A/N this is intended to be an AU for Becoming Free. It's the way their life was supposed to be before Zachariah robbed Lara and Dean of it. You don't have to have read Becoming Free to read this story but you might enjoy it more if you do.

Lara's POV

This is going to be the most exciting week of my life. Mommy and daddy have let me spend the night and the occasional weekend with Uncle Bobby and Aunt Karen but this time I get an entire week. An entire week of baking cookies with Aunt Karen and playing around the cars with Uncle Bobby. Uncle Gabe and Uncle Cas are sitting next to me in the car. Mommy and daddy can't see them and it freaks them out when I talk about them but they are always with me. There used to be more angels that watched me but I didn't like the other ones. I just want Uncle Gabe, Uncle Cas, and sometimes Uncle Balthazar but he talks funny.

Mommy turns around and grabs my free hand. Suzy my pink stuffed rabbit is always in other hand. She's my favorite stuffed animal. "I am going to miss you honey. We will be back in a week and I will call you every night. Be good for Uncle Bobby and Aunt Karen." I smile back at her. "I promise I will be mommy."

I lean my head on Uncle Gabe's shoulder and yawn. I know I told my mom I didn't need a nap but I am tired. Daddy looks back and must see that I'm leaning on thin air because he doesn't look happy. I know it scares him sometimes but I love them and they love me. My angels aren't always invisible. Sometimes they come in bodies and sometimes Uncle Gabriel will go into my mommy but that scares me and he doesn't do that anymore.

We pull up to Uncle Bobby's and I wait restlessly in the car for them to undo my car seat. Uncle Gabe gives me a kiss on the cheek. "We'll be back later darling. You will be safe with your uncle Bobby." I pout at him and they disappear. For some reason they don't feel has worried when I'm with them. But when I'm with my parents they are always around. Daddy gets me out of the seat and I run to the porch and jump into Uncle Bobby's arms and he gives me a kiss. "UNCLE BOBBY! WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THE BEST WEEK EVER!" He lets out a laugh and puts me down and I run over to Aunt Karen.

Mommy brings my suitcase inside and takes it upstairs to my room. The last few times I was here Aunt Karen and I have been putting the room together. Uncle Bobby painted it light blue and we got little mermaid bedding. Aunt Karen even painted little fishes on the wall so I can feel like I'm underwater. I have a real big girl bed too. At home I have a twin bed for little girls but Aunt Karen got me a big bed.

Before mommy and daddy leave I give them each big hugs and kisses and let them know I will be ok. I will miss them but I will be fine. My parents leave and Aunt Karen brings me cookies and milk. I finish them and I start to yawn and before I know it I'm sound asleep.

I wake up a bit later in my bed. Uncle Gabe is back and standing in the corner of my room. "You're back!" I say happily. He smiles at me and hands me a lollipop. "Honey you are going to be having some visitors soon. It's best if you don't tell them you can see us. You might not see much of us over the next few days but I promise you we will be here every night when you sleep."

The tears well up in my eyes and I try to fight them back. "Why aren't you going to be around?" I don't mean to cry but I do. He gets in the bed next to me and gives me a hug. "The people coming will be able to take good care of you and it might scare them if you tell them you can see us."

I shake my head. At least they will be here when I sleep. They will watch over me like they always do. I get up and walk downstairs and I see Uncle Bobby and Aunt Karen talking quietly in the kitchen. I walk in and jump into the chair. They look at me and Aunt Karen smiles. "Hey sweet heart we are going to have some guests coming to stay for us for a few days."

"I know Uncle Gabe told me. And don't worry he already told me not to tell them that I see angels." They both give me a smile. They are never has freaked out by it has my parents. They just accept it and sometimes even ask about them. "Do we still get to bake and play with the cars?" I ask really worried that their guests will ruin my week.

Uncle Bobby laughs and kisses me head. "Of course honey. Two boys are coming so you can play with some kids too." That gets my attention. Mommy and daddy don't let me play with a lot of other kids because I once told a little girl that I see angels and she thought I was lying and I hit her. That's the last time I told anyone that I see them and that's the last time I had a play date.

The game is around here somewhere. I start to dig through the bookshelf. There it is. I pull it out and bring it to the kitchen. "Can we play Chutes and Latters?" I ask hopefully.

"How about after dinner we play. Maybe the boys will want to play with you?" That would be fun, it would be nice to have more people playing the game. I drag a stool over to the counter and stand up on it and help her finish dinner.

I love cooking with Aunt Karen. She never treats me like a kid and lets me help. She's making macaroni and cheese and hot dogs tonight, my favorite. She never makes out of the box macaroni and cheese but only the real thing. She lets me help grate the different cheese and put them over the noodles. She already baked a pie but we prep some cookies while we wait on the macaroni and cheese. Uncle Bobby is cooking the hot dogs outside on the grill.

Knock Knock Knock. "Bobby can you get the door. Our hands are a bit messy." Aunt Karen yells to Uncle Bobby who is coming in with the hot dogs. Our hands are covered in cookie dough and I giggle.
"I got it sweet heart." And he kisses her. I make an icky sound and they both smile at me.

"Let's get you cleaned up honey." We clean our hands up in the sink and I grab Suzy. I put her in her seat while we were cooking because she's not very good at it. Last time she helped Aunt Karen had to give her a bath and Suzy does not like baths at all.

Uncle Bobby comes in with three strangers behind him. I wave and walk over to them and extend my hand. "Hi my name is Lara. What is yours?" I ask extending my hand to the older man standing in front of me.

He gets down on his knee and shakes my hand. "My name is John Winchester. What is your rabbit's name?" He asks pointing towards Suzy. "Oh she is Suzy." He smiles, I like him.

I look behind him and there are two boys. The one is a lot older than me I think. He's pretty tall and the picture on his t-shirt kind of scares me. The kid next to him is only a bit older than me I think. I walk to the older one and extend my hand and he just looks at it for a minute. John lightly hits his shoulders, and he shakes my hand. "I'm Dean."

"Hi Dean." I say with a big smile. He seems kind of sad. I look around him and wave at the other boy. He smiles at me and shakes me hand. "I'm Sam." He doesn't look has sad has his brother.

"Aunt Karen and I made macaroni and cheese with hot dogs if you guys are hungry." That seemed to put a smile on the older ones face. I feel a hand on my shoulder and I turn around to see Aunt Karen standing behind me. "We also made a pie for you Dean." She gives both the boys a hug and a kiss. She seems to know them.

Dean's POV

It's been a long time since we've been to Bobby's and Karen's and I really like spending time here. It feels like a real home unlike the countless nameless hotels we stay at. Sammy has been ridiculously excited to get here. He could hardly sit still in the car. When we knocked on the door Bobby pulled dad and I aside while Sam finished getting his books together. "I have my five year old niece staying here for the week. She doesn't know about our life and I don't want her to know about her life. So don't slip up." We both agree. I want to laugh. If there is one thing I can do is keep this a secret. I've been keeping it from Sammy for years. He's just starting to comprehend what's going on but I still keep the worst of it from him, and that's pretty good considering he's nine and still isn't afraid of the monsters that could be under his bed.

I didn't know what I expected from a five year old girl but this definitely wasn't it. Sam was so shy hell still is and she just walks right up to my dad and shakes his hand. She looks so innocent. She has really dark hair that is pulled up into sloppy pig tails on either side of her head. Her eyes are just a tad too big and really blue but they make her look even more innocent. She is clutching on to a little pink stuffed rabbit with floppy ears. I don't even notice that she's standing in front of me talking until dad hits my shoulders. I immediately extend my hand. "I'm Dean."

I think she said her name was Lara and she looks around me and introduces herself to Sam. I'm not sure how long we are going to be here but I have a feeling that dad is going to make me watch Sammy and this little girl too while we're here. He needs to talk to Bobby and they aren't going to let the kids around while they talk. I hate how they treat me like I am a kid too. I'm 12 and have been an adult for a long time, probably since the day my mom died. I've been raising Sam since he was a baby and taking care of dad since then too.

The little girl gives me an excited look. "Aunt Karen and I made macaroni and cheese with hot dogs if you guys are hungry." My stomach starts to growl. It's been a long time since I've had a real home cooked meal and Karen puts my out of the can dinners to shame. Karen looks at me and smiles. "We also made a pie for you Dean." I can't help but smile. She always remembers to make me an apple pie when I come.

"Thanks Karen." I say quietly. We drop our bags at the front door and all take a seat around the dinner table. Bobby takes the head of the table with Karen next to him. I sit next to Karen and dad takes the side opposite Karen. Sam and Lara take a seat next to each other and seem to be hitting it off. Poor Sammy doesn't get to play with a lot of other kids. I know she's a lot younger than him but it's good for him to play with kids. Lara keeps looking at my shirt and turning away quickly and burying her head in her bunny. She looks like she's scared. I look down. Shit, I forgot I was wearing my Pantera t-shirt and there are skulls all over it. The girl is practically still a baby she must be scared shitless of me. I excuse myself from the table saying I need to use the bathroom. I quickly turn my shirt inside out and go back to the table. If anyone notices they don't say anything but Lara gives me a smile and seems to relax.

After dinner dad gives me a look and I know he wants me to the take kids to the other room so he can talk to Bobby and Karen alone. Karen must notice has well because she hands Lara a board game. "Honey why don't you take the boys into the living room see if they want to play while we clean up in here." She jumps out of her seat and grabs the games and drags Sammy behind her. I let out a little chuckle and follow them.

When I get in the living room she is already setting up the game and letting Sammy pick his game piece. She hands me the box. "What color do you want to be? I like to be red. Suzy likes the yellow but if you want yellow she'll be green."

I look at the pieces and pull out the green. I can't believe I am going to play a board game with a five year old and a bunny. "So what are the rules Laura?"

She gives me a slightly pissed off look and I'm surprised. "My name is Lara not Laura. And it's easy. If you get a chute you have to follow it down and if you get a latter you get to go up. The first to the end of the board wins."

"Sorry Lara I won't make the mistake again." Sammy rolls his eyes at me and she hands me the dice. I guess she forgave me. "You start it out Dean, then you Sammy, then me, them Suzy."

We play the game twice and I am surprised that I actually had fun. It's a pretty stupid easy game but it's kind of nice to see Sammy having fun. I notice that Sammy and Lara seem to be getting sleepy. They both can't seem to stop yawning. Lara is pulling another board game out and setting it up has I go in to talk to dad.

The adults all stop speaking and look over at me. The fear in their face dissolve when they see it's just me. "Hey, the kids are getting sleepy. Where are we all sleeping so I can get them to bed?" Karen's face softens and stands up. "I was going to put you and Sam in Lara's room. Lara has a pretty big bed and one of you can share with her and I have a sleeping bag we can put on the floor. Is that ok?"

"Yes of course it is." Karen follows me back into the living room and Lara lets out a loud sigh. "it's time for bed isn't it Aunt Karen?"

Karen laughs and picks her up. "Yes darling it is. Let's get your teeth brushed and ready for bed." They head upstairs and I can hear Lara giggling at something that Karen is saying.

I grab Sammy's and I bags and he follows me upstairs. We go into the first bed room and I'm surprised to see the changes. The last time I was here there were two twin beds one with girly bedding that I made Sammy sleep in. Now the room is painted a light blue and there are fish painted all over the walls. There is one big bed and there are more fish and I think a mermaid on the bedding. I drop our bags and hand Sammy his pjs. "You're going to share the bed with Lara but I'll be on the floor right here." I said pointing to the spot in front of the door. I know that we are at Bobby's but it's still my job to watch him. I feel safer being near the door. No one can get in without me knowing about it.

"I don't want to share a bed with a girl Dean. What if I get cooties?" I laugh at him and tussle his hair. "Sammy in a few years you're going to be begging to share a bed with a girl. It's just for a few nights." He resigns himself to his fate and changes and heads to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

I take a few minutes to scan the room. I can see the salt on the window ledge. I wonder how Bobby explains that to her. Karen comes in carrying Lara and has a sleeping bag in her other hand. She hands to it to me. "I will bring some extra blankets and pillows in a few minutes Dean."

Karen puts Lara down in the bed and kisses her forehead. "Sing me a song Aunt Karen!" Lara says excitingly. She beings to sing a song I don't recognize and I feel a little twinge go through my heart. I miss this. Sometimes I can remember my mom and she would sing me to sleep every night too. By the end of the song she is sound asleep. Sammy comes in and crawls into the other side of the bed and Karen walks over to him and tucks him. She kisses his forehead and he gives her the biggest smile I've seen on his face in months. "Good night Sammy. We're downstairs if you need anything."

Before she can come back Sammy is asleep to. She brings me a bunch of blankets and pillows and helps me set up my bed. She starts to knell down and help tuck me in and I allow her too. She kisses my forehead. "Night Dean."

I lay there awake for about an hour. I can hear my dad through the floor boards. I hear him come up the stairs and he opens the door slightly to check in on us. I wave at him and he waves back. He gives me a smile and shuts the door again.

"No, no, don't touch me! HELP!" I hear in my sleep. I quickly jump up. I look over at the bed and Lara is thrashing around screaming in her sleep. Of course Sammy isn't waking up. That kid could sleep through a nuclear bomb. I run over to the bed and shake her awake.

Her eyes slowly open but they focus on a stop behind me. "Uncle Gabe." She says pitifully. She sits up and I rub her back. "No Lara it's Dean." She stops looking behind me and meets my eyes.

"Dean?" She says confused. Her eyes start to well up. "You promised to wake me up." She says quietly. She buries her head in my chest and starts to cry. I am not sure what I'm supposed to do. Sam usually just goes back to sleep when he wakes up from a nightmare.

"You ok Lara?" She looks up with tears in her eyes but she shakes her head yes. "What were you dreaming about who is Uncle Gabe?"

Her eyes get wide and she looks over my shoulder again. She looks like she is listening to somebody but then she meets my eyes again. "I was just dreaming sorry I was confused. I'm not supposed to talk about my dreams it upsets mommy and daddy."

"It's ok you can tell me." What could she possibly be dreaming about that upsets her parents. She shakes her head no and grabs her rabbit and buries her face in it. "No I am not supposed to talk about it."

She pushes away from me and lays back in the bed. I go to get up but she grabs me. "Can you stay with me until I fall back asleep?" She asks me kind of scared. Dammit her pouty face is even worse than Sam's. I nudge her over. "Scoot over squirt."

I only intended to stay until she went to sleep but before I could get up she entangled me like an octopus from her wall. Sammy would sleep like this when he was really little and was scared or sick. He liked to have me close. It's funny how different little girls smell from boys though. Sammy always smelled like chips and spaghetto's, well maybe that is because all I feed him. But she smells like cotton candy and apples. She starts to squirm around and hits my head lightly with her fist then she calms down and falls back to sleep. Her little hand has a vice grip on her bunny and her bunny just so happens to be in my face. I can't help but smile and I fall asleep too.

a/n tell me what you think. It's just a starting point idea. Does it make it to confusing to have both paths written out? I'm still going to work on becoming free but I thought this could be kind of fun.