate factory you ungrateful Child" yelled Erika She woke up her daughter who started balling Charlie got up and rocked the child back to sleep. About a week later another ticket was found but it turned out to fake. Erika paid for the chocolates and told Rosaline Charlie was going to come in a pick up the chocolate from the counter. He entered and got the chocolates he opened the first bar and was surprised when he saw the golden ticket inside. Two adults tried to buy it from him but he listened to the cashier and ran home. As soon as he entered the house he said "Erika I found I found it the last golden ticket is mine" She squealed when she saw it and ordered him to read the back

"Congratulations, lucky finder of the Golden Ticket from Mr Willy Wonka, I shake you warmly by the hand for now I do invite you to come to my factory for one whole day. I, Willy Wonka, shall escort you around the factory myself showing you everything there is to see. Afterwards, when it is time to leave, you will be escorted out of the factory followed by a procession of large trucks each one filled with all the candy you could ever eat. And remember one of you lucky five children shall receive an extra prize beyond your wildest imaginations. Now here are your instructions; on the first of February be at the factory gates at 10am sharp. You are allowed to bring one member of your family to look after you. Till then, Willy Wonka"

Charlie said "I'm not going a women offered me $500 for the ticket we need the money more than the chocolate" Erika crouched to his level "Charlie money will never run out they print it all the time but this is a once in a life time chance there are only 5 tickets in the world" That convinced him and she said "I need to find someone to watch Charity here at the house while we are there tomorrow" She called her best friend Annaliese if she could watch the child who agreed right away saying it's time to get out of this house for the day anyway. They went to sleep that night with smiles on their faces.