It was two weeks later as the Family Crichton prepares to leave Dargo had walked half way down the drive before he turned on I dime and ran toward his grandfather "Jack" his eyebrows arched starting from the inner eye running outward. Even though his mouth is closed his jaw drops as his lips press tightly together tears start to run down his cheeks.

Looking at the ground Dargo states "Grandpa Jack I think I'm sick!"

His eyes begin to widen as Jacks eyebrows start to raise into an arch as his lips part he asks Dargo what makes you say that?

"Grandpa" says Dargo "I'm leaking" he said pointing to his tears he says "see!"

Aeryn comes walking up behind her son she places her hand on his shoulder and gives it a gentle squeeze she takes a knee saying in a soft voice "Dargo your not sick..., at least not the way you think you're sad because you will miss your family"

As Dargo sheds a tear Jack he pulls Dargo into a hug telling him "you will always have family here Dargo!"

Leaning into her son Dargo Aeryn whispers something into her son's ear as Dargo pulls away as his eyes grow wide saying "Really!"

Jack lowers his head as he stairs off into space as his own confusion overtakes him he asks "Aeryn?"

Aeryn turns to face Jack saying "Jack..., with the sebacean life span Dargo could reach 200 years old." Jack's eyes widen in shock all the more as the realization of what Aeryn tells him sinks in

Aeryn says "Dargo will live to see his nephew's child reach adulthood"

Three hours later at The International Aeronautics and Space Administration on the launch pad just as the Crichton family is about to lift off when John asks "where's my dad I was hoping I would be able to say goodbye..., this time!"

A few moments' later Jack Crichton shows up with T.R. Holt walking behind him wearing an orange jumpsuit and being restrained by both hand and leg cuffs. Aeryn hand on reflex reaches for her pulse pistil strapped to her leg as she asks "Jack?"

Raising his hand Jack tells her easy Aeryn Mr. Holt has something he would like to say.

With a nervous, swallow Mr. Holt tells her it's come to my attention that before your arrival you were given diplomatic status as such what I did taking your blood could be considered an act of war. With a fearful look, he said, "Tell your friend with the eyes as black as coal, I will keep my word... I hope I never see him again"

Aeryn looks at John confused "Despite what he wanted as a visiting diplomat you are off limits."

Aeryn asks John "The man with black eyes?"

John whispers, "Einstein!" Aeryn looks at John acknowledging the comment but not wanting to say too much.

As her hand slowly moves away from the holster on her leg she says "Ah... Jack please; consider our exchange at the house a formal complaint."

Jack tells her "I already do!" Smiling Jack said to her "Welcome to the family Aeryn!"

Aeryn, John, Dargo, and baby Layla board the Shuttle for Moya it lifts into the shy heading into space and parts unknown!