Author's Note

Hello my wondrous readers,

Okay, I know this isn't too long after the first one, but I have to know ... well, back story first. I have this friend who hate having to go onto this site for some odd reason, but loves my stories. She reads the chapter after I print it out and hand it to her. She started to notice how I was slightly emulating the 'Harry Potter grows up mafia' stories that I like. My question to you guys is - Should I take it to the mafia level? Because once she pointed it out, I noticed that, yes, my future plans for the Evans Family were very mafia like. I'm sure this development will lose me some readers, and gain me some readers, but I really want opinions. Not to sound like I'm begging, but I'm stating (more like begging) that opinions make my day. They put a smile on my face, a thought in my mind, and an itch in my fingers to write, even in my blackest of moods. no matter how tired I am, no matter how much pain I'm in, I will take the time to mull over the opinions. And for those who just write encouragements, I thank you so much, they help just as much, if not in the same way, then in keeping my spirits up, making me tell myself, "I can't just quit, they need me to write more."

Okay, enough on that for now - I feel myself getting a cavity or five from all that. So far on the Harry issue, we have two name suggestions, one dorm suggestion, two for Fem!Harry, three for Crossdressing!Harry, and two for Male Harry. I will be keeping track, and updating this every other day or so, and when I feel I have enough, I will start the poll, and have that going for a couple of weeks. I know it seems extensive, but I want to have as many possibilities as possible. I also have a new request: For the Crossdressing!Harry, please, if you have ideas, also drop a name for Harry to respond to as a girl (think Ouran High School Host Club - Ranka is the female version of Haruhi's dad, and Royji is the male). Also, I notice that not many have title ideas. I'm open to suggestions, I don't want you to feel like I'm trying to push you, but until the Harry thing is taken care of, I can barely rewrite anything. I'm just writing notes (almost six full pages, about to start the seventh) over the characters.

Also, I got to thinking, is this pairing really what you want? I can change it. I'm still trying to piece this all back together. Personally, I find it rather difficult to write this pairing. If you think another one would be better, leave a note. You don't have to, it's just been bothering me for a while.

On a side note: I'm going to be trying to add a lot of pranks. I just need ideas. I have a very different sense of humor, and what I find to be a good prank leaves others very frustrated with me. PM me any pranks that you would like to see, and I'll find a good place for them. Just a heads up now, I might change a few aspects, and mix it with other pranking elements. If you feel that is acceptable, then leave a prank in my PM box.

This is turning to be quite long. That's a little worrisome for me. I hate long notes, even if it adds to the word count of an actual chapter (not the right way to go around that in my opinion). I'll leave it at that for now.

See you in a couple of days, perhaps.

This is CheyennePotter95, signing off.