As of today, I am putting both stories on hold, for three reasons: a) too little time, b) too many holes in my story planning (I keep making mistakes that bring too much forward at one time), and c) too little inspiration to continue one of them right now. Return of the JubliAdder Elves: I lost all my notes. I think I might end up trashing it, unfortunately. I hate to do this, and I actually feel like my heart is breaking, but there it is. A Different Kind of Bravery: will be continued, but I have to go through and fix it. It will be brought down and reposted. To everyone who has followed and favorited: I am deeply sorry for this. As I stated earlier, I feel my own heart breaking for all this. It is tearing me apart. It may be a while before I come back, and I'm sorry. I will continue reading and favoriting, myself, but that would be from a smart phone. I am currently working from a tablet. Any and all changes to the stories will be made when I come back. Thank you for all the support you guys have given me during all this - even when I hardly update. Ciao, my lovely readers! ~CheyennePotter95