Chapter 21

A few weeks had passed and things at the station were returning to normal as much as possible. Katrinia still had the lingering decision about the spot at 33rd to make. She wasn't sure what to do.

They all got off of the truck and took off their gear. They saw the chief standing nearby with another white shirt. Katrinia recognized the other white shirt as Chief Kyle Woll. Perolli watched as Katrinia took off her gear and then spotted them.

Perolli called, "Jenson, can I get a word with you."

Katrinia nodded and left the group of guys and headed over to where the two chief's were standing. They all headed off to Perolli's office. Perolli took a seat behind his desk and Woll took the seat in front of the desk. Katrinia stood off to the side in view of both of the chief's.

After the guy's had finished taking off their gear they all retreated to the kitchen. Jerry asked, "Anyone know what is up with that?" Jerry was referring to the fact that Katrinia was now in the office with two white shirts. He was mainly directing the question towards Franco because he knew that he was the closet to her.

Franco busied himself as he stirred his coffee. He ignored the question. Truth was he knew exactly why she was in there. They were discussing the potential transfer offer that Katrinia still wasn't sure about.

Tommy answered, "Probably just going over some facts to finalize the reports from the case." Everyone knew when someone referred to wrapping up a case it was the one where Katrinia almost died.

"It is possible but highly unlikely. The case was finished up a few weeks ago. Any ideas, Franco?" Jerry said.

"I don't know. Maybe Perolli just needed to talk to her. I think that is her brother's old chief." Franco added even though he was pretty sure they were discussing the transfer option.

Sean mentioned, "Probably just needed to talk to her about something. Girl doesn't exactly pick up her phone if you know what I am saying."

"True that." Franco said.

Once comfortably inside the office Katrinia asked, "What's up?"

Woll said, "As per protocol I am required to bring up and possible transfer options with you chief. I was wondering if you had thought about the idea anymore?"

Perolli mentioned, "You are offering her your open spot at 33rd."

"That is correct." Woll agreed.

Katrinia looked between the two chiefs. "I am just not sure about what to do yet. I mean 33rd has always been my dream. Plus it was my brother's truck. It would save me from driving from Bronx to Brooklyn and then back again. I also love my crew here. I just need a little more time."

Woll argued, "Can you honestly say that after the recent events here you would want to stay with this crew or even this house?"

"Hold on now, that was an accident and FDNY has made up for that. We are extremely sorry that that happened and it will never happen again." Perolli countered. "It would be a mistake to break up this crew."

"It would also be a mistake to hold her back. Katrinia you will never get the opportunity to take the Lieutenants exam if you stay with 62. 33rd opens up that possibility." Woll explained.

"Why would she want to become a Lieutenant and have to deal with all the politics of the job?" Perolli questioned.

Katrinia listened to them as they went back and forth coming up with reasons why she should either stay or go.

Katrinia spoke up, "It is my decision nevertheless. When do you need your decision by?"

"The end of the week." Woll answered handing her a transfer form. "All you have to do is sign and bring it over to 33rd."

"Alright." Katrinia said as she nodded her head.

Woll added, "The Chief also gave me this to pass along to you." He handed her an envelope.

Katrinia said, "Great more paperwork."

Woll left and Katrinia stood there. Perolli mentioned, "I can't promise you anything. Woll may have the better offer for you, closer to your daughter, less traffic. Just don't forget the feeling of getting use to a new crew, especially being a girl firefighter."

"I won't. You will have my answer by the end of the week." Katrinia added as she walked out of the office.

Katrinia went and placed the papers in her locker. She changed her shirt and took her hair out of the ponytail it was in to comb through it.

She headed for the kitchen stopping outside and listened to the guys guess about what the chief wanted. She sighed and pushed the door open.

The guys watched her as she entered the room and sat on the counter. She then stood up and took out a container of her homemade brownies. She always hid them on the top shelf because she knew she was the only one that could reach them. The guys would eat them all at once if she didn't put them out of her reach. She sat back down on the counter and offered one each to the guys.

Mikey asked, "What did the chief and that white shirt want?"

Katrinia took a brownie out of the container and looked around for a few moments remaining quiet. "The white shirt was the chief from my brother's old house. He offered me a position at 33rd." Katrinia stated. "It's no big deal really."

Tommy questioned, "Are you going to take it?"

"I don't know yet. I have till the end of the week to decide." Katrinia added.

Franco played along as if he hadn't known, "That's in Brooklyn right? Convenient since your daughter goes to school there."

"Yeah, I mean I hate New York traffic, so that would be an upside." Katrinia mentioned closing the container and put it back in the top cabinet.

Jerry asked, "What did they offer you?"

Katrinia was about to answer when the loud speaker called, "Engine, engine."

They all retreated from room and headed to the scene. Once on scene they see debris that had the basement floor blocked off. Katrinia flashed back for a mere moment to the last time she went into a basement.

Jerry ordered, "Lou, Tommy, Sean, and Mikey take the top floors. Split it up. Katrinia, Franco access the basement."

Katrinia and Franco ran towards the basement. The spotted a person down below. "How you doing down there?" Katrinia asked.

There was no response. Franco had begun clearing some of the debris out of the way. He had cleared enough to open up a passageway that someone may be able to squeeze down.

Franco and Katrinia looked between each other. "I'm the only one who can fit. It's our only shot."

"You sure?" Franco asked.

Katrinia nodded slipping off her jacket. Franco went to get the medical bag and filled Jerry in. Franco wasn't so sure about her going down into a basement again.

The other guys got the few people in the building out and headed back down to where the truck was. Tommy asked, "How are Katrinia and Franco doing?"

"She got down there. Is doing what they can to get the person out." Jerry commented.

Katrinia had accessed the person when she realized if she didn't get them to a hospital soon he was to die. "What is the situation of the rest of the building?"

Sean radioed, "Clear but unstable. The way you came down is the only way up."

"Crap." She thought to herself. Katrinia looked to Franco. "I need a scalpel."

The others had gathered around now as Franco handed her the scalpel. "Have a tube ready." Katrinia ordered.

Jerry mentioned, "You are going to do a surgical cric?"

"Yep." She answered spacing with her fingers the right spot to make the incision.

Lou asked, "Have you ever done one?"

As she made the incision Katrinia replied, "Tube." Franco handed it off to her and she slipped the tube down the incision in the neck. "Second time I did one Lou. Have a backboard and c-collar ready.

She cleared a couple more pieces of debris now being able to actually fit through and Franco handed off the c-collar and positioned the backboard. They were able to get the man out and to an ambulance.

Katrinia came up from the basement and Franco gave her a pat on the back. "That was amazing." Mikey said.

The other guys said similar things along those lines.

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