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Chapter Twelve reinstate the offer

"Come back again and Willy not so long again" Said Wilbur and Willy chuckled "I won't dad and I will take your advice" His father chuckled and waved. Willy was walking back to the glass elevator only to smash into it a third time. His father winced but was relaxed when he saw the Buckets laughing and shaking their heads as Charlie asked if he need help which he waved off saying "I'm Fine"

They entered the elevator and Erika was tossed into Willy with Charity between them. They both blushed and moved away from each other. When they arrived at their house Erika asked "Will you like to stay for supper Mr. Wonka?" He said "Oh yes please but I have a question for all of you and I will like to apologize for what I said before about family" Erika said "Apology accepted so what your question" He said "I still will like Charlie to inherit my factory but this time I was wondering if you and your daughter will like to join him at the Factory" They nodded and Erika asked "What about Annaliese she was kicked out of her house so she is part of my family now" He thought for a moment "Yes she can"

Annaliese smiled at Willy she looked a lot like Erika but was blonde ad had green eyes He asked "Do you want to keep the house in the factory? I do have enough rooms for all of you I was just wondering if you wanted it to stay with you" Annaliese said "I would want to for a house of my own after the past year" he agreed and they made plans to move the house the weekend coming up using his large delivery truck.

Erika walked outside while Annaliese was cooking and stood beside the gate. Willy walked over to her "may I join you" She said "Sure" they stood there for a bit while Willy mustard ups the courage to tell her his feelings. He said "Erica I have something to tell you" She looked at him with sparkling blue eyes "yes" He swallowed "I know we haven't known each other long and barely know anything about each other but I really like you Erika" She smiled at him "I feel the same way for you I hope you don't mind having a one year old around" He shook his head "not at all" they leaned in and he kissed her she put her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

When they broke apart they stood there in each other's arms. Unnoticed by them, two eyes narrowed looking at them from the alleyway. Then they were called in by Annaliese for supper. They sat next to each other and Charlie could see they were holding hands under the table. He looked at Annaliese and mouthed one word "Finally" Annaliese snickered quietly as she was dishing out food.

The week went by quickly finally they got to the factory using Willy's glass elevator which he ran in to again for the sixth time since they known him. Of Course this time they laughed and helped him up. He just looked embarrassed afterwards. They landed in the courtyard and walked towards the door. They entered the factory and Willy said "Just drop your coats anywhere" the siblings looked at each other and snickered. Erika took Charity's coat off and held her tight in her arms. They walked down the hallway up to the door to the Chocolate room. He said "Welcome home"

Erika, Charlie and Willy stood back to let Annaliese take all the sights in. After Charlie decided to stay at the house with Annaliese, Willy took Erika and Charity to their rooms. He showed her the room she was staying in and she handed Charity to him and looked around her room. She saw a crib next to her bed and smiled softly. She walked over to Willy and took her daughter out of his arms when she noticed Charity was sound asleep. She put her daughter in her crib and kissed Willy as a thank you. Little did the new couple know life was never going to be the same ever again.

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