China shouldn't be this cute!

(Author's Note: PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! I know I wrote an AmericaXCanada fluff just a bit ago, but I like CanadaXChina just a bit more, and there isn't much of the pairing in the world of Hetalia fanfiction. So yeah, this is shounen-ai so if you don't like it, then what are you even doing here? Yeah anyway, please be nice and I hope you enjoy this fanfic!)

Chapter One: Is he...Looking at me?

One day, at a normal Allies meeting, China was drifting off (After a few years of doing the same thing, you would be too!) But something was different, at least in China's eyes. He saw somebody seated in the corner of the room that he had never seen before. He looked a lot like... America of all people. China never thought that America was cute, not at all. He thought that America was an annoying idiot, always having that dumb grin on his face. But, something about the one sitting in the corner was different. He seemed more... Quiet... And he looked like a better person to talk to. Maybe it was his cute little curl on the top of his head, or that bear he was holding (its no panda, but it was still cute!) Or maybe it was his goggles, and the fact that he looked so enthusiastic. China couldn't help but smile when he saw the boy notice him staring and turn slightly pink.

Meanwhile Canada was having a pretty normal day as well. He was over nobody noticing him and he just tried his best to put a smile on his face and pay attention, which was really hard to do sometimes. While trying his best to not fall asleep, he noticed something a little different. A pair of cinnamon eyes staring right at him. Canada looked behind him, to look to see if he was staring at some sort of vase instead of him, but no. He was staring directly at him. He noticed who it was: China. That's when he felt his cheeks get warm. He had always thought that China was adorable, but he always hated telling himself that. When that thought came to mind he always had to leave the room, but now he was stuck. Paralyzed between two dark brown eyes. China smiled, giving poor Canada a bit of relief.

After the meeting, China noticed Canada sitting all alone, and decided to talk to him (just staring at him would make him look a little creepy, like Russia!)

"Hey, are you okay aru? I noticed you sitting all alone aru." China sat right next to Canada, freezing him in his seat.

"Um, I-I'm fine. Thank you for noticing though..." Canada managed to stutter.

"Whats your name aru? I haven't seen you here before aru." China put his hand on Canada's shoulder and smiled, making him feel less scared.

"I'm Canada, its nice to meet you." Canada couldn't help but smile back.

"My name is China aru! Its nice to meet you too aru!"

The two decided to walk home together, seeing that it was getting late and nights on the street were dangerous without someone close to you.

(Authors Note: I hope you liked it! I really like this pairing, they go together like strawberries and lemonade! To me at least... And this fluff actually goes on longer than one chapter!)