Aeryn Sun had been resting quietly all night when a flashback to the year 2003 aboard Moya came over her in the early morning hours.

John Crichton had just averted a galaxy wide war between the Peacekeepers and the Scarran Empire by creating a worm whole weapon in the process destroying a planet. With the help of the Ancient known only as Einstein he collapsed the worm whole it into a super nova. He now lies in semi comatose state aboard a living ship Moya!

Aeryn Sun Disembodied Voice fills Moya "You did it John, there's no more dyeing."

Aeryn Sun holding John's & her baby says, "You know it's strange it almost took me loosing this little one to fully understand motherhood!"

Aeryn kisses the baby's forehead then leys it down next to John

Looking at her newborn son Dargo Sun Crichton Aeryn and places her index finger over her lips as she quietly tells him "SSSHHH and all of the sudden three is not such a scary number!"

Her forehead creased and her eyebrows drawn to a furrow, tears stream down Aeryn's face she states with a shoulders sense of resolution "But no matter how wonderful this is I will not accept it as a trade off for loosing you!"

Caressing her son face, she steps back from the bed as John starts to sir turning his head John kisses his newborn son "Dargo" on the forehead asking, "What are you doing over here?" Taking a breath John asks, "Did I scare you, because you scared me?"

Off in the background Aeryn's face turns from brink of tears to a smile!

"Where's... your mother?" John asks sarcastically!

Aeryn & John's Quarters was filled with the scent of Jasmine, Aeryn discovered it on her first trip to earth she brought it back with her when they left.

It was the year 2008 five years after the great Peacekeeper/Scarran war as Aeryn sat in her bedchamber brushing her hair and crying as her son Dargo comes walking in asking, "Are you alright mom?"

Wiping her tears, away Aeryn tells him yes, "I was just remembering the day you father stopped the war!"

Dargo eyes widen as his jaw drops slightly he asks her "Dad did all that?" mom

Aeryn's head tilted slightly to the side as she gently smiles at her son Kissing his forehead she tells her "Yes sweet Dargo!"

Looking at the floor Dargo bites his lower lip as he asks, "Mom, where was I born!"

She tells him "You were born on the water planet Dargo!"

Dargo looks up into his mothers eyes with an ever so slight smile asking "Then why can't I find it on the star charts?" Hopeful to finally know where he was born.

Aeryn tells him "You remember I told you, your dad stopped the war?"

Dargo tells her "Yes!"

Taking a deep breath Aeryn tells him, "In order to stop it, he had to destroy a planet!"

A sense of shock horror comes over Dargo's face his eyes growing wider as his jaw drops as he states "D-Dad did that?" Staring at his mother slack jawed in silence Dargo did not know what to say.

Aeryn as a tear streams down her face; yes son, he did! "Not his proudest moment!" If he did not we would still be at war.

Swallowing nervously Dargo states; "No wonder he never talks about it!"

Looking at her son Aeryn says, "Getting back to your question Dargo."

Dargo tells him "Ok, mom!"

Aeryn tells him "You were born in the middle of a fire fight between the Peacekeepers and the Scarrans!"

Not sure if he can believe, his mother or not Dargo asks "Really!"

Yes, Aeryn tells him, your father was there along with your Aunt Chiana and Rygel, and Ka D'Argo, and we were all fighting for peace!

Razing an eyebrow he her he tells him mom "I know she is not my Aunt mom!"

After a momentary pause Dargo's eyes are alert looking for any sign of deception as he frowns saying, "Hay, wait a minute who is Ka D'Argo...!" Crossing his arms over his chest, "Why haven't I met him?"

Aeryn hugs him telling Dargo "He died making sure we would all live!" Pulling Dargo into her lap, she tells him "It was just after you were born!" Aeryn tells him we were making our way back to Moya when we were ambushed by a Charrid patrol...!" Wiping the remains of a tear from her face Aeryn said, "Ka D'Argo took a direct hit from a pulse rifle... he stayed behind so we could escape."

Aeryn tells Dargo as her voice starts to brake "Ka D'Argo was a Luxan warrior who was imprisoned aboard Moya, he is also the person whom you are named!"

Pilot she calls out "Can you generate an image of Ka D'Argo please!"

Pilot tells Aeryn of course on the viewing screen an image of a Ka D'Argo complete with facial tattoos and eight tentacles (called "tenkas") hanging down the back of his head!

Dargo's jaw drops as he states wait a minute "This is a prison ship mom?"

Pulling him close once again Aeryn tells him "It was once yes...!" A peacekeeper prison ship we made it a home!"

Looking at her mom Dargo asks, "Do you miss it!"

Smiling Aeryn asks her son, "Miss what Sweetheart?"

Dargo asks her "Being a Peacekeeper, of course do you miss it?"

Stroking his head Aeryn tell him "I still am a Peacekeeper sweetheart... I am also a mother!"

Dargo gets a very serious look on his face as he asks her, "Mom..., when will my sister be born?"

Aeryn's eyes widen as her eyebrows rise; recovering from her momentary shock Aeryn looks at her son slack-jawed asking, "Dargo, did you just ask me when my sister will be born!"

Without blinking Dargo, tell her "Yes mom!"

Stunned at what Aeryn just heard her son ask she hit her Comms device "John can you come to our quarters... NOW PLEASE"

I'm not sure I like the way you said "Now Please!" John tells her over Ships Comms

Aeryn tells him "When you hear the unusual question our son just asked me you will understand!" John runs down the myriad of corridors to his and Aeryn's bedchamber he states "On my way, what's this about!"

John finally arrives on the scene asking, "What is going on?"

Aeryn looks at John then back to her son, "Dargo ask your question again!"

Dargo who was getting frustrated that they thought it was a joke "I want to know, when will my sister be born?"

John asks "Dargo?" "Explain!"

"Sure Dad" Dargo tells him "Dad...!" Pointing to the nearst porthole to the ripple in space saying, "you may want to avoid that wormhole first!" Dargo tells him!

Within moments, Pilots voice comes over ship wide communications "Worm whole, dead ahead!"

Both John and Aeryn look at each other then at Dargo and in unison say "Frell me!"

John starts having a bit of a nervous brake down starts screaming, "NO, NO, NO, this can't be happening, not again!"

Pilot asks, "What's wrong Aeryn?"

Aeryn calls out "It seems our son can detect worm holes pilot!"

Aeryn drops her head shaking it back & fourth stating, "Here we go again!"

John asks his son, "Dargo, how long have you been able to sense worm holes?'

Dargo tells him "Since the day I was born, why dad!" Dargo said enthusiastically.

Narrowing his gaze John furrows his brow and skews his mouth sideays tells him "Oh no reason son... me and Einstein are going to have a very long talk!"

Dargo just starts laughing!