The scoreboard loomed in front of Finn Hudson, the score of the night still a glow. They had finally won, Kurt Hummel of all people to thank for that. He heard a small rustle from the bleachers and smiled as his girlfriend Quinn emerged. Clad in her Cheerios uniform complete with tight pony, she looked radiant as always. However tonight she had that slight curved smile on her face, her eyes shimmering with hope. "Maybe you're not a Lima Loser after all."

Finn smiled. "I told you I wasn't."

She met up with him on the bright green astro turf, and liked her tiny hand with his. She smiled broadened as their lips met. Finn welcomed the sight. This week had been incredibly rough on the two of them; He still wasn't quite over the initial shock of Quinn announcing she was pregnant. A baby was a scary thing, especially for him. He rubbed Quinn's belly with the palm of his hand.

She snapped back, clutching her stomach. "Finn! What if people saw?"

Finn smiled, and let out a small laugh. "Let them see. They will sooner or later."

Quinn arched her eyebrow and crossed her arms protectively over her torso. "I'd rather it be later."

Finn pulled at her hand and brought her into him. He was unsure if it was the win, or the fact that Quinn was again smiling at him, but he was practically giddy. "I know it's not what you wanted. But that's my baby in there, and I'm proud."

Quinn smiled, and pressed her forehead against his chest. She felt warm and safe against his large frame. Times like this was when she was sure she made the right decision.

"May I have this dance?" Finn asked offering his hand.

Quinn giggled at him, her cheeks burning with embarrassment. Yet still she placed her hand in his. "Why of course."

They pranced about on the football field, doing an awkward hybrid of a two step and a waltz. The large stadium lights suddenly went dark, startling the duo. Finn lost his footing and fell to the ground. Quinn toppled over on top of him. They were face to face, on the football field. Finn smiled at Quinn, his face beaming.

"What?" she asked confused.

He wrapped a tendril of her ponytail around his finger. "If our baby is half as beautiful as you, she's going to be breath taking."

Quinn closed her eyes, pausing for a moment. "Stop."

Finn pulled at the elastic in her hair, sending her ponytail falling into a cascading wave of soft, blond, curls. "No. Seriously. I want a little girl with soft, honey blond hair that smells like strawberries."

He rubbed his thumb across her jaw. He kissed her eyelid lightly. "And long fluttery eyelashes, that showcase brilliant green eyes, just like yours."

She blushed. "Only if she can have a heart as big as yours. So she can love you as much as you love me. You deserve that."

Finn smiled up at her, pressing his lips lightly to hers.

Cold droplets began to splash across his face, as the sprinklers kicked on. Quinn squealed and jumped up, the water sprinkling all around her. Finn grabbed her hand and they ran off the field together.