"I can't promise you will get a guide…they are kinda asses" Renji stated as he glanced at the bluenet following him.

"I can always guide myself" Grimmjow replied.

"This jungle isn't an easy place to survive in, unless you know it likes they do" Renji sighed.

"Who exactly are these people?" Grimmjow asked, annoyed.

"I have been told they are the children of the god that used to rule this place…but they are probably just descendants of the hidden city that was destroyed years ago" Renji shrugged.

Grimmjow nodded as they continued to walk. Renji suddenly stopped. A pack of what looked like wolves was circling them, growling and snarling at them. Renji gulped softly while Grimmjow growled back. "No…bad doggies" a voice snapped, playful but stern.

The wolves backed away from Grimmjow and Renji, glancing at a tree before fleeing. Standing, leaned against the tree was a male with ashy white hair and blood red eyes dressed in a short sleeve red shirt and black pants with no shoes. He grinned. "Hey Pineapple" he chirped as he waved at Renji.

"My name's still not pineapple…it's Renji" the red haired male growled.

"…Pineapple is easier to remember…" the red eyed male pouted. Then he grinned again. "Who's the blueberry?" he asked.

"Grimmjow Jeagerjaques" the bluenet replied.

"I'm Hel" the grinning male chirped. "Can I help you with something?" he added.

"Grimmjow needs a guide to take him into the jungle" Renji responded.

"I don't wanna take anyone into the jungle right now…it's too much work…but we can ask Kon or something" Hel chirped. "Follow the puppy" Hel cheered as he turned and started to run.

"Guess we are running" Renji muttered and he followed the overexcited male. Grimmjow sighed as well, but followed.

Hel finally slowed once they got to a large tree with a small house in it. Suddenly an oranget flew from the building and crashed to the ground with a loud scream. "Owww" the oranget whined, his brown eyes filled with tears.

"OWWW back at ya…GET OFF" Hel yelled.

The oranget rolled off of Hel. "Sorry Hel" he responded.

"Did you piss off Shiro again?" Hel asked, sitting up with his legs crossed and his hands pressing on his knees.

"No…I pissed off Ichigo" the oranget stated.

"Shit…Kon, REALLY?" Hel snarled.

"Sorry…geez" Kon snapped back in an almost whining tone. Then he noticed Renji. "Renji-chan" he chirped as he raced over and latched himself on the red head's leg.

"Uh…hi Kon" Renji stated, blinking as he patted the oranget's head.

"SHIRO!" Hel yelled up to the house.

"It's fine, he's calm again" a voice called back.

Hel nodded and went to the base of the tree. He yanked a lever and a rope ladder came down. "Up" he demanded. Kon scrambled off of Renji's leg and up the ladder.

Renji and Grimmjow followed more slowly. "Regardless of what any of them say, Ichigo's the real decision maker…if you want a guide you got to get Ichigo to agree…" Renji whispered to Grimmjow before he jogged to the ladder and up. Hel waited for Grimmjow to go up before he followed.

As soon as they entered the house, there was a couch in front of them. On the couch was an albino with golden on black eyes dressed in a black tank top and black pants with an oranget that had amber eyes on his lap. The oranget was dressed in a white tank top and black pants along with a brown cat on his lap. He seemed to be tickling the cat that was kicking its paw up as it purred.

"Hey Shiro, Ichi…Another cat?" Hel stated, walking over to them.

"His name's Tensa, an't he cute?" Ichigo asked with a cheerful grin.

"Adorable" Hel replied as he ruffled Ichigo's hair.

"Thanks…Kon didn't think so" Ichigo chirped.

"Ah, that's why he went flying outside" Hel chuckled as he sat down on the couch.

"Yeah…he didn't hurt anyone when he went down, did he?" Ichigo asked as he slipped off Shiro's lap so he could sit between his brothers.

"He fell on me, but I'm fine" Hel replied.

"That's good" Ichigo chirped. Then he noticed Renji and Grimmjow. "Oh Hi~" he chirped.

"Hey…" Renji greeted.

"Yo" Grimmjow responded.

"…Ummm I'm Ichigo…can we help you?" Ichigo asked.

"I need a guide so I can go into the jungle…simple as that" Grimmjow replied before Renji could.

"We don't do spring tours…come back in a few months" Shiro growled.

"Shiro! Be nice" Ichigo scolded.

"We aren't taking him into the jungle…if he wants to go so badly he can try on his own" Shiro stated.

"He would die…the animals around here are pretty cruel" Renji cried.

"Wouldn't that be a shame' Shiro rolled his eyes.

Ichigo smacked Shiro's head. Hard. "I said be nice" he snarled.

Shiro went quiet, his lips pursed. Ichigo looked over at Grimmjow. "Is there a reason you want to go to the jungle so badly" Ichigo asked.

"Yeah…my sister asked me to come here and get some picture of it for her…we have heard it's one of the most beautiful places in the world" Grimmjow replied.

"Why doesn't she come see for herself…pictures aren't as good as the real thing" Shiro scuffed.

"She's sick…she can't leave the hospital…let alone travel across the world to a dangerous place like this" Grimmjow growled.

"Tell her to get better and then come" Shiro snapped.

"…She suppose to die in a less than a month and I promised I would get her pictures of all the most beautiful places in the world…this is the only one that I haven't gotten pictures of…and if it comes to it, I WILL get down to the jungle by myself and get the damn pictures because I am not going to decline her dying wish or the promise I made to her" Grimmjow snapped back.

The room was silent.

A new story...this is an idea that I threw into my "Too lazy to do now" box and dug out cuz I was bored

Ichigo isn't THAT innocent, he's just seems nice xD

And Tensa is a VERY cute cat and if you don't agree then Ichigo will kick your ass (Poor Kon)

So will Grimmjow get help?