Chapter 14

Katrinia and Franco were both taken to the hospital.

After both the ambulances had left Jerry knew he had to make a call.

After a few rings he hears someone say, "Hello."

"Perolli, it's Jerry. We had a situation with a fire we got called to. Two of our firefighters got barricaded in the basement after debris fell. Both got out alive and were sent to the hospital. St. Mary's. We got a bigger problem than that. They were low on oxygen down there so they put on their masks. Someone forgot to switch out the oxygen tanks." Jerry explains.

Perolli asks, "Who went to the hospital?"

Jerry says, "Franco and Katrinia."

Perolli answers, "Bring you crew back. Have them all gather in the kitchen. As little talking about this would be advised. I got to go down to the hospital before talking to any of them." and with that they both hung up.

Jerry and the others arrived back at the house and gathered in the kitchen each grabbing a bite to eat.

Franco was released a few hours later after all his tests came up clear. Katrinia on the other hand wasn't as lucky. They suspected that she was poisoned somehow.

Chief Perolli arrived at St. Mary's Hospital and went straight to the nurses desk. He shows his badge then says, "I am Chief Perolli. Two of my firefighters were brought over her. Jenson and Rivera."

The nurse types on the computer for a moment the says, "Franco Rivera was admitted at 3:12 pm. Doctors ran a blood test and pumped fluids and oxygen before discharging him. Everything came up clear. Katrinia Jenson was admitted at 3:27 pm. They ran a blood test and pumped her with fluids and oxygen as well. Her blood came back with traces of poison in it, so they are running more tests."

"Thank you. Is there anyway I can be able to see her? I need to gather her statement as soon as possible." Perolli mentions.

"You will need to be quick." The nurse says, "Room 307."

As Perolli walks back he runs into Franco.

Franco says, "Chief Perolli?"

"I'm here to check on Katrinia as well as gather yours and her statements. Can you wait for we in the waiting room?" Perolli states.

"Of course." Franco replies.

Perolli arrives at Katrinia's room and sees a doctor drawing blood. She appeared to only be semi-conscience. He showed his badge as he stepped in the room.

The doctor steps towards him, "Doctor Blake Jackson. Make it quick. She probably won't be awake too much longer. We have put her on a high dose of drugs to ease the pain. She was poisoned. I will fill you in more after you talk with her."

Perolli nods his head then steps closer to Katrinia's bed. He begins, "Firefighter Jenson can you hear me?"

Katrinia says, "Yes sir."

"Can you tell me what happened today?" Perolli asks.

"Franco and I were assigned from floor 4 down to clear. We cleared 4,3,and 2 no problem. When we got to the first floor debris fell and blocked the doorway. There was no way out. And then the floor above began collapsing. Tommy and Sean came. I gave Franco a boost up. We were running out of air. Someone forgot to change the tanks out. I would have died from lack of air if it weren't for my solution. There was no other way out." Katrinia explains.

Perolli says, "Thank you for your cooperation. I hope you get better soon. We need you."

"How is Franco?" Katrinia asks softly.

Perolli could tell that she was beginning to give into sleep from the drugs the doctor has her on. "He is just fine. Going to take his statement next. They discharged him."

"Good. Since I can't be there to speak for myself when you talk to the crew you or Franco need to speak for me. Someone needs to be punished for this inaction." Katrinia adds before drifting off.

As Perolli steps out and the doctor approaches him again. "Katrinia was for sure poisoned in the last 24 hours. Most likely from inhalation of a substance. Her system showed traces of methanol, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, and glycerol. All are active ingredients in antifreeze. My guess if she had oxygen from a tank the poison would have never enter her system. But because she was losing air from the smoke and didn't have any oxygen she inhaled this right into her system. 5 more minutes of inhaling this stuff and she would have died. We are going to have to keep her in a medically induce coma for at least 72 hours."

"Okay. Thank you. Please keep me informed." Perolli states handing his card to the doctor.

"Will do." he agrees as Perolli heads for the waiting room.

He takes a seat next to Franco.

Perolli begins, "Thank you for waiting around. After we are done here, I am going to advise you not to go back to the house. Take a few days away from the guys."

Franco nods.

Perolii asks, "What happened today?"

"I was paired with Katrinia. We checked our assigned area. When we got to the basement we ended up barricaded in. The door and window were blocked. Couldn't move the debris without causing more to fall either. I radioed for help. Tommy and Sean came when part of the floor above collapsed. We put on our masks to get oxygen. About 5 minutes later we realize that our tanks are empty. Whoever was in charge forgot to replace them. She boasted me up and left herself down there losing air by the second. She had to think and find a way out." Franco explains.

"Thank you." Perolli says.

They both walk out of the hospital. Perolli gives Franco a ride back to the house. Franco immediately gets in his jeep and goes home to his daughter.

Johnny had gotten a call from Tommy telling him about how Katrinia had been taken to the hospital. Johnny headed to go pick up Angela so they could both go to the hospital. When they arrive Johnny flashes his badge and explains how he is her next of kin and that this is her daughter, so they finally let them back.

When the doctor explained that she had been poisoned Jonny called another cop to look into the owner of the building. See if they could arrest them for attempted murder, poison, neglect something.

Perolli heads into the house and joins the others in the kitchen.