Hari POV

After Chichi and I finished eating at the cafe we went back to the bar where we had rented a room to use until the train left.

"Chichi...how are we going to get onto platform nine and three quarters?"

"I don't know Hari-kun. I suppose we'll have to wait and see maybe we should have asked Draco-senpai or his dad."

"Hai, maybe we'll see them again!" Ritsu-chichi nodded as we walked into our room and I packed everything into my trunk except the snowy owl that I had gotten and named Awiaka after a lady in Akihiko-samas book. The owl was nice and proud too standing tall in her cage. With regular trips to Diagon ally and other places the time to wait had passed in a blur. Now I was standing with Ritsu-chichi looking at the wall between platforms nine and ten with a family of red heads called the Weaslys'. They showed us how to get through and I went through with chichi. Once on the other side he helped me get my things on the train before going to stand on the platform. I walked down the train looking for an empty compartment and when I found it I went in and sat down after putting Awiaka and her cage up above on the rack. I looked out the window and spotted Ritsu-chichi standing next to Malfoy-sama. I waved to them and Ritsu-chichi waved back while Malfoy-sama nodded. After a while the train started to move and Draco-senpai came by.

"Hari, there you are! What are you doing in here alone?"

"Oh, I like the quite and the other compartments were all full so I decided to come in here, it's nice to see you again Draco-senpai."

"What does Senpai mean?"

"Oh, it means friend. Sorry if you don't want me to call you that I won't."

"No, it's fine, I was just wondering." He said as he sat down across from me.

"Have you read any of the school books yet?"

"Hai, I've read the potions, charms, and transfiguration and started on 'Hogwarts a History' yesterday."

"Really? You must read fast."

"Hai, Ritsu-chichi, is an editor and his father owns a publishing company in Japan so I read a lot of books, and sometimes when Ritsu-chichi is busy at work than I go to the school library and read books."

"You went to muggle school?"


"Non-magic person."

"Oh, than yes. But Uncle Remus would tell me stories about what him, my father and my godfather used to do at Hogwarts so I knew about magic and he explained that both my parents were wizards too."

"Oh? Your parents are dead than?"

"Hai. According to Uncle Remus, they were killed when I was one and than I was sent to live with my aunt and uncle in Surrey before Ritsu-chichi found me."

"What was your name before your step dad adopted you?"

"Um, I believe it was Harry Potter? But I don't care for that name. I'm Hari Onodera now."

"Your the boy-who-lived!" We turned and looked at the door where the youngest boy Weasly, Ron was standing.

"Hai. I know a little about that thanks to Uncle Remus and Ritsu-chichi has warned me about different people based on what he knows about it."

"What does chichi mean?"

"Father. He took me from my false aunt and uncle. You see my mother was kidnapped by Dumble dork when she was discovered a witch and placed with the Evans so that she would meet James, my birth father and than have me. Than after they died I was sent to live with Aunt and Uncle but than Chichi found me and now I live with him in Japan, and we live next to Takano-senpai who is Chichis' boss."

"Wow, you really have been through a lot, how come your aunt and uncle didn't keep you?" Ron asked sitting next to Draco.

"Oh, because all I was to them was a freak. But I don't blame them for anything. It's not like they wanted to be related to me, they weren't even so it's okay. Besides now that I live with Chichi it doesn't matter anymore." I shrugged my shoulders at the end of it. They both looked at me.

"That's interesting. By the way, I'm Ron, Ron Weasly."

"Hai, nice to meet you Ron. Call me Hari please, this is Draco-senpai."

"Hello." I smiled and Awiaka let out a hoot. I looked up and pulled her cage down.

"Awiaka? Is something wrong?" She pointed her head outside and I noticed it was dark.

"Oh! Arigato! We should get changed into our robes." The other two boys nodded and we quickly changed into our school robes. Just as we finished the train pulled to a stop and we all got off.

"First 'ears, over 'ere! Over 'ere first 'ears!" We followed the man who was larger than normal and taller than even Takano-senpai towards a lake where there were a bunch of boats waiting for us to get in.

"Four to a boat now." We got into our boat with a blonde haired girl who was humming softly to her self. The boats took off across the lake and finally docked at the other side. Once everyone had gotten off the boats we followed him to the castle where a stern looking lady came up.

"Wait here for a moment."

"I heard that there are ghosts here!"

"I heard that if your bad than they lock you up with dragons!" The whispers went around and around until the doors finally opened and we walked in.

"Now I don't know what house I want to be in. I want to stick with you two but my family is usually in Gryffondor." Ron said quietly. I nodded as the stern lady called people up. The hat called out different house names as it was set on peoples heads.

"Malfoy, Draco." Draco walked up to the stool and the hat hardly touched his head before calling out Slytherin.

"Potter, Harry." I walked up as the whispers started.

"Please, it's Hari Onodera please." I asked quietly. She looked at me and gave a slight nod. She sat the hat on m head.

'Hm, so your the boy-who-lived? Very smart, but brave and loyal as well. It also appears that you are sly and cunning too. Where to place you, where to place you?'

'I want to stay with Draco-senpai.' I thought to the hat.

"Fine, Better be SLYTHERIN!" After she pulled the hat off I walked down to the table and sat down next to Draco and started to talk to him. Than the headmaster came up, said a few words, and the plates filled with food. I only took a little bit of food and tried to keep it as healthy as possible.

"Why are you eating that stuff?"

"In Japan we eat a lot of health food. Plus I don't think Ritsu-chichi and Uncle Remus would be happy if I got all fat over the year." Draco nodded and once we finished dinner we were lead to the dungeons where our dorm was. Walking into the first year boys sleeping area I saw all of my things placed in front of one bed and walked over to it. I dug in my trunk for a little bit until I found what I was looking for. It was a picture of Chichi and Takano-senpai that Chichi didn't know I had. Takano-senpai was hugging chichi around the middle while chichi was hugging him back. Takano-senpai had given it to me a while back so that I would also have both of them together. I smiled as I put it on the night stand beside my bed before crawling in and going to sleep. The next morning I woke up when Draco shook my shoulder and told me it was time to go to breakfast and get our classes. With a quick change of clothes we were off towards the great hall. I took Awiaka with me and a piece of paper and a pen.

'Dear Chichi,

This is a very large school, and it is very interesting. It is divided into four houses based on what your personality is. I am in the same house as Draco-senpai so I am in all of his classes. I also made another friend but he is in another house. His name is Ron Weasly. I hope your doing well? How is Hell week going? Are you guys doing okay? Has Takano-senpai done anything? Have you told him how you feel? I'm be coming home for the holidays in December. I can't wait to see you Chichi, tell Sofu and Sobo that I send my love.


Hari.' I signed the letter and tied it to Awiaka and she took off.

"I hope she makes it there okay. I wouldn't want anything to happen to her...or Chichi." I told Draco as we walked towards our first class, Potions with Gryffondor. That was nice because it meant that Ron would be with us. He caught up soon and we talked as we went towards the dungeons. Once we got in we sat at a center table and sat down taking out our books. Pretty soon the teacher, Snape, walked in and stood in front of us. He wrote instructions on the board and told us to do them. Draco went to get the ingredients with Ron while I went and got the measuring items.

"Okay, so...what does the board say?" I asked Ron and Draco.

"It lists the potion ingredients and what the steps are. Can't you read it?" Ron asked.

"Sort of. I wear contacts and it seems that I need a newer set as this pair seems to be wearing down. I can read about every other word at the moment." I squinted up at the board trying to get a better look at what it said. I got a better idea and Draco and Ron helped me with the words I didn't know. Finally our potion was finished and was a green-ish color and bubbling lightly.

"Did we do it right?"

"According to the board it looks right." Ron told me. I nodded and took out a piece of paper to quickly write a letter to Chichi.

'Dear Chichi,

It seems that my contacts are becoming a little worn out. Could you send a pair back as soon as possible? Along with an extra two pairs so I don't have to worry about them running down. Arigato,



After signing the letter I was about to put it into my bag when the Professor walked over.

"Passing notes in class?"

"No Snape - Sensi. I was writing a letter to Ritsu-chichi to inform him that I needed him to send a new pair of contacts for me. The ones I am using now are getting old." I explained to him. He looked over the letter, which was in Japanese and than handed it back to me. I bowed my head in a sign of respect to him and gathered the rest of my items while Draco-senpai and Ron-senpai waited by the door. I smiled to my two friends and we walked to the next class we had together.

Dumbledors POV

I growled slightly to myself in my office. That darn Potter had shown up but from what Minerva had said he asked to be called Hari Onodera. Not only that but he had been sorted into the snake house!

'How am I supposed to make him into the golden boy if he isn't in the lions den?' I fumed. My plans were starting to fall around me.

"So far the only good thing is that the Weasly brat has befriended just as planned. Maybe he can get it to work. Although I can't put too much trust in the boy. He is an idiot." I muttered to my self. I continued to try to think of plans to fix the old ones.


DMC- "Also IDK if contacts can wear out or not but I needed a reason for Snap to get Snippy."