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Onodera POV

I was sitting at my desk. After nearly two years working in the manga department it had become routine to work and ignore Takano. But today was different. One ring tone I had set to go off when only one person called went off. It shocked me a bit until I stood up and pulled out the phone.


"Ritsu Onodera?"

"Yes it's me. Did you find anything?"

"Yes. Your older sister it seems was a witch. After she was kidnapped all those years ago she went to a school for witches and wizards where she met and than married a young man. They had a single child."

"Yes go on."

"...Lily was killed nearly five years ago. Her and her husband died protecting their only son. His name is Harry James Potter and he is living with his 'aunt' on his mothers, your sisters kidnappers, side. I have found that he is in a very abusive home. I've got every thing needed to remove him and have him put under your care." I had stood up and taken the call out in the hall.

"Where is he?"

"In Surry England."

"Okay. That would be excellent. Please do that. I'll be ready to sign any papers need. Call me again when you need me. I'm at work so I need to go right now."

"Very well . I shall contact you when everything is set."

"Thank you so much Kingsly. You've been a great help. I'll let my parents know as soon as I can. I'll be waiting for your call." I hung up and was about to walk back into the office when I bumped into Takano.

"Who was that?"

"No one that has anything to do with you. Now I have work to get back to." I walked around him and went back to my work. It was hard because I was distracted for the nephew I didn't know that would be under my care. After I finished with work a couple hours later I started my trek home. It was as I was getting on the train my phone rung again.


"Mr. Onodera. I have your nephew with me right now. I will meet you at your home. Normally these things wouldn't go this quickly but the family gave up all rights as soon as I asked them and the paper work went through quickly because of the extent of abuse. There is one thing you should know. Your nephew, Harry, is a wizard."

"That's okay. I've no problem with that. Thank you for doing all this for us Kingsly. I'll meet you at the apartment." I hung up my phone and couldn't keep the smile off my face as I finished the train ride than the walk to my apartment. I completely forgot about the fact that Takano was walking right behind me and that he was trying to talk to me. We rode in the elevator together and when we stepped out I saw the dark skinned man who had been helping me. We had met by accident one day when I was seraching for Lily and he had been doing the same. I explained that when Lily was six she was kidnapped by a man who called her a witch. He had sent a letter later explaining what that ment for her. So he had offered to help me find her and meet her. We had been searching ever since than. Looking down next to him I saw a small thin and very pale boy with a head of messy black hair. He looked up and I saw his slightly broken glasses and bright green eyes.

"This is Harry Potter, he is now under your care. He does not know much of this language but he is willing to learn to avoid beatings. I fear that he is also in need of...special care. I'll stop by once a month to check up. It was nice helping you. I'm truly sorry about Lily. I must also warn you. The headmaster of the school, Dumbledor is very tricky and manipulative. You must watch out for him and make sure that Harry knows love if not than there could be trouble in his future."

"I understand. Thank you so much for bringing him here. Mother and Father should be delighted to know that they have a grand child." Kingsly nodded and walked off. I smiled down and kneeled down to Harry.

"Hello Harry. I am Ritsu Onodera. You'll live with me from now on okay?"

"You can speak English too? I want to learn your language, so that I can be better help."

"Your already doing a lot by being here." I smiled at him and grabbed his hand lightly to lead him in to the apartment. He was really shy and didn't say anything when I lead him in. I sat him down on the couch and made dinner for the both of us. I handed him a plate and his eyes went a little wide.


"This is a lot of food." He said looking down. I let a small frown cross my face.

'That is a small serving. Is he really that under fed?' I thought.

"Just eat what you can. You need to make sure you've got enough strength. I'll see about getting you into a primary school here okay?" Harry nodded his head. He ate about half of what he was given and I took care of the plates. After that I took him into the guest room and his eyes got wide again.

"This will be your room. We can paint it any way you want and I'll take the day off tomorrow and we'll get you some clothes okay?"

"This is my room?" He asked slightly shocked. I smiled down at him and nodded.

"Yes. Now come along." I picked him up, and noticed how light he was. I tucked him carefully under the covers and rubbed his hair before going to my own room. I woke up the next morning it was to loud banging on my front door. I sat up quickly and walked to the door. After peeking into Harrys' room and seeing him asleep still. I answered it and saw Takano standing there. I glared at him.

"I took a vacation day today so that I could take Harry shopping and get other things he would need and sign him up for primary school. So what caused you to wake me up this early?"

"I want to know who that boy is."

"Harry, is my older sisters son. My nephew and legally under my care."

"Older sister?"

"Yes. I had an older sister, Lily, who was kidnapped when she was six. Now, shouldn't you be going to work?"

"No. I took the day off." I groaned and went to shut the door but he shoved it open.

"Ah! Takano get out! I have to make breakfast and get Harry ready." I said. He simply placed his hands on either side of my head. I groaned again and ducked out quickly making my way into the kitchen. I started to make breakfast for three knowing that Takano wouldn't leave no matter what I tried. After I finished I set it at the table and went to go get Harry up. Only to find that he was already awake and sitting next to Takano.

"Breakfast is ready. Harry, I'm glad to see you've met Takano." I glared at the other man. Harry gave a shy nod and I took them both into the kitchen and sat Harry down beside me. He smiled lightly and ate some of the food. After he decided he was done I cleaned up again and changed clothes. I didn't know what to do about his clothes which where about three sizes too big.

"I have some smaller clothes in my apartment." Takano said. I rose an eyebrow at him.

"They are left from when my cousin stopped by with her brat for a week." He muttered. I nodded and we stood walking to his apartment next door. He walked into a back room and came back holding a shirt and pants. He handed them to Harry who looked at them before looking for a bathroom. Takano took him to it. Once he was done changing he walked back out. The black shirt was still a little loose on him but the pants fit him fine. He ducked his head trying to hide a blush. I rubbed his hair. It seemed like it would take a lot to get him to open up.