Author's Note: So I'm on an updating role and I thought I'd post this. It's the prologue for the request fic I'm writing for Katerina The Von (don't worry in the upcoming chapters will cover your prompt.) I am sorry for this by the way, I've been watching Paralax and it got me in a mind bending universe hopping mood.

Okay the premise for this is that two Logan's of two universes are switching in and out of their own realities

There was something about being in another person's skin that made you instantly aware of it. There was an unsettling texture when you rubbed your fingers together, and the shape of your teeth doesn't feel quite right in your mouth. Logan blinks and there is an unusual weight to his eyelashes and his hair tickles his face in a foreign way.

Logan wasn't sure exactly when he fell asleep, but he knew he must have.

He was him again.

Ever since Logan was young he sought ways in which to retreat into himself and when he was twelve he found the perfect escape from reality... and into someone else's. He fell asleep and his subconscious had made him a wonderful alternative reality to explore.

He was a different person there, though he still looked, sounded and occasionally acted like Logan Mitchell. But this was a world in which he didn't have be so smart, or work so hard. He could be a different version of himself in a reality almost the same to his own.

His dad said he had an overactive imagination, and would always beam with pride that Logan even seemed to dream in a far more advanced state than his peers.

He didn't tell his dad it was like invading somebody else's body because he'd probably have him committed. He didn't tell him that when Logan was awake- dream Logan still carried on with his day so it felt like an advanced state of controlled voyarism when he slipped into his skin.

But he wouldn't wish that world away for anything. Because in his mind, and only in his mind there existed a boy named Carlos.

Carlos was his best friend in this dream world and they would goof off and play games. Or jump off a roof into a swimming pool if he felt like it. He didn't do if often because he didn't like going to sleep and waking up in pain. Or his stupid subconscious making him wearing a cast in his dreams for months.

He could tell Carlos anything, and he would listen... Of course the boy would always look at him with such bemusement. "Why do you make up these stories Logan?" he'd ask when Logan told him about his sweet girlfriend Camille and his oddly enthusiastic neighbour Kendall.

"You make up so many strange people and places."

"Because sometimes I don't exist in your world" he tried to explain but it came out more garbled and incompressible. So Carlos would just laugh and ask him to tell him another story.

And Carlos would humour him and tell him stories of the childhood that they had supposedly shared that Logan had no memory of.

Dream Logan liked to paint and would paint every wall within his parent's house and while he never held any interest in school he still was insanely intelligent.

Dream Logan was always very well liked not that it had ever mattered to him. He never stayed in a relationship to long and come the fall he would be going to college without a major and without a plan. Unlike the real Logan, who was immediately starting a pre-med major with a double degree in psychology.

Actually there seemed to be very few traces of Logan's actual personality in his imaginary version of himself. And Logan wondered if he was subconsciously depressed. That he secretly wanted to change everything about himself.

"Loges" Carlos snapped him out of a daze and stared down at him from where he had climbed high up the tree. "Are you alright?" his face creased in worry and Logan tried to relax and smile how the Logan of this 'reality' might smile. Carlos always seemed very put off when he slipped into his regular tight lipped smile.

"You were out of it for a second- I was worried you were going to fall out of the tree" Carlos grabbed his hand and he realised he was high up on a branch in the air, with no recollection of how he got there.

That was different. Logan usually went to sleep and woke up as... Loges, for lack of a better name for his alternate self. Now he seemed to be slipping in and out of consciousness- in one second he'd be talking to Kendall about the importance of labelling his boxes for college and the next moment Carlos would be in front of him telling him to hurry up or stop spacing out.

"So we're off to college tomorrow- my dad couldn't be more proud that we graduated- and he almost died when I got into college."

Logan laughed a laugh that wasn't quite his own, "couldn't leave you behind buddy- what's a few forged grades between friends."

The words weren't his own- but it wasn't unlike the dream world to have occasional random flashes from Loges' memories. He could see clearly a flash a man that might be Logan if he wasn't smiling such a deranged smile, clattering on keys and laughing to himself.

Carlos blushed, "I'm just glad we're going to go to college together- there's no way I could do this without you."

Logan smiled- and it seemed to be cross between how he wanted to smile at his friend and how he should. "I don't think I can do it without you either," Logan confession and he grasped his hand tightly.

Would college stop the dreams? Would Carlos and everyone else he loved here disappear as well?

Suddenly colours were melting around him and he was very close to Kendall's face.

"Dude! Are you okay?" he gripped his shoulders, "that was so weird- you were all different for a few moments."

"Don't worry about it" Camille laughed and patted Logan affectionately on the shoulder "he's ALWAYS doing that- one minuet he's normal and the next he is ranting about how it would be totally wicked to race turtles- it's so cute."

"It's schizophrenic is what it is" Kendall shined a light in his eyes, presumably just cause that's what doctors do whenever anyone ever checks him out.

"It's more split personality really" Logan told him numbly "and that is NOT something I do!" he glared at his girlfriend who giggled helplessly.

"You don't have to be embarrassed Logie- sometimes you say the sweetest things..."

"And SOMETIMES you make fun of people's eyebrows" Kendall glared, covering that part of his face. "Look I realise we've never been exactly friends, but could you lay off the brows! A man has his pride- but he also has his sensitive areas."

Logan cringed- Kendall was his next-door neighbour and probably the closest thing he had to a friend outside of imaginary Carlos and non-imaginary Camille. Helping the blonde pack for college was supposed to be a gesture of friendship.

"What else did I say?" Logan asked in concern and Kendall actually grinned.

"Well you told me I should paint my room like time and space- and then you actually did!" he gestured at a wall that had a swatch of black painted on it with a million tiny stars and a beautiful pink and purple swirling black hole.

The thing was... Logan didn't know how to paint. He never had- except for in grade six where he painted a turkey for thanksgiving which looked more like a hippopotamus.

"I think I have to lay down." Logan said faintly and stood up and started the trek back to his house.

"Wait!" Kendall called out panicky "aren't you going to help me with these boxes?"

Logan went to bed hoping he would wake up in a world where he wasn't loosing his mind.

It was not to be.

Kendall helped Logan pull the last of his boxes out of Logan's car. "Thanks for the ride Logan" he grinned "isn't it cool we're going to be in the same dorm! How lucky is that? Too bad it's not the same room- but maybe we'll end up neighbours again!"

Logan snorted and grinned, college was looking better than high school already. Kendall was the only nice guy he knew his age, and Kendall had gone to an all boys private school- which had made high school hell. The year was looking brighter just by his mere presence.

"You're going to help me unpack after right?" Kendall pleaded with Logan who was busy trying to drag a heavy box of books behind him. "Cause I'm helping you" he held up a small box in good faith and Logan stopped to stare at him incredulously.

"You picked up the smallest box I had- I thought you were a big strong hockey player?"

"I am! How dare you insult my patronage I'll take you on right-"

They stopped in front of room 2J and they stared at it reverently, "this is where you'll be staying for four years." Kendall breathed almost reverently before whirling around to Logan excitedly. "You'll let me crash here if my room mate is a total dud right?"

"a-a room mate?" Logan repeated fairly and paled, he hadn't factored for a room mate...

The door swung open and a boy stood proudly grinning at the two of them. And Logan was shocked into silence.

"Can I help you?"

Kendall grinned back at the boy and swung his arm around Logan "hey man- I'm Kendall and YOU must be Logan's new room mate, right?"

'no it can't be.'

"Cool!" he grinned enthusiastically shaking Kendall's hand, he had dark hair, a Carmel skin... and he HAD to be a figment of Logan's imagination.

"I'm Carlos Garcia!"

'I thought I made you up.'