Sam Evans slammed the locker door shut. He glanced at the clock on the wall. "Only one more hour and this will all be over." He thought to himself. He was tired of trying to fit in. The blonde hair he had attempted made him look more 'home alone' than 'surfer god'. Ohio was not "a nice place" like his father described. Sam had put on a strong exterior for his younger brother and sister, but deep down he hated it. The Evans' family moved all the time. The economy was rough, and a lot of company's policies were the same. "Last hired, first fired." Meaning that more often than not, his dad got the boot. Ohio ad been the most recent place they had pulled into, and declared "home." Sam had developed a plan that made sure this would be his last "home". Being flung from one place to another, always being the new kid, practically raising his brother and sister, this was not a life worth living. He had devised the sinister plan a few weeks ago, after he had got his siblings into bed. With Ruth and Jonah fast asleep in their beds, it would be hours before anyone would find him. Everything would be so much more peaceful that way. He had stashed away pills for weeks, plotting his silent escape.

He hoisted his book bag, heavy with the contents of his locker, onto his shoulder and headed down the hall.

Two football players walked by him, and Sam flinched, waiting for the icy sting of a slushie facial. They walked straight past him, and Sam let out a sigh of relief. "Hey Evans!" someone called behind him. He turned around and the frozen red drink hit him from all sides, a circle of football players surrounding him. One of them chuckled. "Heard you were joining Homo-explosion. Do and there will be more where that came from."

Sam rolled his eyes, wiping the burning corn syrup from his eyes. He was outraged, the pain overwhelming him. Screw this he was leaving school right now, going to get it over with.

"Come with me." A soft voice said, and he felt a tiny hand grab his.

A soft scent of floral perfume and strawberries greeted him, and he squinted to see Quinn Fabray leading him into the girl's restroom. She leaned him gently over the sink, and began to rinse his face off.

"It will hurt, but open your eyes. Let the water rinse your eyes out." She said her voice soothing and cool.

She delicately wiped away the slushie from his eye, the cool water relieving the stinging sensation. He sat up, and she dabbed his face gently with a paper towel.

She smiled at him, her beautiful eyes sparkling. "You're all done."

He smiled at her. "Thank you. Thank you so much."

Her grin grew bigger, spreading across her face. "You're welcome. It was nothing really."

Sam stared up at Quinn, her beauty breathtaking. She was like an angel. When he was with Quinn, he was at peace, he had meaning and purpose. Life was worth living. Quinn Fabray truly knew how to save a life.