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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Dragonball Z. The nine-tailed demon fox could not believe what was happening. Just after being freed from its last imprisonment, he was going to be sealed right back up into a new host. Normally that wouldn't faze him, as he had been going through a similar process for many years, transferring from host to host. This time however, was different. Not only had he actually managed to escape this time, and do some damage, but for this sealing, the mortal performing it had called upon the Death God himself, Shinigami.

Behind the blonde human and the Toad Boss, Gamabunta, the Death God manifested, and while unseen to those not involved in the sealing, behind him opened up a rather large portal to the afterlife. Kyuubi knew what was happening. Half of his soul, and most all of his power would be sealed inside the human child, more than likely the child his previous host, while the other half would be feasted upon by the Shinigami, and his physical manifestation would be pulled through the portal into the next world.

Just as he felt the icy hand of the Shingami, the Kyuubi saw the portal behind the God begin to warp, and flash. Strange noises began emanating from it, like the cries of a few people, and a rather large explosion. The accompanying power surge could be felt in waves by those involved in the sealing, though the humans were probably dismissing it. As the portal began to stabilize once more, a strange mist of blood began flowing out of the portal, instantly catching the attention of Shinigami.

"What has he gotten himself into now?" he thought. "I can sense that he was the one to pass on. And if I'm correct, this is all that remains of the two responsible. I will have to ask King Kai about it later, once I find him in other world. But for now, perhaps I should make sure that this power is put to good use."

With a wave of his hand, the God of Death began manipulating the mist that flowed through the portal, and noticed that in several places, cellular regeneration was already occurring, only strengthening his resolve to do away with whatever had killed King Kai. Finishing the sealing before the being could reform, Shinigami closed the portal he had come from, before opening a new one into other world, in an attempt to find King Kai. Stupid sealing. Now not only was he too busy to do his job properly, but calling him out would drastically alter the flow of time, knocking the time-streams on the dimensions out of natural sync. Normally, that wouldn't be a bad thing, as the dimensions rarely ever crossed or affected one another, but it was just irritating to experience different time flows.

As the Third Hokage took hold of the son of his successor, he was shocked as his golden-blonde hair turned pitch black, as did his eyes. While he wasn't aware of this part of the sealing, he took the boy and left, in order to follow through with the plan that had been set up to ensure the young boy's safety.

Inside the seal, the Kyuubi sighed, as it sat on its haunches behind the bars of the massive cage that was the seal. He could already feel the seal taking his own energy, but could also feel the overwhelming energy he had felt emanating from the portal as well. It was massive, almost equivalent to his own power. And he couldn't shake the feeling that perhaps this well of power that apparently now belonged to the boy, had barely even been tapped into. Broken out of his musings by the sound of foot-steps, Kyuubi looked out through the bars at the strange figure walking toward him.

The being was a strange green in color, and almost insect-like, as evidenced by the strange tail and stinger, hidden behind the large, black, insectoid wings. His exoskeleton was colored light-green with black spots and had black sections located on his shoulders and chest. The metal plates on his ankles were shaded black, and the section near his crotch area was also shaded black. His skin was pale all in his face and hands, he had purple lines in both sides of his cheeks, and the line across from his ears and chin were a yellow color. His eyes pink, and he had purple veins visible where his exoskeleton did not cover.

"What is this?" the being asked. "If this is Hell, I'm not impressed…though if this were Hell, I don't think I'd be able to sense Goku's presence…"

"This is not Hell, though it may as well be" announced the Fox, gaining the being's attention. Kyuubi took instant notice that the new being wasn't intimidated by him in the slightest. That alone was enough to peak his curiosity.

"Then what the hell is it?" the being asked, the irritation evident in his voice. "Some sort of purgatory?"

"You, as well as I, have been sealed inside of a human child. No doubt the Shinigami sensed your power, as well as this 'Goku's' and decided to seal you within the child, to prevent you from wreaking havoc upon the world" said Kyuubi. "You are stuck here forever, and your power will be used to power this child…though why you are on that side of the cage is a mystery to me."

"That's not the only mystery" replied the being. "Who are you, and why are you sealed inside the child?" The Kyuubi sighed, his breath actually blowing the green being back a bit.

"I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune. I am the King of Foxes, Emperor of the Demon Realm, and currently, the most powerful being to inhabit this boy's body" replied Kyuubi, smirking as he said the last bit, seeing the being across the bars scowl at his words.

"Please" he said. "I could destroy you quite easily. You are nothing compared to me."

"And who may I ask are you?" said Kyuubi, mockingly, enjoying taunting the green, insectoid-man. Back in his old host, he had nobody else to talk to.

"I am Cell" he responded. "I am the most powerful warrior in the universe. A mere ball of fur like yourself cannot rival my perfection."

"Perfection, really?" responded Kyuubi. "Because I would think that someone who is perfect wouldn't feel indignant at being taunted." Cell only grit his teeth and glared at the large vulpine form of Kyuubi, before rearing his arms back.

"I'll show you!" he shouted. "I'll destroy you, and find a way out of this imprisonment. KA…ME…HA…ME…HAAAAAAAAAAA!" With that, a large ball of energy formed in his hands as he thrust them forward, sending the ball forward in a large beam-like attack. Kyuubi did nothing but cock an eyebrow as the beam drew near, flying through the bars of the cage. As the Kamehameha wave hit its target with a great explosion, Cell merely chuckled, but looked on in shock, seeing that his attack didn't even singe the fur of the great beast.

"Was that supposed to destroy something?" said Kyuubi, sarcastically. "That attack wouldn't even faze Shukaku."

"Damn you" growled Cell, now placing two fingers to his forehead. "Perhaps a different approach. Special Beam Cannon!" Thrusting his fingers forward, a beam shot out from his pointer finger, while a second shot from his middle finger, twisting around the first. This one did decidedly more damage, actually drilling through the Kyuubi's front leg. Cell's satisfied smirk left him once again, as before his eyes, the massive fox healed any injury it had sustained.

"I'm waiting" Kyuubi said, growing a bit bored at this point. "Perhaps it was only this 'Goku' that I felt all that power from, and not you."

Cell's eyes widened in anger and she shouted, bringing up a golden aura around himself in his anger. His hands began to glow with more energy. With a cry of rage, Cell began sending blast upon blast at Kyuubi, the large fox never ceasing his smirk. With each blast, Cell expended far more energy than normal, due to part of it being taken by the seal. Soon, the so-called 'perfect' warrior was panting from breath, trying to blast Kyuubi more and more, but to no avail. His aura died down, and he began to descend to the floor, before Kyuubi's tails snapped out from behind the cage, binding him tight, so he couldn't break free.

"This is impossible!" shouted Cell, as he was pulled in towards the massive kitsune's face.

"Not really" replied Kyuubi, letting his tongue hang out a bit. "I always have had this bad habit of playing with my food." Cell's eyes went as wide as dinner plates.

"Wait!" he shouted. "You can't eat me. If this boy has taken in any of my power, you'll need me to help him use it." Any hope Cell had was crushed with Kyuubi's next words.

"Oh, don't worry about that. Before I devour you and permanently end your existence, I will take every last tidbit of knowledge that lives within your mind." As Cell looked into Kyuubi's eyes, both his and the fox's eyes glowed a bright red, as Kyuubi took in any and all useful information from the mind of the android.

"Now then" said Kyuubi. "It's dinner time." Throwing Cell into the air, he moved quicker than the android anticipated, snapping his jaws shut around him and swallowed him whole. Kyuubi sighed, relishing the screams of Cell, and the feel of his struggling as he traveled down his throat into his stomach.

"Much better" said the Fox to itself. "It's been so long since I've had even the smallest meal. Now then, I should be fully capable of teaching the brat how to use ki as he gets older, but why stop there. The boy has Saiyan blood now, so learning ki should come naturally, if what I've learned is correct. So perhaps instead I should merely give him some of the information I attained directly through his mind. Perhaps I can even find some memories in the energy of the one called 'Goku' to help him along. At least then, if asked, the boy can deny I did anything, and they won't try to find a way to seal me away further. But perhaps I should wait to allow the child access. Wait until he is old enough to not get the both of us in hot water because of the power."

"Hmmm, and perhaps I should see about altering his personality a bit. If what I saw is correct, than the brat has a chance of growing stronger than this 'Goku' or Cell. If so, then I'll need to alter his personality ever-so slightly, into someone that will constantly try to attain that next level of power…and if I'm correct, this 'Vegeta' should do quite nicely. I will have to make the change be very minor though. But yes…Things should go rather smoothly…"


"If you EVER lay a hand on my Sensei, I'll kill you!" shouted Naruto, glaring with his pure black eyes down at the traitorous Mizuki.

"Oh really" laughed Mizuki. "You, kill me? That is rich. After I take care of Iruka, I'll do the same to you." Pulling a large shuriken from his back, Mizuki prepared to launch it at Iruka, who already had one stuck into his back. As a giant pair of eyes opened up inside Kyuubi's cage, the fox knew it was the perfect time and surged the power and knowledge into the seal. Naruto snapped.

"Don't even think about it" said Naruto, his eyes narrowing, though strangely, much of his anger had diminished. "Your opponent is me, not him." Mizuki turned to look at Naruto and stepped back in shock at the changes that hat taken place in the span of a few moments while he was turned away. A purple aura had sprung up around Naruto, and his muscle mass seemed to have increased, and was still increasing, yet at the same time, compacting, forming incredibly dense muscle. While his eyes had always been black, they now gave off a distinctive feeling of coldness, and oddly enough, superiority. The most astounding feature was the tail he had acquired. Mizuki had always believed Naruto to be a demon, but a demon Fox, not a monkey, as the tail he grew would suggest.

Reigning in his surprise, Mizuki smirked. There was still no way Naruto was a match for him. "Come on then" he said. "If you think you can take me on, then give it your best shot." Naruto smirked darkly before putting his hands with their fingers curled and the palm of one on the back of the other. Naruto didn't know how he knew this, or why, but he wasn't going to question it. Pulling his hands to his left side, holding them at chest level, his aura began to grow even more erratic.

"With pleasure" he said. "Galick Gun…FIRE!"

Everyone in the village heard and felt the resulting explosion, startling most of the village awake, and causing the rest of the Shinobi out searching for Naruto to flock to the location. Entering the forest, they reached the location of Naruto and Iruka, which was now nothing more than a crater in the earth. Seeing the scattered remains of Mizuki, the Shinobi began to move forward on Naruto, before Iruka managed to explain what happened.

"Could it be the work of the demon fox?" asked one of the masked Anbu. "Could that be where Naruto attained his new power?"

"I highly doubt that." Every Shinobi in the area parted as Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage, walked toward Naruto and the injured Iruka.

"Based on the fact that he has acquired the tail of a monkey, rather than of a fox, I would assume it is more than likely a dormant bloodline, or something of the like. For now, all of you are dismissed. Get Iruka some medical attention. I will talk to Naruto about what has happened to see if we can't discover what this is all about."

"Yes, Lord Hokage" said all the Shinobi in unison, saluting before all leaving via Shunshin. Looking at the tail that was wiggling slightly behind Naruto, Sarutobi sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"It seems we have much to discuss" he said, causing Naruto to rub the back of his head, sheepishly. "Naruto, was this the Fox's doing? At least now you know about the fox, so I can actually ask such a question."

"Yeah, and we'll have to talk about that too, but I don't think it has to do with the Kyuubi" replied Naruto. "Or too much so, at the very least. It just, happened, I guess you could say. When I used that new power, it felt so familiar…like I'd been using it all my life."

"Hmmmm. Dangerous though it may be, I'd like you to try to contact the fox within you. Not right now of course, but soon. The beast probably knows at least something about what has happened to you. When he was first sealed within you, it gave you your black hair and eyes, so I would assume the seal is at work again" said Sarutobi, his voice revealing nothing but utmost seriousness.

"Right, I'll see what I can do" said Naruto, his own face turning more serious as well. "But first, I feel it would be beneficial to train in my powers first. They could be more useful than that new clone jutsu I learned from the scroll."

"Yes, that reminds me. May I see the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu that you learned?" replied Sarutobi. Naruto raised an eyebrow, but complied, placing his fingers in a cross shape, his tail somehow instinctively wrapping around his waist, like a belt. Sarutobi didn't so much as blink as the clearing filled with smoke, before clearing, revealing nearly a hundred Naruto's. Sarutobi gave one of them an appraising eye, before punching one in the face, making it dispel with a shout. Smiling, Sarutobi turned to Naruto, grinning like the cat that swallowed the canary.

"Well Naruto, it appears congratulations are in order." Naruto once more raised an eyebrow. "With what I've seen here tonight, I believe you are more than fit to be a Shinobi." Reaching into a pocket in his Kage robes, he pulled out a brand-new Konoha forehead protector, throwing it to the blonde. Catching it, Naruto stared at it in shock for a moment, before a cocky smirk plastered itself onto his face.

"Ha, I've waited so long for this moment" said Naruto, with barely contained glee, tying the band around his head.

"Now, you know where to meet to be assigned your team, right?" said Sarutobi.

"Yeah, I know, I know" replied Naruto. "Man, this night has been so awesome, I could just…" He never got to finish the sentence, as Sarutobi interrupted him out of shock. Naruto had begun to levitate off the ground.

"Naruto…you, you're flying, my Boy…" he said, causing Naruto to look down at himself, as he slowly descended, his feet touching the ground once more.

"I'm getting too old for this" said Sarutobi, pinching the bridge of his nose again.

"Sorry, Old Man!" said Naruto. "I got some training to do before I meet my team." With that, Sarutobi was nearly blown back as the purple aura sprang up around Naruto, and he rocketed skyward, propelled by nothing more than intuition and a strange familiarity with flight.

"I just hope, if what he did to Mizuki was any indication of his power, that he doesn't end up destroying the village through 'training" said Sarutobi, before using Shunshin to quickly go back to the Hokage tower.

1 week later

Naruto arrived on the roof of the Ninja Academy via flight. Over the week, he had indeed gotten in contact with Kyuubi, who took the time to explain the gist of what had happened to him. Unbeknownst to anyone else however, Naruto had kept in contact with the giant fox, who had become something akin to a sparring partner for the now Full-Saiyan Shinobi. Full-Saiyan, as where Cell was joined with him as well, it appears that Goku's Saiyan DNA, as well as the Saiyan DNA within Cell himself, had overridden everything else about him, thanks in no small part to Kyuubi's power strengthening the boy further.

Satisfied that nobody had seen him, he entered the roof-access door, making his way to his old classroom. Stopping as he was about to enter, he heard an uproar inside, as Iruka had announced that he was to be put on a team. Naruto scowled. Not only had he been put on a team with Sakura Haruno, the girl that had rejected him numerous times in the past, and co-president of the Sasuke Uchiha fanclub, but the object of her affection himself, and Naruto's rival, Sasuke Uchiha.

"But Sensei" questioned Sakura, "Didn't Naruto fail his exam? Why is he getting put on a team?" Growling, Naruto flicked the door lightly, which with his now savage strength, blew it off its hinges and across the room.

"The Hokage just saw a true warrior, and saw fit to pass me. Seems he recognizes power when he sees it." Any argument Sakura had, died in her throat upon seeing Naruto, and watching him float into the classroom, his feet never touching the floor.

"What the hell happened to you?" asked Sasuke, quirking an eyebrow, trying not to show his shock at his now-teammate rival.

"The same thing that hasn't happened to you yet. My Bloodline has activated" said Naruto, floating up into a seat, shocking everyone as he leaned forward and what they thought was a belt unwrapped itself from his waist and became an object to prop his head up on.

"Well, then I'll have to fix that, won't I?" said Sasuke, his eyes narrowing into a glare.

"I'll be waiting. I'd love to see that Sharingan, and the look on your face when you can't copy any of my attacks" replied Naruto, his face twisted into a cocky smirk.

"We'll see" said Sasuke, going back to facing the front.

"Yes we will" said Naruto.

"Anyway" said Iruka, still staring at the shattered door. "Team 7 will be placed under Jonin-sensei Kakashi Hatake." Nodding, Naruto zoned out, not bothering to listen to the other teams. Compared to him, they were unimportant. Inwardly, Kyuubi sighed. He was almost beginning to think he added a bit too much of Vegeta's personality into the boy.

It took nearly two hours longer for Kakashi to arrive than any of the other Jonin Senseis. Naruto was so aggravated, he actually sent a small, low power energy blast at the wall next to Kakashi's head, blasting the wood to pieces, causing the man to raise an eyebrow, the only visible one at least, and make Sakura scream in shock. Sasuke showed no emotion other than his death glare, which Naruto was not affected by in the slightest.

"Well…" said Kakashi, who was intrigued by Naruto's strange new power. "Meet me up on the roof." That said, he disappeared in a puff of smoke, making the three genin, even Naruto, share a look of confusion.

"Come on you two" said Naruto, grabbing their hands, bringing them towards the window.

"Naruto, what are you do-AAAAAHHHHHHHH!" screamed Sakura, as she and Sasuke were dragged out the window, as Naruto shot upward with them, landing on the roof, much to the shock of Kakashi. The Hokage hadn't given him any sort of briefing on Naruto's powers, but he was sure as hell planning to get one now.

"First things first…" said Naruto. "Teach you all how to fly, so I don't have to listen to you screaming in my ear."

"I thought you said it was a bloodline" said Sasuke.

"No, my strength, tail, and insane amount of power are a bloodline. Ki manipulation is a different story entirely" said Naruto.

"Ki?" asked Kakashi, unfamiliar with the term.

"It's the purely physical aspect of Chakra. And it can be channeled into much more powerful attacks than most jutsu" said Naruto. "Perhaps you should all be trained in its use, so I'll actually have a competent team."

"Could you demonstrate?" asked Kakashi. "Normally, this would be the part where we make the introductions, but you've peaked my curiosity." Naruto smirked.

"Sure, why not" he said. "Maybe seeing a portion of my power will put you both in your places." The last bit was directed at the other genin, who both scowled at him. Crouching a bit, they watched Naruto's muscles tense up as he began shouting, drawing out his power. A wind seemed to pick up from the black-haired boy, and a strange, purple aura began to flow from Naruto. As he continued to shout, Kakashi was shocked as the roof began cracking beneath Naruto's feet, before he actually began to rise off the ground.

"Come on" shouted Naruto, continuing to put out as much power as he could, and the other three watched as for a moment, his hair and the aura turned a golden-yellow color, and his eyes turned a sea-foam green, before turning back to normal. "NOW THIS!" shouted Naruto, looking at Sasuke, "IS A BLOODLINE!" With one final shout to the heavens, Naruto once more got his golden aura and hair, which seemed to shoot up in all directions. The hair on his tail was the same, and his eyes had once more become bluish-green.

"Behold, all of you!" shouted Naruto, as team 7 looked on in shock and awe. "The power of the SUPER SAIYAN!"

(It appears as though Naruto is taking to his new power quite well. But is he good enough to last in a world of powerful Shinobi? Keep reading and find out, in the next chapter of Naruto: The Perfect Warrior)

Chapter end.

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