Hey guys, I know you've been irritated about the idea of Naruto training the others in Ki use, but screw you all. A, Naruto is still Naruto. He's just based on Vegeta's personality profile. B, Vegeta would never allow himself to be on a team with a bunch of 'weaklings.' And he doesn't beat around the bush. Do you think that he'd be content moving at a snail's pace to accommodate his teammates?

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The sun was set in the middle of the sky. A slight breeze rolled through the trees, rustling the leaves. Up in the sky, a hawk was circling, looking to catch a meal. The bird's eyes, however, were not good enough to see the larger figures zoom past into the air next to him, knocking him out of his flight path. "I'm right behind you Naruto!" the pink blur shouted from behind the first. "I'll be able to catch you soon!" Naruto just chuckled.

"Maybe I should stop hanging back for you then," he replied back, and zoomed ahead of the girl. Growling in frustration, Sakura pushed more power out to try and regain the lost ground. The two flew up higher, before doing a 180 and flipping back, rushing toward the ground at high speeds. Before they could hit, the two pulled up and shot across the training ground, going passed Sasuke, causing the boy's hair and clothing to blow in the breeze. Standing back behind three man-sized straw targets, Sasuke focused his energy into the palms of his hands.

With a grunt, he thrust his right hand forward, firing off the energy in an orb-like attack. While not as devastating as some of Naruto's attacks, it managed to blow the head off the target, setting the straw on fire. Throwing the other orb, it burned through the chest of another target. "How was that?" he asked, panting a bit, not even looking at his black-haired teammate as he came up behind him.

"Not bad..." he replied, walking up with his arms crossed. "But you missed one." Without another word, and faster than the naked eye could see, he held his hands out in front of him, which glowed with his purple-hued energy. Sasuke actually took a step back as a large beam of the ki was fired, decimating all three targets, and several of the surrounding trees around the clearing. "Now do that, and maybe I'll be impressed." Turning to a tree, Sasuke focused as much power into his right hand as he could, and let it loose.

As the tree toppled over, Naruto and Kakashi leapt apart to avoid being hit, before re-engaging in their spar. Kakashi, for his part, was using both his eyes just to keep up with Naruto's speed. Throwing a kick at Naruto's head, he watched Naruto block without showing even the slightest effort. It didn't surprise him. He had earlier seen the boy block one of his punches using his middle finger. It had to be the biggest 'fuck you' he had ever received.

While all of this was going on, the real Naruto was decimating an army of clones, throwing a leg sweep on one, before sending an axe-kick into his head, causing it to dispel. Within a fraction of a second, he came under the attack of three clones, throwing a flurry of punches and kicks at the original, who began dodging at lightning speed. Dodging the punch from the clone in front of him, he miscalculated, with the clone on his left landing a glancing blow across his face. Widening his eyes, Naruto exploded in anger, his super saiyan aura flaring to life, knocking back the attacking clones, who made room for three more, all in the Super Saiyan state.

One threw a punch that looked good, until it phased right through Naruto's after-image, the super saiyan reappearing right behind him. An elbow sent back into the skull of the clone ended its existence. Throwing his arms out, Naruto's hands glowed with golden energy, which blasted another of the super-clones, the last evading the attack, dashing in with lightning speed and connecting a knee into the original's gut. Naruto grunted, furious with himself for getting hit not once, but twice. Granted, it was himself that hit him, but it was still unacceptable. He and his clones were at the same level of power. He should be able to beat anyone, no matter what their power.

Doing a back-flip, he slammed his foot into the jaw of the last clone, dispelling it in a burst of smoke. Turning, he was met with the site of fifty clones all waiting for their chance to get at the Super Saiyan. Unfortunately for them, he had had enough. His hands glowing with an immense amount of power, he growled in irritation as he sent a volley of blasts at his army. Not a single clone was spared from the onslaught, and with each one, he received a memory from the view of the clones.

As the dust cleared, revealing empty space and torn up earth, Naruto dropped to his knees, panting as he reverted to his normal state, his clones straining his body more than their training. Growling, he punched the ground, cracking the earth beneath him. "Damn it," he thought, angrily. "Why the hell am I not getting anywhere with my training? What am I missing? Goku's son has exceeded the level of Super Saiyan, ascended...What does he have that I don't?" The question was maddening. For someone who had the same pride and drive as Vegeta, being anything less than top dog was unacceptable.

Looking to his teammates, seeing that regardless of how weak they were, comparatively they were growing by leaps and bounds. They were tapping their potential, yet he was remaining stagnant. It was absolutely infuriating. "If my current training isn't getting me anywhere, then I need to up it." Channeling chakra into his gravity seals, he upped their power from 75 gravities, to 150, not heeding Kurama's warning. As he felt the weight increase, he found himself face first in the dirt. He had to struggle to even move his arm, but he slowly managed to push himself onto his hands and knees, feeling the crushing force threatening to turn his bones into powder.

"Come on," he practically growled. "If I can't even fight the force of gravity, then how will I ever ascend to the next level?" Stopping her flight-training, Sakura looked at her teammate on his hands and knees, and ceased following the clone. Instead, she slowly descended next to her sweaty, quivering teammate. She reached out with her hand to offer him help in standing, but upon seeing it, Naruto grunted in anger and swatted it away, losing his brace and collapsing into the dirt for the trouble.

"I don't need your help," He growled, the ground beginning to shake as he forced himself onto his knee. "I would rather meet the Shinigami than accept help from any of you...This is my battle...If I don't succeed on my own...I don't deserve to succeed at all!" With a bright flash of ki, Naruto's Super Saiyan aura sprang up again, and he forced himself to his feet. "While a part of me appreciates the offer, the rest of me will have to decline." Turning, Naruto threw several test-punches and kicks, his super saiyan form more than capable of handling the force of gravity. Now he just had to make his normal state capable of doing the same.

It was a sight to see. His teammates knew about his seals, Kakashi even drawing up his own array, deciding to test them out before Sasuke decided he had to have his own. They just weren't aware of how high they were. Kakashi was able to take the force of five times the Earth's gravity currently, before it began to put too much strain on his body. He was still only human, after all. If they were to know just how much he had amplified gravity for his training, it would boggle their minds. They may stop taking their training seriously, instead choose to allow him to solve all the team's problems by himself. Preventing that from happening was half the reason he was training them...so they wouldn't be a group of weaklings that needed help with everything...so they wouldn't hold him back.

Focusing his concentration and ki into the ground beneath him, he telekinetically ripped several rocks as large as his head from the earth, which began to orbit around him. There were ten in all, Naruto making sure of that. He needed his number to be correct if he were to have proper results. With a burst of energy, he sent the rocks flying like missiles high into the air and scattering in many different directions. Sakura watched in amazement as her teammate seemingly disappeared, before reappearing in the air next to the first rock, sending a knife-hand strike into it, shattering it. Disappearing again, he reappeared upside down, throwing a kick that pulverize another piece of earth.

The cycle continued until three of the rocks touched back down, with the other seven having been destroyed. Naruto didn't smile, but he didn't frown either. His goal had been to catch-up with and break each rock before a single one had touched the ground, but he had only got seven out of the original ten. On the other hand, he got a good feel of how the Super Saiyan state could handle such high gravity. All he needed to do was to keep working harder and harder. He didn't care if his body was reduced to a pulp. He wouldn't stop until he was rightfully recognized as the most powerful warrior this world had ever known. Not just greater than the Hokages, but greater the Sage of Six Paths. Greater even than the Warriors from the universe Cell and Goku had come from.

Sensing the presence behind him, Naruto to see the rest of his team merely watching. "Why don't you power down, Naruto," Kakashi announced. "We've done enough training for right now. It's time to see the Hokage and receive our missions for today." Naruto frowned at having his training interrupted, but reverted to his normal form, as requested. He almost dropped to his knees as the full force of his gravity seals was returned without his assistance from the Super Saiyan form, but instead used his ki to hover above the ground just a few feet.

"Walk, or fly?" he asked, but before an answer could be given, he shook his head. "Fly, of course," he answered himself. "Every time we walk, you end up making us late. Well not this time." Sasuke and Sakura just smirked with their black-haired teammate, before each erupted with aura's of ki, Naruto's with a purplish hue, while his teammates both utilized ki aura's that were hued with a light blue. Taking off into the air, they rocketed up higher than all the buildings in the village. Looking up at his team, Kakashi sighed.

"These kids really need to learn to stop and smell the roses," he muttered, before taking off in flight after them. The four crossed the village in less than a minute, and were met at their location by a horde of shocked and bewildered faces. Flying like that was not exactly a common ability. To see an entire team of ninja descend from the sky, it was a bit unnerving. Waiting in line for their turn to be assigned a mission, Naruto was leaning against the wall, arms crossed, letting his tail sway back and forth while he attempted to adjust to the high gravity. While it didn't effect the world around him, his seals made him feel as though he weighed over eight tons. When the line began to move yet again, his tail returned to its wrapped-position.

Looking at his student/sensei, Kakashi frowned at the beads of sweat dripping down the black-haired boy's face. "Naruto," he said. "Just how high do you have your gravity seals at?" Growling, Naruto looked away from the silver-haired man. He knew this would happen eventually.

"None of your business. I conduct my training at levels far beyond yours." Kakashi's eyes narrowed. He knew the boy was strong, but he was still concerned for his safety. His own seals strained his body to the limit, to the point he only had them at maximum during team training sessions.

"Well," Kakashi said, trying to keep a calm voice as they moved up in the line. "As your sensei, I am giving you a direct order to tell me just how far 'beyond' your level of training is." Naruto grit his teeth, his body shaking a bit trying to hold itself up, confirming Kakashi's suspicions that the boy was overdoing it.

"And as yours, I order you to drop it," Naruto replied, wiping a bit of sweat from his brow. Now Sakura was curious. She too decided to ask her teammate the question.

"Come on, Naruto. We're a team. You can trust us to keep the secret," she said, but shut up at Naruto's glare, his eyes beginning to turn bluish-green, as they were in his super saiyan form. Just because they were a team, didn't mean Naruto didn't terrify her. She liked training with him, because he was starting to bring the team to a level beyond normal shinobi. Hell, that morning she had been flying. But She'd be lying to herself if she claimed Naruto wasn't an intimidating genin.

"I'm keeping the secret from you all, not from the other teams. I honestly couldn't care less if they know or not." Naruto looked at each member of their team as the neared the room where they would receive their mission. "By shinobi standards I may be a novice, but as a warrior, I outclass you all. The whole reason I am training you is so that you won't hold me back as much. The last thing I want to do is undermine that by breaking your spirits and hopes."

"And your training level would do that to us?" Sasuke scoffed. "You either don't give us enough credit, or you give yourself too much." Naruto laughed at the absurdity of Sasuke's words.

"Fine, you want to know so badly, I'll tell you. No, I'll show you." Rolling up his sleeves, Naruto revealed the seal to his three teammates, who all stared at the number in the center for a moment, before it finally registered and they each actually took a step back in shock.

"It...it's not possible..." Kakashi stammered. "No human, bloodline or not, can withstand that much pressure." Naruto smirked.

"Well, I guess it's a good thing that Saiyans are not Humans then, isn't it." Sasuke couldn't even speak. Looking to his own arm, he took a look at his own gravity seal, which hadn't even been activated yet, and then back to Naruto, he came to the realization that if he wanted to achieve his goals, he too had to transcend the limitations of the human body. And the only way to do that, was to continue his training. Naruto had been wrong. Revealing his own training didn't discourage his teammates from learning. In fact, it had only served to strengthen their resolve. If they were going to be out-shined, they were at least going to glow as brightly as they could in comparison.

Entering the room, they noticed that the other teams had all-but disappeared, having taken up their missions and left to go carry them out. The only ones left were the Hokage, his mission-staff, and one older gentleman who looked just a little on the tipsy side. Seeing the team, Sarutobi's eyes lit up and he smiled.

Chapter end

Naruto is training them all. Deal with it. It's not like they'll be saiyans. They're pretty much going to be the Narutoverse versions of Yamcha and Krillin. And once Naruto does start to interact with the DBZ universe (which is technically the Wave Mission as the first interaction), they will be even further out-classed.

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