Good Behavior

A sympathetic Danny just wants to save a life. He had no idea that he'd be signing his over to a fanatical and obsessive monster in the process. Pompous Pep.


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"And thus the words were spoken,
And this the plighted vow,
And, though my faith be broken,
And, though my heart be broken,
Here is a ring, as token
That I am happy now!

Would God I could awaken!
For I dream I know not how!
And my soul is sorely shaken
Lest an evil step be taken,-
Lest the dead who is forsaken
May not be happy now."

-Edgar Allen Poe, The Bride


He has to wonder if what he did was kind. On his better days, he battles with himself; insists that it wasn't at all his fault. It had just…happened, and the events that had followed after their fateful tryst were nothing more than the mad and tragic mechanisms of a madman.

But those "good days" seem to diminishing quickly; becoming few and far between. More often than not, Danny blames himself bitterly as he repeats the meaningless mantra he knows will keep his captor sane. He's running out of tears to cry at night, and the horrible, hollow feeling that comes with helpless and empty sadness is slowly crushing him to pieces.

There's only one source of companionship, one source of abundant affection that he knows will never run dry, and yet he can't bring himself to accept. If he does, he feels that it will all have meant less than nothing-his struggles, his yearning for freedom, his one and only escape attempt. All these will be diminished somehow if he seeks this safe haven, and so he denies himself, and inwardly moans like a suffering child in his waking hours. Even when he's reluctantly pulled from his waking misery into that hated shelter of protection and some fragile sense of peace, he finds himself counting the months, the weeks, the days, the hours. It's torture to keep track, yet Danny doesn't really think he can bear the alternative of allowing days simply fly by unnoticed and uncounted till they at last become years. Recognizing that a year has gone by might simply kill him, and while that would in many ways be a relief, his inward instinct to survive has not yet died, for better or for worse.

One night, much like the others, Danny stares at the ceiling while multiple hands caress his body, all belonging to the same culprit. Unwilling to think or feel anymore, he presses his face into one of many Orphelia pillows, and waits for the touches to recede. He doesn't really expect them to, and is not surprised when they don't, so he stays hidden, pretending to be asleep.

He can hear a chuckle above him, and he resists a shiver as he feels a hot tongue lazily trace up his body, to his neck. His captor hovers over his body, and while Danny can't see him, he can practically hear the smile Vlad is smiling. He commands:

"Say it."

Danny murmurs into the pillow, but bad idea; it all comes out sounding like garble. Frowning slightly, the dark-haired specter turns him over, and the many hands surrounding the teen immediately help. The red eyed specter gazes down at him, a look of tender affection and adoration on his face. There's a certain waver in his expression now, and Danny can only conclude that the ghost is nervous again. Anxious because he didn't understand Danny immediately, though Danny has wearily repeated himself over and over again.

The younger hybrid stiffens, because he knows exactly what's coming to him and his family if he doesn't comply soon. He quickly replies:

"I love you."

There-the tremor has disappeared from Vlad's face. The pleased ghost scoops Danny from the silky blankets and plush pillows, and immediately pulls him into a kiss. The teen immediately complies when a demanding tongue traces his lips; because his family will die if he doesn't, because Vlad will die if he doesn't. But not before taking a handful of innocent lives with him.

Danny meekly allows the ghost to twist and turn his head wherever he pleases as he ravages his mouth, and the hands resume enthusiastically touching him everywhere, trying to make him feel new types of pleasure.

To his surprise, the corners of his eyes actually burn, but thankfully it's pretty dark in here. Once Vlad withdraws from the kiss to begin attacking Danny's neck and shoulder, the ghost boy timidly touches his shoulder.

"Um….Vlad? Can we, uh, take a bath, now?"

He tries to sound seductive; he's winces at the attempt. He wants to feel clean, because now he feels filthy. He feels no amount of scrubbing will ever be able to remove the filth on his body which has acquired several layers on and under his skin. But he can pretend. He enjoys pretending. It gives him something to do.

Thankfully, Vlad just chuckles softly, and a gleam enters his greedy red eyes.

"I suppose I could acquiesce to the idea," he purrs, carrying Danny bridal-style across the dark bedroom finely decorated in rich fabrics and furnished with pretty, priceless baubles Danny knows now not to smash.

Danny tries to hide a sigh of relief when a distracted Plasmius allows all the clones to vanish in a puff of pink smoke. It isn't as if having only one Vlad makes the situation any better, but he doesn't think he can stand the idea of three or four Vlads holding him down and ravishing him.

The fact that it is feels the way it does is one that Danny would very much like to forget.


The marble bath is really more of a pool than anything, but several golden faucets help it fill up quickly with steaming, bubbling water. Still smiling, Vlad carelessly phases his clothes off, and reaches for Danny, already shirtless. Vlad carries the two into the waist-deep water and sits them down at a bench, humming slightly as he pulls Danny closer, making him straddle him.

Despite being soaked in hot water, Danny pales when he feels Vlad's hardness beneath him , and buries his face in Vlad's shoulder, praying that the man won't see his look of horror and mortification.

Luckily, Vlad's mind is on a different agenda. He tucks Danny's head underneath his own, and places Danny's hand on his own cheek. Danny blindly caresses the skin, dropping to the rough stubble at Vlad's chin, keeping care to keep a wide berth away from his mouth. Best not to give him any ideas.

"Say it again," orders Vlad, after a moment, demanding as always.

Danny closes his eyes wearily, now feeling ill.

"I love you."

But Vlad is not satisfied; he can tell that much. He knows what the man is going to say next, so he might as well beat him to the punch.


Danny hates himself for it, but he pulls Vlad into a reluctant kiss, burying his pale hand into the silver strands of the man's long hair and eliciting a groan out of him at the action. As tenderly as he can, he withdraws from Vlad's mouth (With some difficulty) to plant a soft kiss on the surprised man's forehead. He can faintly remember his mother doing that when he was a child. He wonders if Vlad's mother ever did the same.

"I love you, Vlad," he says, being careful to pull away gradually. Perhaps Vlad will be content enough with the sweet-nothings for the evening to hold off on sex. Doesn't seem likely, but Danny can only hope.

Vlad cups his face after he pulls away and gives Danny a look that makes him want to burst out laughing and cry and break things all at once. Danny forces himself to look at the insane cobalt eyes, though he'd rather be viewing a particularly messy car wreck.

"I love you too, little badger," breathess Vlad gently, kissing him on the forehead and releasing him. "More than anything."

Biting his lip, Danny slowly turns around again, feeling Vlad tucking his head underneath his chin. His muscled chest contracts, than exhales softly as the man slowly sighs in content.

For a moment, there is blissful silence. Danny glowers daggers at the water, feeling his eyes prickle again when Vlad hums a faint tune, rubbing circles on the boy's arms.

Vlad could have easily purchased one of those annoying dolls that say "I love you" over and over again, and avoided all this trouble. He doesn't even seem to notice that the words are pronounced sadly and mechanically; they are meaningless.

But he has to behave. He can never, in a million years, love Vlad. At least, he sincerely hopes he can't. The days have been getting harder, and the nights more lonely once they've finished their carnal act. If Vlad is trying to drive him insane as well, he is doing a good job.

Despite the fact that he's raped on a nightly basis by him, it feels good to hold onto someone who will gladly hold is why he can't bring himself to seek Vlad's comfort of his own volition. It would destroy what little remained of his will, make him buy into Vlad's insanity.

He would not, could not succumb to Stockholm Syndrome.

Out of the corner of his eye, he notices Vlad reaching for a nearby vial of pink liquid. With any luck, it's only more of that girly, rose-smelling stuff that makes him want to roll his eyes and huff, and not lubricant.

Danny's luck is holding out-it's only bath goo. He shivers slightly as Vlad pours a generous amount on his fingers, and starts massaging the oil into his delicate skin. Vlad's smile turns into a smirk, and his hands dip lower unsubtly to the boy's waist, warm thumbs rolling circles on his hips.

'Three months, seventeen days, four hours,' thinks Danny desperately, as Vlad's movements become yet more sensual and forceful. He wishes he had a watch so that he could count the minutes. 'Three months, seventeen days, four hours, three months, seventeen days, four-'

"Aaah!" Danny exclaims, as Vlad's hand dips below the hot water, and begins to pump his member. "Aaggh, Vlad, I-"

But Vlad is smiling his trademark evil smile, and his heart sinks; he knows what this will come to. He whimpers before Vlad pulls him into yet another kiss, feels Vlad reassuringly rub at his shoulders, smirking in the kiss when he feels Danny quiver with pleasure. Like a snake, Vlad's tongue starts languidly stroking the walls of Danny's mouth, and Danny's shaking hands jump to Vlad's shoulders in an attempt to do something.

But this situation is all too familiar to Danny, and he pleads inwardly for it to be over with and soon as possible. Unfortunately, Vlad now seems focused on Danny's pure pleasure rather than his normal carnal need, and the younger halfa realizes with a sinking heart that it will be a very long evening.

Vlad soon moves extracts himself from Danny's gasping mouth, sneering as he trailed to Danny's right nipple, hungrily eyeing it before suckling and biting down on it.

Danny freezes up, heart pounding in his chest. To his disgust, he realizes he's actually leaning into Vlad's warm mouth, and weakly considers tugging away, but soon dismisses the possibility.

Not that he's enjoying the situation, mind you. Like a spoiled child, Vlad always has to get his way.

And like a vicious psychopath, Vlad was no means above slaughtering people to get his way.

Danny scrunches his eyes shut again and colors when Vlad's hands begin to pump faster and faster, and now, he's whispering hotly in Danny's ear:

"Well, little one? Do you want to cum?" he breathed, nipping the shell of Danny's ear erotically, smiling smugly when he hears Danny gasp. "Well? Don't be shy, little badger, tell me what you want, mmm?"

Danny only keeps gasping, hopes that Vlad will not press the issue. But his luck has run out for the evening. Waiting for an answer and not receiving one forthwith, he pulls Danny out of the water, sitting him on the cool porcelain edge. Danny eyes him wide-eyed, terrified.

'Three months, seventeen days, four hours.'

'Three months, twenty-four days, four hours.'

Nearly four months ago was when everything had began...the makings of his own undoing.

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