E/O Challenge: Hold - 100 words on the dot. This is late because this week's word didn't provide my brain any ideas until half an hour ago ;)

How many times have the Winchester boys stepped in to save the day without us even knowing about it? I wonder...

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Where I live we have a Violence Awareness and Random Acts Of Kindness Week. Here is my two cents on the subject:

We all have within us the power to brighten someone's day with a smile or a kind word. And in doing so, we also brighten our own.

"Wrong side of the road dumbass!"

"Dude's all over the place."

"My bet's on 1-800-I Am Drunk. Bastard's gonna kill somebody."

"Not if we stop him."

"Right. Cuz it's not quite enough that we protect them from demons and monsters, let's add some flunkie who can't handle his poison."


"It's just… saving people from people?"

"Yeah, I know. What's the plan?"

"PITA manoeuvre."

"You mean PIT."

"Nope. PITA. Pain In The Ass. Hold on."

"Ha! Take that! Did you call?"

"Cops are on the way."


"You okay?"

"Sure. Joe Public has been saved again, without even knowing it."

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