Chapter 1

The guys were getting a new transfer to their house. They didn't know who. All they were told is that the tranfer was a girl. They were sitting around the table drinking their morning coffee. Franco says, "So we are getting another probie here."

Jerry disagrees, "Not a probie, but pretty damn close to it. We are getting a girl, that is like the same as getting a probie, except probies can at least do something."

Mike asks, "Do even know her name or anything?"

Kenny mentions, "All we know is she got kicked out of her last house for anger problems and too much fighting."

Tommy adds, "Well that is something you don't hear all the time. Chick with anger and fighting problems. Guess she will be in for a shock when she gets here."

Sean states, "I don't care what the hell her problems are as long as she can hold her own in a fire."

Just then a girl with shoulder length jet black hair jeans and a 55th truck t shirt entered the room. She says, "I looking for Chief Riley." Jerry walks towards her and replies, "I am Chief Jerry Riley."

The girl states, "I am Katrinia Jenson, your transfer from 55th truck.

Franco and Tommy both make a whistling sound, indicating to the others that they very much thought she was hot. Jerry shakes her hand and says, "It is great to have you on board. These are the guys. Making a gesture towards the boys around the table.

Jerry begins, "Lt. Kenny Shea, Tommy Gavin, Franco Rivera, Sean Garrity, and Mike Silletti

Tommy asks, "Jenson, that name sounds familar. Like way too familar.

Katrinia admits, "Well it should, if you were anywhere in the state of New York in the months following 9-11."

Franco states, "James Jenson's sister."

Katrinia agrees, "Yeah he was my brother and my dad was NYPD,Brian Jenson, both died on 9-11 and that is as far as I go on the subject, so don't ask."

Lou speaks raising his cup of coffee, "To James and Brian."

The boys join in saying, "To James and Brian."

Sean suggests, "Now that you are here we need to do something about that shirt. You are part of 62 truck now. So ditch the 55th shirt."

Jerry suggests, "Mike why don't you show Katrinia around the house and maybe get her a 62 truck shirt."

Mike says, "Will do." After they leave the room the guys all rush over to the computer. Franco is the first to sit down and Google's Katrinia Jenson. What they learn rings a bell of why they knew her. Franco clarifies, "She lived three blocks away from ground zero at the time. When her house went to flames she got mother and younger brother's bodies out to be rushed to the hospital."

Tommy adds, "She then went back into the burning building to find her other brother. James was reported to be trapped under hundreds of pounds of debris which Katrinia freed him from and then carried his lifeless body out. She perforemd CPR but he could not be saved. It was later that same day when she found out that niether her younger brother nor her mother even made it to the hospital alive."

Lou continues, "They were both announced dead on arrival. Later that night she was due to the police station for her normal shift. When she arrived there she was put in charge of helping in the forensics lab. It was there she learned that her father had died as well. She had lost her entire family that day."

Sean says, "Says she rufused care until she was notified about her father. She was NYPD at the time. After she found out about her father she got treated. A week later it was said she retired her badge and joined the firefighter academy."

A little while later Katrinia and Mike walk back in. Katrinia had changed into 62 truck shirt. They all give her a look and she sits down at the table. Katrinia recognized the look. They knew at least the minor details now. She sighed at this. To say it was awkard was an understatement. It was never easy being transfered into a new house, but as a girl and after what they found out this would never be easy. She just hoped that it would get easier.

Just then the heard, "Engine, Engine." over the loud speakers. They all immediately get up put on their fire gear and head to the scene. When the arrive they see a 12 story building where the fire appeared to be at the top. Jerry orders, "Franco, Garrity, and Mike take the first 6 floors. Tommy, Lou take 7 through 12 plus the roof. Take the girl with you too."

The grab the gear and go where they were told. Katrinia kept up with Tommy and Lou rushing up the flights of stairs. When the reached the 7th floor they all split up checking different apartments and prying different doors open. As they moved along they cleared people out, who weren't all that injured. When they reached the 12 floor Katrinia pried a door open that she could tell was the source of the fire. She calls to Tommy and Lou, "I found the source. Clear the rest of the floor, I'm going in."

Lou asks, "You sure you got this?"

Katrinia answers, "I'm sure." Then puts on her mask with her helmet over top. She enters the apartment and sees two little girls, probably twins hiding behind the couch. Katrinia says, Girls we need to get out of here."

One girls replies, "Mommy and daddy told us never to leave without them."

Katrinia asks, "Where are they?"

The other girls answers, "They aren't here right now?"

Katrinia states, "Well I am sure they would understand if you left because they wouldn't want to be here while it is unsafe."

They both nod and each grab on to one of Katrinia's shoulders. She walks out and sees Lou and Tommy just walking out the last apartment. Lou quickly walks over to grab the tool she was carrying. Tommy walks over and tries to grab one of the girls, but niether would let girl. Tommy says, "Looks like you get to be the hero today."

Katrinia begins her way down the 12 flights of stairs. When they reach the lobby and exit the building she immediately takes them over to the back of the fire truck so that they could be checked out. Lou and Tommy go over to the side of the truck and load the equipment back on. Jerry asks, "How did she do?"

Tommy says, "I was surpirised. She did her job. She was popping doors and had our backs."

Lou agrees, "She didn't look to us once like she was confused on what she had to do. She kept up and got people out of the apartments as fast as possible."

Tommy admits, "As much as I hate to say it, she is good. She probably did better than probie did first time."

Jerry mentions, "So she is worth considering keeping around."

Lou adds, "Yeah."

They get back in the truck and head to the house. When they get off the truck Jerry sees Chief Perolli. Perolli acknowledges Jerry and asks, "How did your girl do?"

Jerry replies, "Great, saved some twins."

Perolli spots Katrinia get off the truck and take off her jacket. Perolli walks over towards Katrinia and says, "Katrinia Jenson."

Katrinia turns around and sees Chief Perolli. Katrinia replies, "Sir."

Lou says to Jerry, "I wonder if we could get her to call us sir."

Perolli explains, "Listen Jenson. I know how you work. You are wreckless, you pick a fight when you get pissed. I won't have that in my house. If you are planning on staying a firefighter for much longer, clean up your act. I don't care that James was your brother. I am watching you, one wrong move and you won't be transfered you will be off the job permanently. Then you will be back in that pretty little blue uniform you cops wear." While Perolli was explaining this Katrinia had given him a look that would make anyone grow scared of her.

Perolli adds, "And wipe that look off your face."

Katrinia counters, "Sir this is my face, no look intended."

Perolli agrees, "Right, I have my eyes on you." Then walks away.

They then go to get cleaned up and head to the kitchen.