Saria: EPILOGUE! YAY! I added some bit's that weren't in the original draft, just to make certain people even alittle bit happy... just a little...

We were in the middle of homeroom and Gaara had pulled me into his lap, resting a hand on my knee and his other arm around my shoulder. It was almost surreal how open he was about us, him being such an introvert and all. I blushed, because everyone was staring at us.

"So," I couldn't look him in the eye, for fear of fainting. "Does this mean we're, kind of... together?"

"Well, as you already know, I have your fathers permission." I glanced up. Oh, I did love the look he was giving me.

Ino popped up in front of us, slamming her hands down on the desk. "I knew it! You guys couldn't hide it much longer!" I didn't correct her on how this was actually a recent development.

"Ino," Gaara sighed. "Why don't you go bug YOUR boyfriend?"

"'Cause, he's late again." She shrugged nonchalantly.

"You know," Gaara murmured in my ear. "I'm starting to think Naruto has some sort of fetish for Ino beating him. He seems to be submissive enough."

I nearly choked from laughter, blushing. He pulled me closure to him, nuzzling my neck. "Speaking of beating," he added. "what happened to that Uchiha bastard?"

I cringed. I hadn't seen Sasuke since Sakura's accident.

Ino shrugged. " No on really knows. I heard that apparently his older brother took him in after his parents had some sort of disagreement with their business parner." She was close enough. Not even Gaara knew that my father had threatened to throw Sasuke in jail for an unrealistic amount of time of he so much as looked at me again. Of course, a police record wouldn't look good on a business card.

I turned to Gaara, and whispered into his ear, "I'll tell you about it later, k?" He nodded, but before I could retreat he caught me face with his hands and kissed me.

In front of everyone.


"Staking my claim." He smirked, glancing at something behind me. I turned and saw Kiba giving him an envious glare.

"Gaara." I poked his shoulder. "Be nice to him, We're finally on speaking terms again."

He put his hands up in fake defence. "Hey, He's the one glaring knives at me."

"Guess what Sakura told me!" Ino cut in. "Apparently, Sai asked her out!"

"Finally, some normal teenage drama." I didn't add in that I like Sai mch better than Sasuke.

"Yeah, too bad someone had to get hit for it to happen." I cringed as Kiba's comment floated over to my ears. We really did a long way to go before we were back to normal.

Suddenly Ino leaned in and whispered into my ears. "Guess who's not a virgin?"

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