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Alright this is my first story that I've written.

Sorry if it's boring and stupid, but gimmie a break I'm a newbie.

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Tomas Lutwig

Jason was a sixteen year old who lived in on of the hottest places in the country Arizona. There was loads of time were he could go out and play some sports but well he didn't like them much, except fencing to which he attended a club at school. "The Historical Fencing club" met on Tuesdays and Fridays but beyond that he didn't do much that didn't have something to do with the computer. Yea he was a computer geek like most kids his age, but he had no friends funnily enough, just a lot of acquaintances.

I lay in bed hit with a sudden case of insomnia which seems to be occurring way too much lately, I sit up and look over at my computer,

"Probbably should do something other than lie here."

I thought pressing the button to turn on my computer after getting some clothes on, a light shirt, pair of pants and socks.

"Wow it's pretty chilly tonight, odd thought the weather man said it would stay in the eighties tonight"

I said pulling on my jaket that I wore pretty much everywere. After I put my socks and shoes on I walked back over to my computer and saw what looked like a galaxy of stars on the screen.

"what in the world? I don't remeber it doing this"

almost pushing the button too restart it, but for some reason it was like an invisible wall in front of the button.

'Okay what the heck is going on here?'

I thought to myself, just then the screen started to flash like a strobe light

"ah what am I being haunted or something? "

I said just as what felt like a wall vanished my hand jerked over and pressed the button on accident, followed by the normal response of the computer going on stanby.

"Okay? what's with this thing?"

I shook the computer a little

"Well it seems to be working again, I hope"

as I pressed a few random keys on the computer the screen started to restart, but instead of the login screen I got what looked like a maniacal smile with the text



That's when I blacked out

"What is this thing anyway Nurse Redheart?" a young voice sounded out.

"I... don't really know myself, you said you found it by the Everfree forest right?" it sounded like a young lady maybe in her late twenties

"Yea it was just lying there, I couldn't leave it, I poked it for a wile but it didn't do anyting" the younger one said

"Well I've never seen anything like this before, I can't even tell if there's something wrong!" the older 'nurse' said

"uhhhg" I sat up rubbing my head, feeling a bit of cloth over my eyes, thinking not to panic seeing as it would get me nowhere, except maybe the insane asylum "what happend? were am I?" I questioned the voices.

"Um you're in the Ponyvill hospital, this little filly named Eos got you here after she found you by the Everfree ." said the older voice "and I'm Nurse Redheart"

"Well if you don't mind me asking why're my eyes coverd, and why am I in the Hospital for blacking out? wait did you call her a filly? fillies are baby horses!" I said trying to keep my voice calm, for some reason I just had the shakes, luckily they didn't seem to notice.

"Well" Nurse Redheart said " We are Ponies here, and Eos here is an alicorn."

At this I busted up laughing, "Wow Ma'm I just woke up in a hospital, very disoriented and you're feeding me this? no offence Miss Redheart but that sounds like bull." I said over in the direction the voice was coming from.

"Well I can't say that I blame you" said a smaller voice, my guess being Eos. I could hear others outside but too muffled, guessing probably the door was shut.

"So, Miss Redheart why are my eyes covered when all that happened was I blacked out?" I questioned, wondering why I blacked out ' I'd probably say shock, that face on the computer kinda freaked me out along with the message' said the usual voice in my head ' that might have been it, but can you be silent for a moment the nice nurse lady is saying something.

Jason has a small case of multiple personality disorder but it's very minor he just ends up talking to himself a lot.

"Well um-" Nurse Readheart said

"My name is Jason ma'm" I intervened

"Alright, Jason, the reason you're wearing a blindfold is so you don't freak out when you see we're ponies, I mean you're obviously not from our world! We just didn't want to have to hurt you if you did."The nurse explained " The only reason you're not strapped to the bed is because there was another crazy pony giving up problems."

"Pshh" I said " No problems from me ma'm hahaha, I'm just a normal human no problems here." I said starting to untie the rag on my face.

"Are you sure it's a good idea for him to be taking that off Nurse Redheart?" Eos said skeptically

"I told ya I'll be fine even if you two do turn out to be ponies hahaha-" I stopped as the blindfold fell to the floor and a gawked at the two PONIES standing in front of me. "oh I guess this at least busts me out of that boring schedule I had at home." I dead panned.