Lara's POV

I can't believe he is here. He is back in my arms where he belongs. I feel whole again, its strange after feeling so empty for so long. I know we have to untangle ourselves and go downstairs but I just want him. Everything else doesn't matter. Our kisses turn from fast and furious to slow and loving and our hands are no longer groping at each other but memorizing.

Dean kisses me softly and pulls back leaning over me. "Has much as I want to just do this forever they are waiting for us. And I need a shower." I notice for the first time that he is still covered in grave dirt and I am covered in vampire blood. I let out a laugh. "Yes I think a shower is in order. I have your clothes here so you can change." He leans down and kisses me again and reluctantly gets off the bed to dig through his clothes for something clean to wear.

I grab his leather jacket from the spot under my pillow and breath in deep and throw it to him as well. "I guess I won't be needing this anymore. I mean I have the real thing now." I tell him with a wink. He puts it on my bed and stares at it for a moment before turning around.

When he leaves the room I stand to go with him but he stops me. "Not with your uncle downstairs. I don't want to get shot me dead on my first hour back." He says with a smirk. It kills me but I let him go alone. While he's showering I dig through my clothes to find something not covered in blood. I want to look pretty though. I want Dean to want me. I chose a teal summer dress that is short enough to look sexy but not short Uncle Bobby will have a heart attack.

The door opens and I pivot quickly and see it's just Dean. I break into a smile. I haven't smiled in months. I cross the distance between us and kiss him desperately. I take off his amulet that I have been wearing since he was killed and put it around his neck. Now he looks complete again. "I'll be right back." I assure him. I jump in the shower and quickly shower off the blood and scrub under my nails because I know I have a few hunts under them. I look down at my rosary around my waist touch the bead I filled in for Dean. I had the artists fill it with green because he was to special to not stand out. But he doesn't need this spot any longer, he is back with me. I throw my dress on and try to style my hair quickly but I give up in favor of being with him sooner.

Dean is sitting on my bed looking at my last dream journal that is still covered in blood. He turns when he hears me come in and his eyes go wide. "You look stunning Lara." I blush and go over to him and grab the journal. "It was rough without you Dean. I will explain everything downstairs." He leans in and kisses me softly and grabs my hand and helps me up from the bed.

At the bottom of the stairs I see that Uncle Gabe is back. Uncle Bobby and Aunt Karen are talking with him and Balthazar in the corner while Sam and Jo are standing in the den debating something amongst themselves as well. They all stop and look up as we come down the stairs and Uncle Gabe ushers us to the sofa where I sit with my entire side pressed up to Dean's still clutching his hand. Sam and Jo squeeze in on the sofa with us and my aunt and uncle take the love seat. Uncle Gabe faces us and smiles at me. "Dean I want you to know that it was forbidden for Lara to talk to you about us. She wanted to many times but she was not allowed too."

"Who are you guys?" He growls out squeezing my hand. Before Uncle Gabe can talk I start. "Dean they are angels. This is the arch angel Gabriel and the blond one is Balthazar and the one who saved you is Castiel. I have seen them since I was baby."

"If you knew them why didn't they do a better job at protecting you?!" He shouts at them. I flinch slightly and pull on him to look at me. "They weren't allowed to interfere with my life Dean, and they did a few times and were punished for it."

"What do you mean?" He asks. I look to Gabriel and he walks over to us and goes to touch Dean. He pulls away but I squeeze his hand so he allows Uncle Gabe to touch his forehead. After a moment he looks between us. "You were there when we died. You saved my dad?"

Uncle Gabe shakes his head. "I have watched over all of you since you were just souls in heaven. I care for you all deeply and I wanted to spare you both from everything you have gone through. If I could have both your parents would still be alive and you would have lived normal lives but I could not interfere. God is very emphatic on that. Said all of your trials and tribulations make who you are and I could not change that."

"Why?" Dean asks him angrily. "Why have you been watching her. I know nothing in this world is free so what do you want?"

"Dean they don't want anything they are my family. They love me just like Uncle Bobby and Aunt Karen." I explain to him. Uncle Gabe frowns and kneels in front of me. "That is not entirely true darling and you know that. "

Dean jumps and stands between Uncle Gabe and I. "What do you want with her?" He shouts. Uncle Gabe stands and lightly touches Dean's arm.

"When the time is right I will ask her for a great favor. She is allowed to say no. It will not change how I, Castiel, Balthazar, or even Michael feel for her. She has free will and can make her own choices. I have asked her to remain pure until she is married but that is also her choice. The night before your deal was up you heard a noise outside, that was one of my brothers trying to break into your room so you would not sleep with her."

"YOU TRIED TO SLEEP WITH MY NIECE!" Bobby roars from the loveseat and gets into the fray. I roll my eyes and grab my Uncle Bobby. "No I asked him to but he refused too."

"What?!" Sam barks from behind me. I whip around and give him an incredulous stare. "What! He has been crazy about you for damn well near years and he said no! I just don't believe that. Hell I had to listen to his sex dreams about you on the regular."

"Really Sam, not helping!" Dean shouts at him. Uncle Bobby looks at Dean. "You told her no?" He asks him more calmly this time.

Dean looks at me and smiles. He grabs my hand and kisses it, I can't help but blush. "She told me when she was teenager that she was going to wait until she was married and I wanted to make sure that she kept that promise. She seemed so sincere with it back then and I wasn't going to let her break it even for me."

"Well isn't that fucking precious." Uncle Bobby exclaims and Aunt Karen jumps up too. "Robert Singer we do not allow language like that in this house. Now apologize to Lara and sit your ass back down."

Uncle Bobby starts to blush and I smile. No one can talk to him but her like that. "I'm sorry Lara and Dean we are talking about this later. Like once all of this is sorted out later." I roll my eyes and we all sit back down.

"So what do you want her to do?" Dean asks Uncle Gabe. "I can't tell you yet. I do not want it to affect her choices coming up. But know that I will love her regardless what she does."

The room is silent for a moment then Dean's head shoots up. "Wait a minute all those times she has called for Uncle Gabe and Uncle Cas since was just a toddler was you guys wasn't it." Uncle Gabe shakes his head yes and looks at my fondly. Dean stand up and I can tell he is going to punch Uncle Gabe but I jump up as well and grab his fist. Dean looks at me. "You can't Dean, he's an angel your hand would break."

"You were calling for them when, well when... when Matt happened and they didn't come in and rescue you!" He shouts at Uncle Gabe. I grab him. "Dean were there but the place was angel warded. How do you think your ropes go loose?"

"I guess I owe you an apology then." Dean mutters out. I smile at him and pull him back to our seats. He then looks at Balthazar. I see wheels turning in his head then a light bulb go off. "Wait you were there too! That night with the vampires!"

Balthazar chuckles and walks next to Uncle Gabe. "Yes I was there. Gabriel and Castiel were detained. They were told that they could not interfere with what was happening, but I sensed what was happening and stepped in. Otherwise I am pretty sure your father would have killed her."

"Why didn't she turn?" Dean asks them both. Balthazar looks at Uncle Gabe for permission to speak and he shakes his head. "Her blood is special Dean. She can't be turned into a vampire or a werewolf. She also gave you the same gift."

Dean turns quickly and looks at me. "What?" He asks me confused. I kiss his lips softly despite my Uncle Bobby glaring at me. "Uncle Gabe gave me a vial for my birthday that I could give to anyone. It would make them like me. I couldn't imagine you ever being taken from me so I gave it to you."

"When was that?" That makes me blush. It was way before I ever told him that I loved him. Before he ever told me that he loved me. "Shortly after that night." Dean gives me a crooked smile and pulls my face to his lips and kisses my forehead.

"I love you too." He whispers just me for me to hear. I can't help but to smile at that. Dean stops in his tracks and look up Uncle Gabe. "That night she was attacked where you guys there?"

Uncle Gabe's smile falters and I can tell he doesn't want to talk about it. I grab Dean's hand and he looks at me. "The night I was attacked Uncle Gabe, Uncle Cas, and Balthazar were all there but the demons found a way to send them away. Another angel Uriel came and helped me fight them off but they killed him right before I could exorcise them. He was the man I was holding when the police found me. He died for me." I finish softly.

"So how does this work? Are you going to be here now or do you just disappear again." He asks the angels.

"We have always been here Dean. Sometimes we come in just our graces and only Lara can see us. Other times we come in our vessels and everyone can see us." He explains to Dean . "Vessels?" Dean asks.

"Yes vessels, angels have to ask permission from the humans we inhabit before we can. Balthazar and I are slightly unorthodox in that our vessels are dead and we are the only ones in them. Castiel had to ask James Novak's permission to inhabit him and only does when he needs too. "

"Why can Lara see you and no one else?"

Uncle Gabe smiles at me. "She is very special Dean. She is a unique vessel. She could hold just about everything including God. It's part of what has made her such a great hunter. She can see Angels and demons."

Dean looks at me worryingly. "Are you going to try and take her? Use her to house an angel?" He asks softly, I can hear the terror behind it though. Uncle Gabe shakes his head no. "No there are no plans for anyone to take over Lara and I wouldn't allow it even if someone needed her. I don't think she would handle being possessed for a long time that well." No I wouldn't. Having experienced the other Lara's world has made the idea so repulsive to me I'd rather be dead and they all know it.

"Wait a minute, her dreams! What are they? What happened while I was gone." This is a time I don't really want to talk about but I know I need too.

"The dreams are of me Dean. A different me but you knew that. This me is in a different world and the angel Zachariah betrayed her and sold her to the demons. A few years ago Michael was able to help me block the connection with her a bit but warned me if my paths crossed with someone in this life there it would have severe consequences. " I look at Sammy sadly and he nods.

"The me there was possessed by Ruby shortly after you died in both worlds and went to see Sam. They well they had a relationship and it got violent quickly and I was sent back to the body farm." Dean looks between us. "What aren't you telling me?"

I look at Sam, I don't want to tell Dean if he isn't ready . Sam takes in a deep breath. "In that world Ruby and Sam were sleeping together and she started to feed him demon blood. He got out of control and brutalized Lara's body. He also got her pregnant."

"This that why you couldn't be with her while I was gone?" Dean asks. Sam shakes his head. "Yes, it got to the point that just hearing my voice sent her to that world and she could not separate herself. Her body fully connected and everything that happened to that Lara also happened to ours."

"What does that mean exactly?" Dean asks us, I can tell he is about to lose it. I grab his hand tightly. "Dean it doesn't matter. It's done, Uncle Gabe and Michael found a way to separate us to an acceptable level and it doesn't happen anymore."

Dean looks at Sam. "I repeat what does that mean?" Sam looks down at his feet and refuses to look up. "She experienced everything Dean. From kissing me to having sex with me to when that me got violent and violated her body. She also had signs of being pregnant for awhile."

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! I ASKED YOU TO TAKE CARE OF HER AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS!" Dean bursts out. I jump and grab him. "Don't you dare Dean. That wasn't our Sam. It was a different one, with a different life. That Sam didn't have me, Jo, or even Aunt Karen and Uncle Bobby like he does here. It wasn't him. I realized that, Jo realizes it and you need too. It was hard on all of us but we got through it."

"We will be talking about this more later." Dean assures me. I roll my eyes and pull him back down. This has been quite the reunion. "So what does this mean for now?" Dean asks the angels.

Uncle Gabe shrugs. "Not much, you guys can restart your lives and when you are needed we will ask. Otherwise we will be around like we always have been."

"Why did you guys rescue me?" Dean asks Uncle Gabe. I see him rub his arm and I move his hand and lift up his shirt and see a hand print burned into his skin. "What is that?" I frantically ask Dean.

"It's hard to remember but it's coming back. The one who was injured burned me to erase a demons mark." I stare at the scar intently and graze my fingers over it making sure it doesn't hurt him. When he doesn't wince I know he is fine. I look up to Uncle Gabe for answers.

Balthazar has been mostly quiet throughout this whole ordeal, which is very unlike him, and he crosses the room. "We saved you for many reasons Dean. One is because Lara needs you and was so miserable without you. The others we can't say yet. But again what we did has no bearing on if you both do what we ask in the future or not. There are no conditions."

"I don't like this." Dean replies. "I didn't expect you would." Uncle Gabe says then disappears. To Aunt Karen, Uncle Bobby, and me this is old hat. To Dean, Sam, and Jo it's a bit shocking to have someone disappear on you.

Everyone is quiet for a moment before Sam lets out a long sigh. "Well that was unexpected. Any other secrets you want to reveal now while we are at it Lara?" He spits at me rather harshly. Dean jumps and faces Sam. Before they can get into an argument I grab Dean's hand and pull him away from Sam. "I wanted to tell you both so many time but I wasn't allowed. I have seen them since I can remember. It used to scare my parents something awful and the only reason Uncle Bobby and Aunt Karen know is because I managed to exorcise Aunt Karen when I was a kid. If I could have I would have told you." I try to reason with him.

Sam doesn't respond and gets up. "I get it I just need to think alright." He tells me as he walks up stairs to his room. Jo gives me an apologetic smile and follows Sam up the stairs.

Uncle Bobby clears his throat and stands up. "Before this gets any further I need to speak with you boy." He directs at Dean. I squeeze Dean's hand and he follows Uncle Bobby outside. I want to follow them but Aunt Karen grabs me. "Let them work this out." She tells me.

When I hear the impala start up I get worried but Aunt Karen gives me a reassuring smile and drags me into the kitchen to help her with dinner. They are gone for hours and I am starting to get worried. I can't imagine what is taking them so long. Uncle Bobby should have just given him the hurt my niece and I'll kill you speech. Now I am worried he is actually killing him and hiding the body.

I hear the car come back and look out the window but Aunt Karen pulls me away again saying I need to let them work this out. I let out a groan and sit down on the sofa. I don't want to be separated from him right now. Haven't we been separated enough as it is?

Shortly after sunset Uncle Bobby comes into the house and I jump off the sofa. "He's out back." Is all he says. I run past him, out the front steps, and down the steps. Dean meets me at the side of the house and grabs me into him and kisses me passionately. "What took you so long?" I finally manage to ask him.

Dean just smirks and kisses me again. "We had something to discuss now come on." He grabs my hand and drags me around the back of the house and I just stop for a second while my brain catches up to what I am seeing. The tree in my back yard is covered in outdoor lights and there is a blanket beneath the twinkling lights with a picnic basket. "Dean?" I ask him unsure what he is doing. He just smiles and drags me over to blanket and pulls me down next to him. He opens the basket and pulls out two champagne glasses and then two bottles of Miller High Life. "I couldn't find champagne on such short notice but I did find the champagne of beers." I let out a laugh and he opens the bottles and fills our glasses.

He then starts to pull out food and spreads them out. He has two cheeseburger which make me laugh and an apple pie. We eat our dinner all the while not taking our eyes off one another. When we are done he leans in and kisses me softly. "Sorry I just really needed a burger and some pie after everything. Just give me one minute." Dean jumps up and runs to the impala which is parked nearby and fiddles inside till it turns on and I hear Led Zeppelin coming out of the stereo. He runs back to the blanket and pulls me to my feet then falls to one knee. I give him a questioning look but he just smiles. "Humor me please."

I stand there and wait for him to say whatever it is he needs to say. Then I stop and notice what is happening. The romantic lights and dinner, the almost champagne, the music, him on one knee... Dean grabs my left hand that already has his mothers engagement ring on it and brings it to his lips and kisses is. "I didn't go about this the right way before I died. I should have still done the whole one knee thing but I chickened out and just left it there for you."

I try to rebuff him but he silences me with a smile. "No Lara, I did it wrong. I want to make for it though. To me I was dead for 40 years and I know to you it was 4 months. I have been in love with you for years Lara and it took me until that night to be able to tell you the truth. I have had 40 years to think about what our life could have been together and what I hoped your life was without me in it. I know now more than ever that you are it for me. I love you with every ounce of my being and I will love you long after I am dead. I want to do this right and do right by you. I can't imagine a life where I don't see your face the last thing before I go to bed and the first thing in the morning. Where you aren't with me for every moment of it. I want to have time to prove to you that I can be a good man for you. That I love you and that I will take care of you for as long as we live. What I want to ask Lara is will you marry me?"

It's quiet for a moment. All I hear is the strum of the guitar from Led Zeppelin in the back ground and crickets chirping in the night. I fall down to my knees and grab his face in my hands and pull him forward and kiss him. "Yes Dean, I will marry you." I say into his lips. I can feel him smile into mine and he pushes me down on the soft blanket beneath me. "But I have conditions." I tell him before I get to wrapped up in him.

He pulls back quickly and gives me a nervous glance. "Dean you can't ever do that to me again. I don't care what the situation is you have to promise me that you will never make a deal like that again." Dean starts to argue. "No Dean, you can't ever leave me like that again. If something happens it happens. My uncles are angels if one of us dies don't you think they will reunite us. If you die again I won't make it. I could see it in their eyes that I was dying. My soul was aching to me reunited with you. I am fairly certain I would have gone to hell just to be with you. So promise me you won't even make a deal like that again and leave me."

"I promise Lara. I will never make a deal again and leave you. I can't promise that nothing will ever unwillingly take me from you, but I can promise I will never be the one to start it."

"Also you can have to treat me like an equal." Dean starts to try to tell me I am but I shush him. "No Dean you don't. That night when you drugged me you took away my choice. You should have talked to me about it. You should have given me a choice. If you want me to be your wife you have to treat me like an equal. We will be partners. If you lie to me or take away my choices again I will not stay with you. It will kill me to walk away but I won't be treated like that again." I don't mean to hurt him but he has to know that I will not ever put up with that again.

"I promise you I will try. I can't promise that I won't go all cave man on you again but I do promise that when you tell me to stop and listen I will. I trust you more than anyone Lara. I want us to be a team." Dean promises me.

"Alright then. Let's get married." I say with a laugh. Dean leans down and captures my mouth again. I can't believe I went without this for four months. His tongue begs access into my mouth and I let him in. I need him.

Dean starts to kiss down my jaw to my neck and nibbles on my ear. "What's your ideal wedding." He breaths into my ear. I turn my neck and kiss his cheek and wrap my arms around his neck.

"Where ever you are." I reply honestly. That gets a chuckle out of him and he kisses my collar bone. "No Lara if I could give you any ceremony what would it be."

I hadn't honestly thought about it. I know that is weird, most girls think about their wedding since they are just kids but to me I guess I just always knew it would only be Dean and that is all I ever thought of. "I guess to me it would perfect outside, maybe on a beach somewhere. A small ceremony. Jo would be my maid of honor and Sam would be your best man. Uncle Bobby would give me away and Uncle Gabe would marry us. Obliviously Aunt Karen, Uncle Cas, Baltahzar, Ellen, Kate, Adam, Rick, and Luke would be there. Then we have a reception at a seaside bar somewhere that is relaxed and low key where we can have fun with all our friends and family. Followed by us not leaving the nearest bed for a week like you promised." I end with a smile.

"Ok then that is what we will have." I shake my head no. "Absolutely not. I am not waiting that long. That would take months to plan. I have no problem going to a justice of the peace tomorrow. "

Dean moves back up my collar bone and sucks on my neck. "No Lara you deserve a fancy wedding with a white dress and all our friends and family there."

"No Dean what I want is you. Nothing else matters." Dean sits up and looks down at me. "Is there a compromise?" He asks with a smile.

"You have one week Dean. I will only wait one week. Whatever you can have planned by then is enough. I won't wait a day past one week." I hate to sound so winey and demanding but if it were up to me I would not wait another minute. "This proposal was beautiful Dean. I don't need a big wedding ceremony too."

"No I know you don't need it but I want you to have it. I don't want you to look back and regret just going down to the justice of the peace." Dean replies softly. I smile at him. "Dean I would never regret it. I just want you. And I am guessing based off last time you will not make love to me until we are married so I don't want to wait any longer than I have too." Dean chuckles and kisses me again.

"I don't want to wait either but I want you to have this. In one week we will get married. Then we will not leave a bed for a week. I promise." That is a compromise I can live with. We spend a bit longer outside before we realize that it is getting late and we need to get back to bed.

We gather everything up from our picnic and turn off the lights and run back to the house giggling and touching each other the whole way. We can't keep our hands off each other and stumble into the house kissing each other. I start to go up the stairs but want his lips on mine and turn around quickly and kiss him. That is when I hear my Uncle Bobby cough. "And where do you two think you are going?" He asks us.

"To bed Uncle Bobby. We are tired." I respond to him. He lets out a laugh. "Not in the same bed you aren't."

I try to argue with him but he starts up again. "No Dean will be sleeping down here and you will going up to your bed, alone."

"We have shared a bed for years. What's the difference now?" I fight with him. I don't want to be separated from him again. Even if just for the night. "That was before you two were romantic with each other. He will be sleeping down here and you up there until you are officially Mrs. Winchester. Those are the rules." He states.

I give him my best pissed of stare and lean down and kiss Dean deeply. I know this is going to piss my uncle off and I don't care. "Good night Dean. I love you." I tell him as I turn around and go up the stairs shaking my ass as I go. Take that Uncle Bobby!

It only takes me a few minutes to get ready for bed and I climb in with a long sigh. I raise my hand and look at my engagement ring in the moonlight. It is different now. It's real. We are getting married in a week. I can't help but fall asleep with a huge smile on my lips.

It's dark when I wake up. I move my hands trying to feel where I am and all I feel is nothing. I sit up and try to look around but it's too dark to see. "Dean?" I call out. There is no response. I stand on shaky legs and start to move forward. I have to run into something at one point.

Time moves and I am not sure how much as passed by the time I hit a wall. It's still dark and I am quickly going from nervous to terrified. I keep one hand on the wall and follow it hoping to come to a door. "Dean?" I call out again hoping he will hear me.

My hand brushes on a door handle and I grip it and take a deep breath and pull it open. After being in the dark it takes a while for my eyes to adjust to the blinding light. It's not that bright but to me it is like looking into the sun. Once they adjust I see Dean's figure.

I quickly run to him. "Dean, I was so scared I woke up alone. Where were you?" I ask him. He turns to look at me and I see that his eyes are black. That is when I notice that there is a body beneath his hands and it is carved up. "Dean?" I ask him not willing to accept what I am seeing yet.

"You here for a show or do you want to help?" He asks with a laugh . I don't respond and he crosses the room and grabs me to him, getting blood from his victim on me. "There are no watchers just those that do and those that are done too. What are you?" He asks dragging a blade down my cheek.

"Jesus Lara please wake up!" I hear as I come too. I am sitting up in bed and I am covered in sweat. I look and see Dean and let out a shriek and pull away from him.

It takes me a minute to realize I am back in my bed. "I woke up alone." I tell him shakily. He frowns. "I know and I am sorry about that but your Uncle..."

"No in my dream I was alone and it was dark. So dark Dean. Then I found you and it was bright but it was hell and you were hurting someone." I cry out. He pulls me to him and I cry into his chest. I turn my head when I hear another set of feet at my door. Uncle Bobby is standing there and frowns at the scene in front of him.

"Will your dreams be easier if he stays." He asks me quietly. I shake my head yes. "Alright he can stay in here. But I swear to god it better be PG in this bedroom!" He warns us and turns around and heads back down the stairs.

Dean pulls me into his lap and holds me against him while I cry into his chest. "I have to tell you the truth Lara. I did hurt a soul down there. Every day the demon who was in charge of me would give me a deal . He said if I cut into another soul he would leave me alone. I could leave the rack and hurt them like they hurt me. I always refused him. I would think of you and how you would never cave and I didn't. But then he brought someone in. He brought in Matt. I couldn't stop myself. He was talking about you and every time it was like I was taken over my rage and I would come too with him carved up beneath my hands. It took me 39 years to cave but for one I started to love cutting into him." I can hear just a hint of tears in his voice. He is worried I will hate him for what he did.

I lift my head to look at him and kiss his jaw until he lowers his face enough for me to kiss his lips. "Dean I am not angry with you. I can't imagine what you went through, even though I won't lie I dreamt about it almost every night. The fact that you only ever hurt Matt shows how strong you really are. I love you Dean. All of you, even the you who tortured him and liked it." I want him to know that it doesn't change anything.

He starts to cry but I won't call him out on it. He doesn't need that and I know he would feel even worse if I said something. He just leans down and captures my lips with his. His kisses are desperate and fierce. He is trying to show how much he missed me with just his mouth. He picks me up and moves me to lay out beneath him and he covers me with his body. "I never cut into anyone else because of you Lara. You kept me human. I refused to change, to come back to you a demon." He murmurs into my lips.

"I would have taken you whether you were a demon or not. I decided if you came back to me one I would deal with it. It would be hard but I couldn't be without you. If having you meant having a demonic you I would have dealt with it." I respond to him. He frowns slightly and kisses my lips softly. "You would have deserved more than that." He whispers out.

I grab his face and make him look at me. "No Dean I wouldn't have. All I want is you. Whether you are human, a demon, hell even a vampire. I want you and only you. And in one week I will make that a vow to you in front of everyone we know and love. You could have come to be me a woman Dean and I would have taken you in a heartbeat. " That gets a smile out of him and I bring his face back to mine and kiss him again. "You're all I need. I love you."

"I love you too Lara. I swear I will always come back, regardless of what I become." I smile at that. That is promise I can live with. We kiss each other and our touches become slower and our lips meet less as we drift off to sleep in each other's arms.

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