If you haven't already my story "A Weekend with Dad," I'd suggest reading that first so this one makes a little more sense. As always, reviews are much loved.

A week after Addison left Ella in Seattle with Mark, they were on a plane back to Los Angeles. Mark had flown between Seattle and LA numerous times over the past five years, but never with Ella. He was pleasantly surprised at how well behaved she was in the airport and on the plane. When the plane touched down, Mark turned his cell phone back on to send Addison a text stating they had landed so she could meet them near the security checkpoint.

Ella was happy to see her mother again, but didn't want Mark to leave again. After prying Ella out of Mark's arms so he would be able to make his return flight, Ella asked Addison, "When do I get to see Daddy again? I miss him already."

"I know you do, sweetie. You're going to see him again in a few weeks," said Addison.

This confused Ella. Addison usually told her about going to Seattle of Mark's visits to LA months in advance as a way to keep her spirits up about being away from Mark for so long. "Is Daddy coming here or am I going there again?"

Addison waited to answer that question since she was waiting for Ella's suitcase to pop up on the baggage carousel. "How do you feel about changing schools to one in Seattle?"

"But I'll miss you if I live with Daddy? Don't you love me? Why don't you want me to live with you anymore?" were just a few of the questions Ella fired off while they walked toward the parking structure.

"Ella, sweetie, I love you bunches. You're still going to live with me. I'm going to work at the hospital with Daddy and Lexie and everyone else. We're moving back to Seattle," shared Addison.

Ella was quiet the rest of the drive to the beach house. Addison didn't pressure her into talking about how she was feeling about moving. She knew that Ella would talk when she was ready; the child's world had just been turned upside down. When they arrived at the house, Ella wasted no time running into the house and up to her room, slamming the door behind her.

Amelia saw the red head blast through the house and went outside to see if Addison needed help with anything. "I take it she doesn't like the idea of moving?"

Sighing, Addison ran a hand through her hair. "I thought she would be excited about moving to Seattle because it means more time with Mark."

"I know what it's like to have everything you've ever known change completely. I was a year younger than her when my father was killed. Moving isn't as traumatic as that, but LA is all she's ever know. Seattle's been a fun escape for her, it's never been home. When exactly do you have to be in Seattle? Maybe I can go with you to make it a little easier for her. I won't stay, but I can go for a week or two and help you get everything settled. Maybe Derek will say more than two words to me if he isn't my sole purpose to be there. Besides, it's been awhile since I went anywhere. I'll take her stuff up and maybe she'll talk to me."

After not getting a response when she knocked on the door, Amelia quietly and slowly opened it to find Ella laying face down on her bed, clutching her favorite stuffed lion. "Go away, mom."

Amelia sat on the bed next to her and began rubbing circles on the girl's back. "It's not your mom, it's me. How was Seattle? How's your dad and Uncle Derek and everyone?"

Slowly, Ella sat up and looked at her aunt. "I don't want to move. I'm going to miss you and everyone here too much. Did you know it rains a lot in Seattle? I like the sun, I don't want to be where it rains a lot."

Amelia wrapped her arm around the child. "I'll miss you too. The rain isn't so bad. I grew up in New York. It snows a lot there; I'd rather live where it rains all the time than deal with a ton of snow every year. I mean, it still snows there, but not as much as where I grew up. Besides, didn't you want to spend more time with your dad and Sofia?"

"Yeah. I miss them when I'm here."

"Your mom could stay here, but she decided to move back up there so you can spend more time with them. It won't be a big deal to spend the weekend with your dad. You'll get to see him on your birthday; you might even get to see him every day. Your mom already told everyone at work that she's moving to Seattle. She got a job at the hospital there. If you don't move, she'd be lying to a lot of people who are already making plans for you two to move," pointed out Amelia.

Ella was obviously thinking about what Amelia had just told her. "Lying is bad. Mommy always tells me not to lie. Will I still get to see you when we move?"

"Yep. I'm going with you for the first week or two to help you unpack everything. I also want to see your dad and Uncle Derek again. It's been a long time since I've seen them. Do you think we should go talk to your mom about all of this? She knew you would be upset when you found out about moving, but I'm sure she's still worried about you," Amelia suggested as she hugged Ella.