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If Only - Fink (Klaus)

The Dreamer - The Tallest Man on Earth (Rebekah)

Can't Go Back - Rosi Golan (Girls watching Elijah & Hayley)

Later into the day, after their walk, Elijah left the house again without explaining to Hayley. She knew it had something to do with finding the stake that could kill them. Questions didn't really seem necessary to her. They would only cause more worry than she needed.

The sun was starting to fall as she sat outside of the mansion. It was too nice of a day to spend any time inside. She sat on the stairs that lead away from the stone patio and into the yard. Her feet rested in the grass as she looked at some of the pictures she'd taken earlier.

"Elijah didn't tell me you were a photographer." A British accent said behind her. Hayley's head whipped around to see Klaus casually standing a few feet away from her.

"I don't think he told you anything about me." Hayley said while turning back to look at her camera.

"No, he didn't." Klaus said rigidly. He hadn't talked to her since she invaded his art room. In all honesty, he was staying away from her as much as possible. The more he was around her, the more she would know about him. And that would only cause problems.

"I wouldn't call myself a photographer. That sounds so qualified and professional. It's just a pointless hobby." Hayley added quietly.

"The arts are never pointless and always more than a hobby." Klaus corrected her. She laughed at that. Not at him, more to her, as if she knew an inside joke that he didn't.

"You should tell that to my parents." She sighed. Looking over at Klaus, she noticed how awkward he was standing. He looked uncomfortable and out of place. "This is really hard for you, isn't it?" She asked.

"What is?" He asked, slightly annoyed.

"Just talking to someone. You can't have a simple conversation unless you're getting something you want out of it." She smirked, knowing already that she was right. He glared at her somewhat, only proving more that she was spot on. Hayley's phone started ringing. It was her sister. Quickly getting up she walked over to Klaus.

"That's your problem. You don't know how to talk to people unless you're threatening or trying to seduce them. I don't think I need to point out that most people don't fit into either of those categories." She raised her eyebrows at him before picking up the phone and walking into the house.

"Hello." Hayley said into the phone.

"You haven't called me in over a week. Not okay." Lisa said.

"I know, I'm sorry. I've just been really busy with school and I haven't had a lot of free time." As she lied to her sister, Elijah walked in the front door. He stopped to watch her, wondering who she was on the phone with.

"Is everything ok? You sound different." As soon as Lisa spoke, Elijah recognized her voice.

"Yeah, everything is fine. I promise. I actually have a really big exam to study for so can I call me back later?" Hayley reassured her with more lies.

"Well, of course, don't let me ruin your GPA!" Lisa laughed before saying her good-byes to her little sister.

After Hayley hung up, she stared a little at her phone. Elijah slowly walked to her side. He knew that she disliked lying to her sister, but she didn't really have that much of a choice. Hayley gave a forced smile to him before she leaned into him. He held onto her and kissed the top of her head. She didn't need to say she missed her sister, he already knew.

Hayley stepped away to look at him. "Do you trust me?" She asked him.

Elijah immediately nodded but his eyes were confused.

"Where's Rebekah?" She asked simply. Elijah listened for a second.

"She's in her room."

Before he could ask anything more, she was going up the stairs and down the hallway to his sister's room. Hayley knocked on the door and waited for some kind of cue that said it was okay to come inside. She heard a faint come in from the other side of the door and carefully opened the door. Elijah listened to the exchange from downstairs, ready to intervene if necessary.

"Hey." Hayley said softly. Rebekah gave her a small smile. "I was wondering if you wanted to go to the grill or whatever. Just something to get out of the house."

Rebekah eyed her suspiciously, wondering what she was up to.

"I just thought it'd be nice to hang out with someone other than your brothers. If you're not up for it…I totally understand." Hayley said genuinely.

Rebekah wasn't used to someone being sincerely nice to her. She didn't know what to make of it. Hayley had no motive to be friendly to her other than her relation to Elijah. She was only trying to be kind. Thinking about it a moment, Rebekah slowly nodded her head. "Fine." She said softly. Hayley smiled and went back downstairs to wait for her.

Elijah looked at her, amused. He opened his mouth to say something to her but Hayley's finger touched his lips, stopping him. She quickly pecked him on the lips. "I'll see you later." Hayley smiled at him. She turned to see Rebekah walking toward her. Elijah watched the two of them leave through the front door.

When Hayley and Rebekah walked into the grill, she noticed Damon sitting at the bar with another guy who looked a lot older. She immediately sighed at the sight. It was extremely hard to avoid him.

"They really have nowhere else to go, do they?" Hayley said more to herself.

Rebekah already knew what she was talking about. She rolled her eyes in agreement. They grabbed a table more in the restaurant area than the bar. Hayley's cell phone vibrated from a text message.

"Is that Elijah? Already checking up on you, is he?" Rebekah said casually.

Hayley glanced at her phone, quickly typing in a reply and then putting her phone away into her purse. "No. Actually it's my older sister."

Rebekah's eyebrows slightly rose. "You have a sister?" She tried not to act too interested in anything she had to say.

"Yeah, she lives back home in Chicago." Hayley couldn't help but sound a little sad when she talked about Lisa.

"I always wished I had a sister." Rebekah said softly as she looked at the table. Hayley gave her an encouraging smile.

"I always wished I had an older brother. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side." She laughed at the stupid cliché and got a smile out of Rebekah. A waiter came over to their table. An extremely cute boy, who looked only a couple years younger than Hayley, stood at the edge of their table. He was tall, blonde, and blue-eyed; the typical boy next door and star quarterback type.

"Rebekah." He greeted politely with a little tilt of his head.

"Hello Matt." She replied back equally polite.

That was when Matt noticed Hayley also sitting at the table. He held out his hand. "Hey, I'm Matt." She smiled at him as she shook his hand.

"One of the few humans left in this town." She joked. "I'm Hayley."

Matt smiled at her. "So you're the one everyone's been talking about…"

Hayley looked confused. "It's a small town." Matt added, laughing. "What can I get for you ladies?" He asked them. Hayley and Rebekah quickly ordered some food off the menu. And Matt left to place their order.

"What was that all about?" Hayley eyed Rebekah.

"Nothing." Rebekah said quickly.

Hayley just smiled at her and slowly nodded her head. "He's cute and seems extremely normal." She approved with a laugh. She was trying really hard to make Rebekah feel comfortable, but she wasn't making it very easy for her.

"Kol tried to kill him." Rebekah said quickly.

Hayley's eyes widened slightly. She said it so casually. Hayley started to realize that death meant very little to Elijah's siblings. Humans were just victims in their personal amusements and games.

"Why would Kol kill Matt?" She asked softly.

"So desperate for affection that we're lowering our standards to humans, Rebekah?" Damon's voice disturbed their chat. Rebekah stared daggers at him and opened her mouth to say something but was beat by Hayley.

"Just wondering... When you became a vampire, was the thing that got magnified your ability to annoy the hell out of everyone around you?" There was no smile on her face as the insult slid off her tongue. But Rebekah looked amused.

"Rebekah, why didn't you call? I had such a lovely time that night. The only follow-up I got was you draining my blood while I hung from chains." Damon cooed at Rebekah. Her smile immediately vanished. Hayley had enough of dealing with Damon. And it bothered her the way he talked to Rebekah in that pompous tone.

"Don't you have something better to do? Perhaps chase after Elena or maybe cry in a corner about your unrequited love. Really, anything would probably suffice."

That was the first time Hayley saw Damon's eyes go dark. Even when he attacked her in the alley, he didn't look as dangerous as he did currently. The mention of Elena changed something inside him. Hayley immediately realized she'd taken it too far. She had been around Kol too much and adopted his ways of pushing the limit. But, in that moment, she won over Rebekah.

Damon took a step toward Hayley. But a body that had stepped between her and Damon instantly blocked her view. Her heart dropped when she immediately recognized Elijah. She got out of her seat and stood next to him, hoping she'd be able to stop him from doing anything rash. But when she looked up at his face, he appeared calm and collected.

"I hope you didn't have any dishonorable intentions, Damon." He spoke evenly. Hayley sighed a little in relief, even though he never did anything compulsive or reckless. She looked to the side and noticed Kol watching carefully. He winked at Hayley who, in return, rolled her eyes. She continued looking around to see that Elena and all her friends were now here, watching nervously.

"Maybe you should tell your girlfriend to watch what she says." Damon's evil look was now gone and he tried to play off everything. His careless grin took over.

"Perhaps if you stopped bothering her, she wouldn't have to." Elijah raised an eyebrow at Damon, challenging him; but the younger vampire new better than to make a scene in a public place. He wasn't scared of Elijah, but he did know he wasn't stronger than him. Damon walked away. He left Hayley alone from then on.

After Elena yelled at Damon for continuing to have a death wish with the originals, she and Bonnie asked Caroline to listen to what they were saying. They watched Elijah and Hayley's interaction like a movie. Curiosity had gotten the best of them. It was one of the rare moments when they actually acted like teenage girls and not victims fighting the supernatural.

"He's apologizing for intruding on her and Rebekah's girl time." Caroline narrated with a smile.

"Oh my gosh. Look at the way they're staring at each other." Bonnie gushed. They watched as Elijah was smiling at Hayley. It was the first time any of them had even seen it. He seemed like a completely different person when he was around her. Kol and him sat down at the booth that Hayley and Rebekah had already been sitting at. Elijah looked oddly out of place with his suit and old-fashioned conduct.

The two appeared to act normal in public, but the three girls noticed little things that were never meant to be caught by others. He would hold her hand underneath the table so no one could see. Or once, when his siblings weren't paying attention, he whispered something into her ear. Hayley turned and softly laughed at him. They were in tune together, communicating and reach one another in a language they only knew.

"What did he just whisper?" Bonnie quietly asked Caroline. They knew Elijah was too distracted by the girl he was in love with to notice their eavesdropping. But they still tried to be unnoticeable.

Caroline shook her head. "I don't know. It's too loud in here and he said it too quietly." It was so clear that the two of them tried to be inconspicuous. But they both had an aura around them when they were together. Hayley's smile that Elijah was only able to be responsible for was now on display for everyone to see. There was such a difference in her when he was at her side. And the smile said it all. Completely oblivious to her difference, Hayley happily talked to both Rebekah and Kol. It seemed she'd become this glue that effortlessly kept together a family that was at risk of falling apart any moment.

After the moon was highly placed in the night sky, Hayley whispered into Elijah's ear during a sporadic moment of not being surrounded by others. Caroline caught her saying something about going home to be alone. But she kept it to herself, letting them have a moment to themselves. Bonnie and Elena's attention had been driven elsewhere anyway. Caroline watched Elijah put his jacket over Hayley's shoulder before they walked into the cold spring night. She smiled sadly at them, suddenly missing Tyler more than ever.

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