I wanted to read something about Ra's using Robin to "persuade" Batman to join him. I couldn't find what I wanted, so I decided to write it. Be kind and review.

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Ra's al Ghul was at the end of his rope. He tried to get the Dark Knight to join him. He offered his only daughter as an incentive. He even threatened Gotham for good measure. Yet the Dark Knight refused. Over and over again he had extended the offer to Batman, and over and over again the Batman had rejected it. Only a fool would dare to do such a thing. Few survived their refusal.

So what would that make the Dark Knight?

Somehow, some way I will find a weakness in that armor and I will convince the Bat that the only way to fix it would be to join me. But how?

Ra's al Ghul passed a hand over his eyes. He needed sleep. He needed to remake the world. He also needed a plan to turn the Bat to his cause once and for all. The last one was currently the main objective, had been for several months now.

"The problem with my other plans is that they don't cover all the bases," the assassin mused. "The Detective is plainly in love with Talia, yet using her as a reward doesn't work. He wants to eradicate crime, yet refuses to rid the earth of all unfit people. Threats aren't of much use; they seem to strengthen his resolve, not drain it." He paced around his study, the pieces of the puzzle that was Bruce Wayne aka Batman sliding around, trying to find the correct fit. "There must be something I missed, something either hidden to his core or so blatantly obvious that I overlooked it. But what is it?"

In desperation he looked to the TV screen in front of him. The sound was off, mainly so he could think without having his thoughts interrupted by insignificant events. At first glance, though, he saw the screen shift to an overview of Gotham City. He turned up the volume.

" – and after almost two weeks of his crime spree, the Joker was finally caught in the wee hours of the morning by none other than Gotham's own heroes Batman and Robin," a blond news reporter stated. "The chase started around 8 pm, when the Dynamic Duo came to rescue Gotham PD who were trapped inside Gotham Bank by Joker's thugs. The crazy crime clown drove all over the city, releasing traps on the two while he attempted to get away with over $4 million and the president of the bank. Around 3:38 am, the Duo caused the Joker to crash into the brick wall of the same bank." The screen flashed to show a clip of the scene that took place earlier that morning. "Robin handcuffed him as he sat there stunned while Batman got the CEO out of the trunk. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured." Ra's watched the scene take place, his eyes never leaving the forms of Batman and Robin. The kid was smirking as usual, while his mentor kept his glare focused on the homicidal clown being shoved unceremoniously into the back of an Arkham van. The Joker jerked, his mutilated mouth grinning wider than ever as he mouthed a couple words to Batman.

Next time, it'll be your little Birdie.

In response, the Dark Knight reinforced his glare as he placed both hands on his protégé's shoulders. The meaning was clear.

You touch him; you'll wish you had been killed in that crash.

At that moment Robin looked up to smile at his mentor. He turned around to face the older vigilante and said something indistinguishable. A quick upward twist of the corners of the man's mouth indicated something the assassin had never seen before: happiness, affection… love.

Ra's smirked as the Dynamic Duo nodded at Commissioner Gordon and disappeared into the background. He turned and pressed a button on his desk.



"Gather ten of the best members of my elite squad together in the briefing room. I have a mission for them."

"As you wish, my master." Ra's leaned against his desk, allowing the revelation and possible plans to course through his mind. He didn't understand how he couldn't have seen it before. It was right in front of his face, probably had been for a while, but then again, so was the love-hate relationship of Bruce and his daughter. That had taken priority… until now. Of course, this couldn't be undertaken like a common kidnapping.

"Detective, you have eluded me time and time again, but this time, you will not escape me." An evil smile spread across his face. "After all, who can resist the one who holds the power over his son?"