Hello! So I've been reading fan fiction for about a year now and I suppose the next step in all this madness is to publish my own fic!

No copyright infringement intended. I don't own any of the characters from Supernatural. If they want to sign over the rights to Cas though, I'll put him back on the show as soon as possible!

Hope you enjoy and more to come!

Chapter 1

"See? I told you I could get us in!"

Castiel sighed dramatically as his older brother tugged him past the elaborate entranceway. Apparently, being obnoxious had perks. It certainly had earned Gabriel a spot hosting several low budget daytime television shows and just enough fame to secure an invitation to one of LA's hottest clubs.

Castiel wasn't famous. He preferred to view life from the other side of the camera and had majored in filmography. Life could be broken down and dissected when viewed from a lens and he preferred it that way. Left to himself, he would have been content traveling to and from his various jobs and spending his evenings with a good book for company. Unfortunately, with Gabriel, that was rarely an option.

Gabriel had broken into his apartment and forcibly dragged his younger brother out that night. Castiel supposed he was lucky he had been wearing a decent shirt at the time instead of his usual tattered ACDC tees.

"How exactly did you get a key to my apartment?" he asked again.

"Doesn't matter. Don't ask questions you don't want to know the answer to. Now," he said with a shove, "let's get in there and start the party!"

Lights flashed in a million different directions and a loud bass shook the floor. The dance floor was packed with gyrating bodies and he could barely hear himself think once they made it inside.

"Once again, you are not the party, Gabriel," he shouted. Gabriel either didn't hear him or chose to ignore the sarcasm. He flashed his younger brother the look Castiel had come to associate with nights he couldn't quite remember and tracking Gabriel down in seedy motels after his latest one-night stand. With a last flirty wink, Gabriel disappeared into the throng in pursuit of his latest conquest and Castiel was left to push his way through the crowd to the club's bar.

Thankfully, there was an open table left near the bar and he sat down heavily. It was already a known fact that the evening was going to be a disaster; he just had to be sure to prevent anything truly awful from occurring while Gabriel was drunk.

He looked around. Without his brother prodding him for an answer, he could silently admit to himself that the place was impressive. It had three separate stories that all revolved around a central dance floor. Staircases of every type and size twisted through the levels. Lights of all shades glimmered from corners and the place even had it's own waterfall.

Castiel supposed that if he paid a little more attention to popular culture he might have recognized some of the people surrounding him. However, while he loved his job behind the camera, he had only been involved in offbeat, underground films investigating social conflict, moral dilemmas and current events. And while he had found minor success in low-level film festivals, he job didn't exactly earn much face time with anyone that frequented the cover of People. So, consequently, he was more than a little surprised when a warm body sat down next to him and introduced itself.

"This seat taken?" A warm grin and a pair of bright green eyes greeted him when he glanced up from the beer he had been nursing.

"Ummm…no, actually. Not that I'm aware."

The man sat down right beside him. He said something but Castiel couldn't hear above the noise and had to lean in closer.

"You just looked lonely, sitting all by yourself," the man said. "I'm Dean, by the way."

Still slightly shocked someone had bothered to talk to him, Castiel found himself answering. "No, I'm not lonely, I'm here with my brother."

"Well, where is he then?" The man—Dean—smiled like he was enjoying a joke.

Castiel realized he hadn't seen Gabriel in over an hour. He shrugged sheepishly and Dean laughed. "Some brother huh? Really knows how to show you a good time?"

"Something like that."

"It's alright—my brother, Sam, can be the same way. Only he ditches me in libraries instead of clubs," he said with evident fondness in his tone.

The man was attractive, Castiel could admit. As he spoke, his face lit up in a way like he was used to enjoying himself. He had broad shoulders and sun brushed skin that spoke of time spent outside. A black tee settled loosely over a pair of worn denim jeans and a pair of scuffed boot peeked from under the hems.

Castiel found himself leaning in closer, drawn to the man, and accidentally brushed his knees agaisnt Dean's. It had been a long time since he had let himself like a stranger, or anyone for that matter.

Dean looked, surprised, at where their knees met. He paused midsentence and his brow furrowed like he was trying to come to some sort of decision. "Do you dance?"

Castiel didn't dance. Or, rather, he never danced. He always thought he looked like an idiot on the dance floor.

"Yes." The answer popped out involuntarily without his consent. However, before he had time to recant, he found himself on his feet, hand in Dean's and being led toward the dance floor.

Strangely, it didn't matter Castiel couldn't dance. He couldn't tear himself away from Dean if had wanted to. The man could really move. After an initial awkward moment where Castiel couldn't figure out where to stand or place his hands, confident arms encircled his waist and Dean's moist breath exhaled deliciously next to his ear. Before he even realized what was happening, his hips were rocking to the beat automatically against Dean's.

The tempo picked up and one of the arms at his waist began moving up and down his thigh, pulling him flush against the other man's body. Castiel's breathing sped up and he lost track of time as he moved with Dean. Everything else in the room faded and the only thing that mattered was the other body moving so incredibly against his own. Castiel's hands wandered without permission, reaching behind to fist in Dean's hair.

"Look, just so you know, this isn't exactly normal for me, but do you wanna get out of here?" Dean asked in a low voice and intentionally shoved his hips harder against Castiel's.

In a crazy moment, Castiel turned around to face Dean and nodded. Faces inches apart, Dean smiled slowly, pulled Castiel back to him and leaned in. Castiel closed his eyes and waited for the moment he would first feel that soft brush of lips…

"Hullo people of LA!"

His eyes jerked open. That voice was familiar. The music had stopped and Gabriel was up on on stage wielding a stolen microphone. A shit-eating grin on his face, he swayed from side to side.

"It's a lucky night tonight, ladies and gents. You're here with the one and only Gabriel Novak. I'm famous, you know."

Castiel winced and pulled away from Dean. Dean jerked away then, bewildered, like he too had been under some sort of spell and now realized what he had been about to do. He dropped his hands from Castiel's waist and took several steps back, looking wildly around as he did so.

"This isn't...what am I doing? I think…I have to go," he sputtered.

"There's been a convenient change of plans and I'll be your new host tonight!" Gabriel slurred as he caressed the microphone. "To start things off, I'd like to open with my personal rendition of 'All the Single Ladies'. Eat your heart out girls," he yelled and rolled his hips.

Castiel almost reached forward to grab Dean's arm before he could disappear into the crowd. He almost pulled Dean to him to finish that kiss before the other man could decide it was a bad idea. Instead, he ran toward Gabriel.

He threw a last look toward Dean. "I'm sorry," he mouthed but Dean wasn't looking at him any more. Castiel shoved people aside and reached the stage at the same time as the security guards.

"Cas!" Gabriel yelled, seeing his brother. "I'm sorry, have I introduced everyone to my brother? Cas…everyone. And visa versa or whatever it is they say."

Castiel caught Gabriel as he tipped sideways and the microphone rolled across the stage.

"You idiot. Shut up and let me get you out of here," he hissed and turned toward the guards.

"Gentlemen, please excuse my brother. We'll get off stage immediately—I've got the situation under control."

Gabriel, in a horrible burst of inspiration, yelled that he was sorry, broke free of Castiel's hold and kissed one of the guards flat on the lips in front of the entire club.

And that was how Castiel found himself booted out of LA's nightlife, sitting on a cold curb and letting his incoherent brother drool all over his shoulder.