Fenris found Hawke in Isabela's cabin. He was lying on his back on the bed with an arm thrown over his face. His other arm was draped over Spark who took up most of the space. The mabari lifted his head to see who was entering the room. He gave a little whine as he laid his head back down on Hawke's chest. The mage rubbed Spark's ears absently.

"Gabe?" When he didn't receive an answer, he met Spark's eyes and tilted his head toward the open door in a silent request. The mabari got up and trotted out of the cabin, stopping to lick his hand. Fenris gave him a pat on shoulder and shut the door.

Hawke's breathing was deep and even. Deciding not to disturb him, Fenris quietly cleaned the blood and sweat from his skin. He stripped down and crawled into the bed with his mage. My mage, he thought. It was a strange concept for a magister's ex slave to accept, but it felt more natural with every passing day. Once again he felt a rush of gratitude that Hawke had grown up free. He reached out and brushed black hair away from Hawke's face.

With a sleepy mumble, Hawke turned onto his side and pulled Fenris close. The elf smiled and closed his eyes as the mage nuzzle the side of his face. He tilted his head slightly and brushed his lips against the larger man's. The soft caress gradually turned into a kiss.

Fenris slipped his tongue into Hawke's mouth causing them both to moan quietly. Electricity buzzed through his tattoos where the man's fingers touched his bare skin. He slipped his own hands up under Hawke's shirt to press his palms against his warm stomach muscles. At a gentle thrust of the mage's hips, Fenris slipped his hands down until he could slip his fingers under the waistband of his trousers. The cloth caught against his wrists so he could only touch the crisp hair low on his stomach.

Without breaking the kiss, Hawke reached down and tugged at the ties until his trousers fell open. Fenris used the new freedom to wrap his fingers around the mage's hard length. It twitched against his palm, and he squeezed gently.

"Mm, yes," Hawke murmured. He started trailing soft kisses down Fenris' chin and neck, pausing to suck softly just above his collarbone. "That's what I need," he whispered in between sucking kisses. He thrust his hips slowly.

Fenris slid his palm over the head of Hawke's erection causing him to jump. The mage leaned back and looked down to watch. The blue glow of Fenris' tattoos shone brightly between their bodies.

Still watching, Hawke traced the lines of lyrium on Fenris' hip absently. His eyelids drooped and his breathing hitched. The movement of his hips became erratic.

Fenris watched Hawke's face as he stroked him to orgasm. The warm splash of seed against his palm and wrist sent goosebumps up his arm. He smiled softly when the mage opened his eyes to look at him. "I didn't mean to wake you," he said, his voice raspy. He continued stroking lightly, making Hawke's stomach muscles jump involuntarily.

"No complaints here," Hawke replied quietly. He continued brushing his fingers over Fenris' skin, and leaned forward to lick one of the markings on shoulder. Still twitching from the elf's caresses he lazily slid his hand down over Fenris' hip and grabbed his knee. With a quick twist of strong muscles he rolled onto his back and pulled the smaller man onto his chest. He reached down and kneaded the back of Fenris' thighs. He slipped one hand up between his legs and teased the sensitive skin under his testicles making the elf harden painfully against Hawke's stomach.

"You're turn," Hawke said in a husky voice.

He nudged Fenris upwards until the elf straddled his shoulders then leaned up and tongued the tender skin he'd been teasing. He pulled each orb into his mouth one at a time, letting them slide out with a quiet sucking noise. His hands came up and pressed against Fenris' lower back until he leaned forward and braced himself against the wall.

Fenris looked down and watched as Hawke took him into his mouth. He was at the perfect angle to thrust deep into his throat, but he attempted to hold still until the mage grabbed his ass and pulled him closer. Obeying the silent request he began to thrust slowly. He tried to keep eye contact, but when Hawke swallowed Fenris groaned and closed his eyes. He tried to stay gentle, but the mage's hot slick mouth was driving him crazy and he thrust deeper. He tried to prolong it, but the finger that slid into him to press against the sensitive nerves inside threw him over the edge. He cried out as he came, and forced his eyes open to watch as Hawke swallowed and then released him to go back to licking his testicles.

The fingers inside him continued to stroke sending shockwaves through his whole body.

"Gabe, stop," he managed to gasp.

"Not yet," Hawke whispered, his breath hot against Fenris' sensitive flesh. "I want you ready for me."

Fenris shuddered when another finger joined the first. He was getting hard again and the electric buzz running from the markings on his thighs up through his stomach had him gasping. He whimpered when Hawke finally stopped.

Hawke lifted Fenris by the hips and pushed him down onto his stomach on the bed. The mage quickly removed what was left of his clothing and straddled Fenris' thighs and with his thumbs spread the strong muscles of his ass, making him feel exposed. Hawke rubbed his cock between the cheeks a few times before pressing against the tight ring of muscle.

"I'll try to be careful," he said as he pressed forward. "I have no idea where Isabela keeps her oils."

Fenris chuckled. "It's probably nearby, but I don't want you to stop and look for it."

"Thank the Maker," Hawke said as he finally pushed fully inside. He leaned forward until his body hovered over Fenris. He placed soft kisses over the elf's shoulders as he began gently moving his hips.

Fenris buried his face in the pillow and pushed his hips back to meet Hawke's. The mage whispered his love and his lust against the tip of Fenris' ear. The slap of skin against skin, gasping breaths, and husky words filled the cabin until they both cried out their release again.

Hawke collapsed on top of Fenris, and it took several minutes before he was able to extract himself and move to the side. Fenris stayed on his stomach and enjoyed the feel of Hawke's heavy arm and thigh draped across his body. Soft golden light mixed with the blue glow of Fenris' tattoos in the dimness of the cabin as Hawke cast a gentle healing spell to take away any sting that might have been left over by their lovemaking.

They fell asleep to the ambient sound of waves slapping against the hull and the gentle rock of the sea.

The clang of steel weapons against bronze mixed with panicked shouts filled the courtyard. Fenris dodged a huge fist just in time as it smashed the stones where he stood. The impact nearly knocked him off his feet. A familiar voice called his name, shouting for him to look out. Vines shot up through the broken stones to wrap around the statue, pinning it in place.

Fenris glanced over his shoulder to see Merrill already focusing on a new target. Blood ran from cuts on her inner arms, making him frown. He didn't approve of blood magic, but it was making her more effective. He pushed down the vague worry that she would lose too much blood in the fight.

Spells flew through the courtyard, but the non-mages in the battle had little to worry about. Hawke's friends had been fighting together for years, and they knew how to protect each other as well as stay out of each other's way.

Hawke was taking the brunt of Meredith's attack. If it weren't for the occasional bolt from Bianca, he'd be overwhelmed. Everyone else was kept busy by the magically controlled bronze statues. Fenris tried to reach him, but couldn't find an opening in the fight.

The moment was endless. For every statue he took down, two seemed to take its place. Panic filled him. He needed to reach Hawke. He knew if reached the mage, he could plunge his sword into Meredith's back. She would turn on him, wrenching his sword out of his hands. Hawke would be able to take advantage of the distraction...

This has already happened.

Knowing that he was dreaming didn't help. He still couldn't reach Hawke. He struggled to wake up. As he fought against the pull of the dream around him it began to change.

A soft, warm breeze brushed over him. It dried the sweat on his skin, and blew his hair into his eyes. Isabela's laughter reached his ears. It pulled his attention away from the fight. The statue's fist swept through his body as if he were no longer there. The blow should have thrown him across the courtyard, but now that he was no longer engrossed with this part of the dream, he felt nothing. The battle paused around him. He backed away from the statue and was surprised to see a copy of himself frozen in battle with it as he moved away.

He walked toward the portcullis and left the gallows. Meredith's scream of defeat followed him as Hawke pumped her full of lightning. It dwindled quickly from his mind when he realized his lover was safe.

The scene around him faded and he was on Isabela's ship. Hawke stood beside him at the railing, face turned into the warm wind, eyes closed. He leaned against the railing and smiled cheerfully. Fenris felt his lips curve in response. The breeze was strong and pushed them further away from the battles and the death.

A tickle against his arm pulled his attention from the dream. Now that it had changed to something more pleasant he didn't want to wake, but Fenris opened his eyes to the darkness of Isabela's cabin, dimly lit by his markings. He could still feel the wind on his skin even though he was inside. The brush of hair on his arm was accompanied by the weight of Isabela's head on his shoulder. He had a moment of disorientation and he jerked slightly as he came fully awake.

"Bela?" He said hoarsely. "What are you doing here?"

Isabela shifted closer to him and threw her arm over his chest. "Sleeping," she mumbled. "That's what beds are for, right?"

Fenris chuckled. "Among other things I suppose."

Isabela lifted her head to look at him. Her face was illuminated by the soft glow of his tattoos so he could see her smirk sleepily. "Oh yes, and you and Hawke were doing those 'other things' in my bed not too long ago."

"You said we could use your cabin," Fenris reminded her.

She put her head back down on his shoulder. "I said I'd share my cabin, not that you could use it exclusively."

"Looking for a way to get between us again?" he asked with another soft laugh. The woman was incorrigible. And sometimes insatiable.

"Always," she replied in a mumble.

Fenris reached up with his free hand and brushed her hair away from her face and gave her a kiss on the forehead. She smiled slightly, but didn't move. It seemed that at the moment she was more interested in sleep than anything. It was understandable considering what they'd just gone through. This was probably the first time she'd slowed down since they'd left Kirkwall.

"Where's Gabe?" he asked her before she could go back to sleep. She mumbled something, but he was able to catch the fact that Hawke had gone up on deck when she'd come to bed. He disentangled himself and left the bed, making sure the blanket was tucked closely around her.

After dressing he went up on the deck and focused on his ring. Following its pull he quickly found Hawke. The mage was leaning against the rail, his face turned into the wind. Fenris walked up beside him and looked up at his face, already expecting the cheerful smile he vaguely remembered from his dream. What he found instead sent a jolt through him.

Hawke's eyes were open and the moonlight glimmered off the tears that poured down his cheeks.

"Gabe?" Fenris asked worriedly. He reached up to slide his fingers through Hawke's beard. "What's wrong?"

Hawke stared out the ocean when he spoke. "Did I make the wrong choice?" he asked.

"What are you talking about?" Fenris tugged gently until Hawke turned to look at him. The anguish in his eyes tore at his heart. He'd seen the mage upset plenty of times, but he had never seen this.

"I don't know where to start," Hawke said softly. "I feel like I've made so many mistakes. I could have taken Carver with me on the expedition. I could have looked into my mother's suitor. What if I'd talked Merrill out of going to that demon for help? Her clan might still be alive. What if I hadn't agreed to take Anders to the Chantry?" He stopped and took a shuddering breath. "Should I have let him live after what he's done?"

Fenris blinked in surprise. Hawke had seemed so sure of his decision. "Do you think killing him would have prevented what happened at the Gallows? Would it have made things right?" he asked.

Hawke looked back out to sea. "No," he answered. "But I thought about it. I also felt like hugging him for breaking the stalemate. For having the courage to do something about the abuses the mages were enduring. Deep down I knew that becoming Viscount would never happen. Being Champion did not stop the people of Kirkwall from fearing me. But I didn't know what else to do…"

Fenris tilted his head. "What does Compassion think?"

"She's horrified."

"About what exactly?"

Hawke reached up and wiped the tears from his face. "She's upset that I even considered killing one of my best friends. She's upset that I kind of agree with what he did. She's struggling with the contradictions."

"Sounds like the same problem Justice is having," Fenris said thoughtfully. "Hopefully Anders can get him under control."

"Or teach him to understand that life on our side of the Veil is not quite so simple as 'just and unjust'," Hawke replied. He turned to look down at Fenris, and in the darkness his eyes looked black. "Isabela told me what you suggested earlier. About going to the Seer for help? Thank you for that."

Fenris shrugged. "I wouldn't want you to lose your pet abomination."

Hawke snorted. It wasn't quite a laugh, but his lips twitched up into a small smile. "Please don't call him that," he said. "At least not where he can hear you."

"You should do that more," Fenris said softly.

Hawke wrapped his arm around Fenris and raised a curious eyebrow. "What?" he asked.

"Smile. Laugh."

The smile spread slightly. "Maybe I need a reason to."

Feigning serious thought, Fenris scratched his chin. "I could tell you a joke," he said.

"Is it a good one?" Hawke asked.

"Definitely not," Fenris answered with a sly smile. "That's what makes it funny. Did you hear the one about the man who found the mabari in the bar?"

Hawke rolled his eyes. "Of course. It's one of mine."

"Hm. How about this one? What did one ocean say to the other ocean?" He watched with amusement as Hawke frowned. Obviously this horrible joke was not one of his repertoire. "Nothing. It just waved."

Hawke's face went blank for a moment as he took in the punch line. His laughter started as a rumble in his chest that moved upward until he tilted his head back and laughed out loud. "Oh Maker that's awful. Where did you hear that one?"


"Aveline picked a good one, didn't she?"

Fenris was pleased to see that Hawke's smile only faded slightly instead of disappearing at the mention of the friends they left behind. Aveline wouldn't leave her men in the guard, and Varric was determined to spread enough tales that the rest of them would be too hard to track down. Their reasons were sound, but they were missed. The guard would take care of Aveline, and Varric was nearly untouchable but it was hard not to worry about them.

"Indeed," Fenris answered.

Hawke turned until they were pressed chest to chest, making the elf tilt his head back even more to look up at him. His eyes were melancholy, but his smile was genuine. "So did I," he said softly.

"Did we ever thank Anso?" Fenris asked with a smirk. His tattoos flickered slightly when Hawke chuckled. He reached up to brush the black locks of hair out of the mage's eyes. "You did the right thing, Gabe."

"Did I?"

Fenris nodded. "You are a good person, and you followed your heart. I trust your decision."

Hawke leaned forward until their foreheads touched. They stood that way for several minutes just enjoying the moonlight and the breeze and each other's company.

"So…" Hawke said into the silence. "What do a tree and a mabari have in common?"

He knew he was going to regret it, but Fenris sighed and played along. "I don't know. What?"


Fenris' pained groan was drowned out by Hawke's delighted laughter. He felt his lips pull up into a smile, and soon he was also chuckling. The sound of their joy spread across the ship as they told each other stupid jokes. Soon they would have to face their problems again, but for now they both took advantage of the peace they found together.


The End.

Well, the end of this story anyway. I have a vague idea of something I'd like to do as a sequel and even a short prequel, but it may be a while before I get to it because I have some original stuff I'm working on that I may eventually post over at FictionPress. Maybe. Anyway, thanks for reading! I had a lot of fun writing this, and seeing all the kudos and comments totally made this one of the funnest things I've done in years. This is the longest story I've ever written, and it's been a huge object lesson and confidence booster.