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"Guess who's not a viiirgiiiiiin!" I glanced up at my pink haired friend. Sakura giggled, seeming to not be able to contain her giddyness over the this news of hers. Her short, black pleated skirt, a part of the Konoha Private High School's standard issue iniform, though hers was much shorter than regulations allowed, swished back and forth as she rocked on her heals. Her pink bra could be seen underneath the thin cotton fabric of her button down shirt, which was untucked in her 'rebellion'.

In the seat next to me, Ino, a blond haired, blued eyed beauty, rolled her eyes. "Let me take a wild guess..." She pretended to be thinking hard on the subject, petting an invisible beard on her chin. Sarcasm tainted her next words. "Oh, I give up. I really don't know, since it's obviously not you."

"I wasn't talking to you, Ino-pig!" Sakura stuck her tongue out at her 'frenemy', a childish act, I'm my opinion. Not that I could ever actually tell her that. The guilt of being so mean would kill me. Sakura soon turned back to me, her good mood unforgotten despite Ino's vicious verbal attack. "I had the best night of my life ysterday! You would not believe the things I did! It was-"

"Sakura..." I murmured, paniced. I couldn't help but stop her. I was already embarrassed from her previous statement. I'd be mortified if I let her go into any more detail. "Can you please explain something so" I blushed a vibrant red. "intimate to me during class, or... ever."

"Oh." The girl sobered. "I forgot. You're a nun."

"I am NOT a nun!" I squeaked, embarrassed that she'd even suggested that.

Ino, sensing my sudden distress, turned to Sakura, distracting her in a flippant tone. "So, billboard-brow, who stooped so low as to sleep with you?"

"For you're information," She huffed. "It was THE Sasuke Uchiha."

That caught out attention.

"Lies!" Ino gripped her heart, over dramatisizing her utter shock at Sakura's smug words about the school's local heartthrob. "Sasuke could never, WOULD never, sleep with you!"

"Of course he would," Sakura flipped her hair back, rolling her eyes. Smirking, she added, "and he already did. I mean we ARE going out-"

"What?" Ino was in full shock mode, nearly falling out of her chair and onto the linolium floor. "When-"

"Two months ago." Sakura clapped her hands, full of glee. "The best two months of my entire life!"

"Sakura..." The two girls quieted and look at me, surprised that I'd interejected, even quietly. "I don't think... that sleeping with Sasuke was a good decision on your part..."

"What do you mean, Hinata?" I could tell Sakura was angry and I immediatly regretted my comment. I looked down, away from her piercing eyes, and poked my fingers together nervously.

"I just think... I mean, you said it you it yourself, you've only be dating for a couple months, so you can't really know him THAT well yet... plus, he IS your first boyfriend and all..." I blushed, feeling like bringing that up had just made it worse. "Sorry, I just think that you could've been more careful and waited until you were sure that you wanted to give him something" I swallowed. "that you couldn't take back." I didn't voice that, from some awkward previous experience, I knew for a fact that Sasuke was a player who was just using her.

"Are you calling me stupid?" leave it to Sakura to take everything I said the wrong way. I almost rolled my eyes, if not for the fact that she was glaring daggers at me." She started speaking again before I could answer her previous question and defend myself. "You know what? I don't have to deal with all of your negativety, not to mention naivety. You don't understand because you've never been in a relationship. In fact," She snarked. "You'll probably never even be in a relationship." Sakura stomped off to her seat, which was located near the classroom door, as opposed to mine and Ino's, which were by the back windows.

"Wow," Ino tapped her purple nails against her desk, rolling her eyes. "That was a bitchy thing to say. I mean, it's not like she's all knowing about relationships, but no, she thinks she's so much more mature then the rest of us girls because she let a guy down her pants." Ino leaned over to me, grinning. "You wanna go do what the mature girls do and flirt with Naruto for a bit?"

I grinned, despite the pang I felt from Sakura's parting comment, at Ino's reference to my once elemantary school cruch. Naruto had never really noticed my feeble advances on him and after 'moving on' in middle school, I found some humor in his utter obliviousness.

"No thank you, Ino," I opened up the book I'd been reading before all this boy nonsense occured. "I think I'd rather find out whether Bella ends up with Edward or Jacob."

"Oh come on, you know you're a Jasper fangirl." Ino bumped my shoulder playfully. "You're a sucker for that 'troubled' type."

I blushed, not disagreeing with her spot on assessment of my 'type' of boy. "I'm still not going."

She shrugged. "Your loss." I breathed a sigh of relief as she got up and walked out the door. It walk almost lunch anyway and our teacher, Kakashi-sensei, had a distinct knack for not caring what his students did, or did not, do, as seen earlier when, even as Ino and Sakura were going at it, he did nothing and, instead, kept his nose stuck in his dirty-adult book.

I felt back for staying behind and not accompanying Ino to go hang out with Naruto, but I couldn't possibly have given her an honest answer if she'd asked why I wouldn't. Naruto was one of Sasuke's close friends, and I didn't want to be near Sasuke at all. Sure we were forced to mingle at various dinner parties, our parents being major corporation heads, but something about the boy... it unnerved me. He'd stare at me for long periods of time, clearly aware that I knew he was, and whenever he spoke to me there was an underlying edge to the tone of his voice. I really couldn't prove anything, except for the fact that I'd walked in many-a-time on him 'playing' with girls, whether it be at a dinner party, or in the empty classroom of a teacher I needed to talk to, but I really didn't feel comfortable around the mysterious Uchiha boy.

Honestly, it hadn't been as bad before, but since Sakura had announced she and him were a couple, some odd months ago, I'd been even more aware of him, curious to see if I'd missed whatever aspect it was of his that attracted so many girls to him, like flies on hunny. In turn, I was more hyper-aware of the fact that he always seemed to be watching me, unabashfully, and continually, almost like he were wanting to see my reaction. I didn't like it, so I avoided it.

Obviously, I couldn't tell my friends about this; Sakura would become extremely angry that I could possible accuse her boyfriend of such horrible things; Ino wouldn't care so much about the accusation, as she would telling the world of it, a sad but true fact; and Naruto... he'd confront Sasuke, and that'd be the last thing I wanted. No, I prefured to just suffer in silence, to not hinder others with my trivial, and somewhat imaginative, problems.

Still though...

I jumped out of my thoughts as two hands slammed down on my desk. I stared up at the grinning Kiba, my best guy-friend. "Guess who has a date tonight?" He spoke loudly, drawing the attention of several girls in class. He was a pretty handsome fellow, if you want for the messy-hair-loud-playful type, and no doubt all of the girls were thinking how good he looked at the moment, glowing from excitement.

I leaned back in my chair, giving him a curious stare and waiting for him to tell me who. I didn't have to wait for long before he announced, "You do!" I heard a collecting sigh that voiced the sadness of the female population in the classroom.

"I do?"

"Yup. You and I are going to an amusement park!" I raised an eyebrow at the dog-loving boy.

"Kiba... I think the last time you took me to an amusement park... we established that I don't find them... amusing." I cringed, thinking of how he'd convinsed me to go on the rollercoaster backwards.

"Aww come on! It'll be fun! Besides, you look stressed."

I shrunk in my chair. Kiba obviously hadn't noticed how many people were listening to his loud voice. I stared at the floor, murmuring quietly, "I'm not stressed."

"I'll believe that as soon as Shika stays awake all the way through trig." I smiled, despite my embarrassment. There was no way in the world THAT was ever going to happen. "So, 5 o'clock then?"

I shook my head, smiling. Kiba wasn't the type to let the subject drop until I'd given in. "Fine, but you have to promise not to brink Akamaru this time."

"I thought you loved Akamaru?"

"I do... but the park people didn't... remember?" We both shuddered as the image of Akamaru covered in icecream and cotton candy racing through the house of mirrors.

"You're right. It took me hours to wash him off." Kiba gave a hearty laugh. "You have to promise to wear something other then that jacket though." he was refurring to the oversized purple jacket that I wore over my uniform everyday.

I was just about to argue that, without it, I felt exposed when the doors to the classroom opened and Uchiha Sasuke sauntered in, and I shut my mouth, sinking down farther into my chair and hoping he wouldn't notice me. Behind him, Naruto was wrestling around with a redheaded boy named Gaara, who looked like he'd rather be anywhere else then there. I didn't really know the boy, him having transfured to our school at the semester, but Naruto had latched onto him like a leech.

Trying to look like I wasn't noticing Sasuke watching me as he sat in his chair, a row behind Sakura, I studied the Kanji tattoo-ed on Gaara's forehead. I searched my mind to figure out the meaning and when I finally remembered it meant 'love' my gaze flickered to his eyes and I realized that Gaara was looking back at me, probably wondering why the hell I was staring at him.

I blushed, quickly turning back to Kiba, who was explaing the plans he had for things he wanted us to do while we were at the park. I glanced back to find that Gaara was staring down at his desk, his forhead resting on one of his hands. He looked flustered.

I turned my attention back to Kiba, and blinked. "Wait... I don't want to go into a haunted house!"

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