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I stood over the grave that I had long since been visiting since the her death. It read;




I had tears in my eyes, even though it had been years since she had passed from old age. There was that nagging voice in the back of my head, that had reared up his ugly head after she had passed away. "Why don't you just go and live off by yourself? You'd never have to feel this pain again that way. Just cut all of your ties, in maybe more ways than one"

"Shut up" I said quietly. Other ponies that were passing by looked over at me oddly, but I ignored them. I had been, since her death, coming by every day telling her about my day, but today... it just didn't feel right to disturb her.

With my head hanging low and tears freely flowing from my eyes, I walked out of the Ponyville cemetery, passing the graves of my wife's six friends on my way out. As I passed the one that was labeled Twilight Sparkle I felt a pang of guilt.

Looking back, I had a rather bad fight with the filly back before she had died. "I'm sorry..." I said walking past.

I looked up to see Spike sitting by the gate of the cemetery, waiting for me to come out.

"You alright there?" He said looking down at me with a worried look on his face. I nodded and without looking at him, continued towards the house Fluttershy and I used to live in.

I walked through most of the town in the same manner. A few of the older mares and stallions saying their usual "hello", but I ignored them and just concentrated on putting one hoof in front of the other.

I felt a small impact on my side, but just kept on walking, there was a small "Sorry" behind me coming from my guess being Rainrunner and Applebuck's filly.

As I neared the edge of town, which had grown considerably, I looked up at the sky to see a few birds flying over. I let out a light sigh, and looked in front of me, to see my pet fox, Rubya, looking up at me with pleading eyes. I stopped and ran a hoof down her back, making her arch up like a cat.

"Go back home, I'll meet you there." I said down to the small red fox. She nodded and bounded off towards the small cottage I still lived in.

As the sun was going down, I opened the door seeing the animals scurrying around. I put food in each of the bowls that lined the walls in the kitchen, and started for the stairs.

As I walked past Fluttershy's room, I felt like there was someone inside, but when I opened the door nopony was standing there. I let out a sigh as I looked over her room. I had left it the same as she had, besides a bit of cleaning to make sure nothing bad happened to anything in here.

As I closed the door I thought I saw something inside, but I ignored it, seeing as how I had started to see things a bit more often.

I walked towards my room that was down the hall a bit and next to the bathroom, and opened the door. The room was rather barren, just a bed in the corner with a small nightstand next to it with a small lamp and a book on it.

As I looked at the book I could hear my therapist's words.

You should write a book about your life. Maybe it'll help you get over some of it.

I had done just as he had suggested, and wrote a book. I only had to finish it.

I walked slowly over to the bed and sat down on it picking the book up in my hooves along with my old wooden pencil, and started writing.

Throughout my life, I have had good times and bad times. Through all of these I have realized that loneliness is one of the worst things a pony can suffer from, and alcohol never helps, it just makes you feel worse when you wake up with a hangover. To my reader, whomever might be reading this; Live your life to the fullest, even if you're immortal you still feel the same emotions that everyone else feels, sometimes they just become dulled.

I read over what I had wrote for a few times before looking over at the fireplace that sat on the other side of the room. My horn started to glow as the fire sparked itself to life.

I slowly got up off of my bed and walked over to the fire, looking into it with wondering eyes. I pulled my mind away from the flames and looked over at the home-made leather covered book. A small smile crossed my face as I threw my life into the fire and watched it burn.

I watched as the many, many pages I had wrote on started to smolder. "Well, Mister Renolds" I said remembering the name of the old pony that had been my therapist. " I must say that did make me feel better, forgetting one's past is better than reliving it over and over again, especially when you're immortal" I started to laugh, and continued for a good while.

I remembered one thing before leaving the room after putting the fire out. Those words still struck me as odd when she had said them, but I was all the happier to hear them.

"I love you"

Ending Notations: My few fans out there, I hope you find this ending more satisfactory, because I did.