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"Whatcha doin?"

Blaine quickly covered the letter he was writing, "Kurt! Hey…umm …nothing, I'm doing absolutely nothing."

"Uh huh," Kurt said skeptically, "what are you hiding from me then."

"What I'm not hiding anything," Blaine laughed nervously.

Kurt walked toward him, "Let me see it, Blaine," he said softly.

"See what? I don't have anything." Blaine lied.

"I saw you cover something up when I walked in, and you haven't moved your hands from behind your back this whole time. Now let me see." Kurt held his hand out as if waiting for Blaine to put something in it.

Blaine moved his hands from behind his back, "Look there's nothing here," he told Kurt again.

"You either have it on the desk behind you or in your pocket." Kurt said taking another step forward.

"Look," Blaine held his arms straight out and spun in a circle, "nothing. Why do you want whatever I "have" so badly?" he asked putting air quotes around 'have'.

"You just reacted so strangely, and you knew it was me, so I figured it's something about or for me with the way you act…" Kurt stopped when he saw the letter sitting on the Chair. Blaine saw Kurt look at the chair, he reached out and grabbed the letter right before Kurt got it.

"I TOLD YOU, YOU HAD SOMETHING!" Kurt exclaimed. He lunged at Blaine reaching for the letter.

"NO!" Blaine said holding the letter and running to the other side of the room. He stuffed the letter in his inside Blazer pocket. "Can't get it now, Hummel!" he taunted.

"Oh, I can't?" Kurt asked raising an eyebrow. He walked over to Blaine trapping him in the corner by the piano. "I don't back down from a challenge, Anderson, you should know that." Kurt took a few more steps forward, forcing Blaine to sit on the piano bench.

"Wha….what are you going to do?" Blaine asked nervously, eyes wide and staring at Kurt watching his every movement.

Kurt put his hands on Blaine's shoulders and swung his leg over Blaine's so he was straddling Blaine. Kurt leaned his head next to Blaine's and whispered, "Why so nervous, Anderson?" Kurt's hot breath tickled Blaine's ear and he visibly shivered. Kurt chuckled and then stood up and walked away.

It took Blaine a minute to compose himself and realize the letter was missing. He got up to yell at Kurt when all of a sudden Kurt's lips were on his and he was wrapped around him. Blaine was shocked for a second after realizing Kurt was kissing him. He quickly responded though, wrapping one arm around Kurt's waist, the other reaching up to thread through Kurt's hair. He could feel Kurt running his fingers through his hair. He deepened the kiss and started to suck on Kurt's bottom lip. Kurt tightened his hands in Blaine's hair and moaned opening his mouth enough to allow Blaine's tongue to slip inside. Blaine explored the inside of Kurt's mouth causing Kurt to moan again. When they had to break apart Blaine swore he heard Kurt whimper. Kurt rested his forehead against Blaine's. Kurt's arms were around Blaine's neck and Blaine had his wrapped around Kurt's waist.

"Not that I object or anything, but…where did that come from?" Blaine asked slightly out of breath.

"I love you too," was all Kurt said, and Blaine smiled as they kissed again, this one shorter and sweeter.