And these outtakes are brought to you by…boredom! Yes, Ladies and Gents, I finally have time to sit down and do the little stuff. I didn't think I would continue this, but an awesome review changed my mind. These all take place after the finale—Some are during the year before the wedding and some are definitely in later years.

They're just for you. Cause I love you guys and your continued support has been amazing.

Castiel was exhausted. It wasn't so easy to throw an engagement party. Of course, Gabriel claimed he had done the majority of the work, but in reality, he had mostly burned half the appetizers (and eaten the other half himself), broken a couple of chairs doing what he called 'athletic karaoke' and mildly offended the majority of Dean's friends. After some reflection, Castiel supposed it was probably more work to clean up after Gabriel than anything else really.

He was slumped in the kitchen, resting his head awkwardly on the counter, when a pair of strong arms circled him from behind and a warm breath exhaled deliciously next to his ear.

"There you are," purred what he considered to be the sexiest voice in the entire world. "Here I am having an engagement party and Gabriel is the one glued to my side. What will people think?" Dean ran his hands up and down Castiel's sides, accidentally-on-purpose slipping beneath the hem of his shirt.

"They're probably hoping you kept the return receipt when you bought your new puppy."

Dean laughed at that and Castiel turned around to face him. "Don't tell me you're jealous that Gabe and I bonded over Jack Daniels and Superbad?"

Castiel snorted and shook his head reflexively, but Dean knew better. "I think we've bonded over some other stuff, if you know what I mean," he whispered and his hands started drifting again.

Castiel swatted them away. "I know you and your games, Winchester, and I'm not playing right now. At our party. In front of our friends and family," he reminded his fiancée.

"But later right?" Now Dean was the one who looked like a puppy.

Castiel winked and placed a kiss on the other man's cheek. "Maybe. I haven't seen Gabriel in ten minutes though and that means something's probably on fire by now," he said and dragged Dean from the kitchen.

Instead of encountering an inferno however, they found Gabriel at the door, passing out party favors to exiting guests. Wrapped in shiny pink paper and purple ribbon, it seemed Gabriel had actually contributed something to the party after all. Dean snatched one of the bags and pulled out what appeared to be a t-shirt. Confusion spread across his face as he read the transcription.

"Care to explain, Gabe?" he asked.

Castiel peered around Dean's arms at the bright sparkling letters. "TFD?"

Gabriel grinned at them both and air-fived Sarah and Sam, who stood at the opposite end of the room.

"Don't worry about it," he said. "It's our gang symbol."

Sam eyed Dean speculatively. Buried underneath an obscene amount of luggage, only Dean's giant smile was visible. "And what has you so excited exactly?" he asked, jiggling the key to his own apartment downstairs.

Dean looked like he simply couldn't contain himself any longer. "I'm going home for the holidays with Cas," he said, practically vibrating.

"And Cas owns seven powder blue suitcases?"

"Nah. That's definitely Gabe," his brother replied without even sounding annoyed. Something was definitely very wrong.


Dean looked at Sam like he happened to be the stupidest person on the planet at that moment. "Dude!" he said. "There are still two Novak brothers I haven't met! Do you even understand how awesome this is going to be? I hope they all pick on Gabe…" he drifted off into a happy, contented silence.

Castiel came out of the bedroom, his own small duffel bag swinging from his shoulder. He looked quickly at Sam and then back at Dean, who was still staring off into space with a goofy expression.

"He does do that a lot lately, doesn't he? I promise though that I will try to bring him back alive, Sam," he said earnestly.

Gabriel chose that moment to darken the doorframe. "Yeah, no guarantees about that, Sammy. For heaven's sake, will you two get a move-on?" he cried, gesturing to where Dean lay sprawled under the baggage. He pushed Castiel toward the door as Dean struggled to his feet.

"Merry freaking Thanksgiving. Give Sarah my best," Gabriel called as the door slammed behind him.

It finally came to Sam what he was thankful for. He was thankful he wouldn't be the one having to endure a plane ride with the three of them that year.

Becky's blue Toyota Corolla pulled into the parking lot at exactly six o'clock. Perched on the fire escape, Castiel could see her apply another shade of fire engine red lipstick in the rearview mirror.

He leaned through the open window and called, "Is Sam's date tonight?"

Dean came barreling out of the bedroom with a fist pump. "I almost forgot! Give me one sec, Cas."

He could hear the microwave running and Dean appeared moments later with an enormous bag of popcorn. Castiel scowled at the fluffy kernels. "Your brother's pain is not entertainment."

Dean shrugged guiltily and shoved a handful of the stuff into his mouth as Castiel's scowl deepened. "So I take an unhealthy interest in watching Sam squirm. What of it?"

Castiel said nothing, but reached over to grab some popcorn for himself and scooted aside to let Dean squeeze through the window frame and onto the rickety staircase. Even in the shade, the metal was hot mid-summer and made his butt stick to the tiny platform that nested right outside their cramped apartment.

They munched on popcorn as Becky stepped out of the vehicle, wobbling in her tall pumps and pressed the intercom button.

Castiel couldn't hear a thing that was said, but sure enough, Sam slunk through the building door approximately five minutes later, looking like he was attempting to blend into the asphalt. What was surprising however, was when the door swung open a second time and Sarah followed him out.

Dean almost choked on his popcorn.

Sarah and Becky embraced enthusiastically, looking exactly like two old friends. Then, Sarah grabbed a reluctant Sam by an elbow and shoved him toward the blonde haired girl.

Sam greeted Becky with a stiff hug but she was having none of it and pointed to her cheek with a single scarlet nail.

Sam baulked, horrified, and looked back toward Sarah, probably hoping for help. Sarah crossed her arms though in a 'get-on-with-it' sort of gesture. Resigned, Sam leaned in, so slow he could have been a glacier, and placed a faint kiss on Becky's cheek. Becky immediately screamed (Castiel could actually hear that), clapped her hands in delight, and embraced Sarah again.

She then yanked Sam toward the car, chatting away animatedly as she strapped Sam into his seat, locked the doors and sped away. The last thing Castiel saw was the image of Sam staring forlornly at Sarah through the back window as the little blue car disappeared into the distance.

Parking lot finally empty, Sarah uncrossed her arms and a smirk spread across her face.

"Huh. I guess she was actually serious when she said Sam should have to experience the consequences of stupid promises. That's actually kind of hot, you know, in a teacher sort of way," Dean mused and leaned back against the railing. Light from the sinking sun played across his hair.

"As always, you remain ever the philosopher."

"Why don't you come over here and I'll philosophize you." He waggled his eyebrows and Castiel was reminded of a cartoon villain.

Castiel rolled his eyes affectionately and picked up the book he had been reading before Becky arrived. He found himself unable to concentrate however and ended up staring at Dean instead. He still couldn't believe sometimes that Dean had actually chosen him.

"Even with my eyes closed over here, I can still tell when you're being creepy, Cas."

Castiel cleared his throat. "Would you prefer I leave?"

"Nah, you can stay," Dean replied nonchalantly, but a smile crept over his face regardless as he basked in the fading sun. Castiel supposed he may be a bit of a creeper for Dean, but Dean liked being creeped on right back.

Thus, they settled in to wait for when Becky and Sam returned.

Sam kicked Dean from underneath the table when a familiar mane of dirty blonde hair entered the restaurant.

"You said he wasn't coming. You promised!" he hissed as his expression changed from mildly nervous to down right panicked.

"Dude! I don't know what happened. I swear I didn't say a word. He just knows things," Dean pled.

Gabriel sauntered up the table where Dean, Castiel, Sam and Sarah sat.

"Hey all," he began, like he had actually been invited, "This isn't exactly your usual joint. Glad to see the group's getting a little classier." He looked around in amusement at the sterling silver dishware, flower displays and the string quartet playing nearby. It was a far cry from the burger joints they usually frequented.

Sarah, ever gracious, was the first to respond. "Gabe! Pull up a chair! I'm so happy you could make it. Believe me, it came as a shock to me as well when Sam suggested this." She looked over Sam's way with a frown of suspicion.

Sam fidgeted with his napkin, eyes fixed firmly on the floor. "Well, believe me," Gabriel said, mussing Sam's hair on his way by with a little more force than was strictly necessary, "nothing, and I mean nothing, could keep me away from a night like this." He sat down with an air of finality.

Sam stood up. "Dean, can I speak to you for a moment? In private," he added for Gabriel's benefit.

They converged in the bathrooms. "I can't do this. Gabe showing up is an omen. This whole thing is bound to go horrendously wrong in ways I haven't even thought of yet."

"You have to do it. He'll just find us again. There's no way out." Dean patted his brother sympathetically on the back. "You got this, Sammy." Sam shuddered and they headed back toward the table.

A surprisingly normal dinner followed however, despite Sam's concerns. It was only as dessert was being served that Sam broke out in a sweat again. He pulled out his chair and got down on one knee in front of Sarah, who looked shocked.

"Sarah," he began, a slight quaver in his voice, "There's something I've been meaning to ask you for a while now. Well, actually pretty much since I first met you, come to think of it."

Gabriel bounced up and down in his seat then, making Castiel's champagne tip over. "Me too, me too! Don't forget me!" he called and dashed to Sam's side. Dean and Castiel exchanged a look, deeply grateful they were currently out of important ceremonies for Gabriel to interrupt.

Sam had obviously decided Gabriel might give up and go away if he ignored him so he continued, "I never thought I would find someone I could love again after what happened in the fire, but then you came into my life. I laugh more with you than with anybody else."

Gabriel inserted right behind, "And as Sam's official BFF, I never thought he would be able to love again either, but then you came into our lives. And Sam laughed almost as much with you as he did with me." Sam and Sarah threw him an annoyed look but Gabriel disregarded it entirely and gave Sam an encouraging smile. "Go on, Sammy."

Sam grasped one of Sarah's hands in his own. Gabriel claimed the other. "What I mean to say is, I want you around for the rest of my life. I can't imagine life without you and I hope you feel the same way."

Gabriel followed with, "…and I want you to be around my life too as long as you don't cut into BFF time, and I hope you feel the same way about us."

"I promise to love you…"

"…Sam promises to love you…"

"…in sickness and in health…"

"…as long as his BFF isn't currently sick and then he obviously gets dibs…"

"…and you'd make me the happiest man on the planet if you said yes."

"…and you'd make me happy too if you said yes."

Sarah's eyes shone with tears and she leaned forward to pull Sam into an embrace as he slid a sparkling diamond on her finger. Gabriel awkwardly squeezed himself between them. "Isn't this nice, guys?" he asked, sighing happily. "I love happy endings."

Sarah, to her credit, gave Gabriel his own hug. "It would be even happier if you'd fetch that waiter to bring us some champagne, Gabe." Gabriel raced off on his mission.

Sam looked at Sarah in wonder. "I spent all of dinner figuring out how to get rid of him and you did it in a second. Have I told you how much I love you recently?"

Sarah admired her diamond. "Yes, but feel free to tell me again."

Sam laughed. "I promise I'll redo this. It might have to be in a locked closet to get away from Gabe but it'll happen."

Sarah looked at him seriously. "Now Sam, I knew you had a kid before I promised to marry you."

Dean snorted into his champagne and Sam shrugged sheepishly.

"Actually," she continued, "I wouldn't have it any other way."

Dean leaned over the fence, gazing contemplatively at the horse pasture. It had taken a few years, but they had finally returned to Colorado, sans Gabriel of course. John had been very specific on that point.

Upon arrival, Dean had disappeared with John—In the confusion, Castiel made out something about the two of them needing to talk farm business and he figured they would be sequestered in John's official all afternoon. Yet here Dean stood, still alive and intact after having seen his father, watching the horses graze.

He sidled up beside Dean and was struck suddenly by the way age had given his face more definition. It hardly seemed possible that it was almost ten years to the date he had fallen in love with him in this very place.

"You survived," Castiel pointed out rather obviously and Dean chuckled.

"Barely. You know how he gets. He has this idea that we should come back here to run the ranch for him since he's so busy in Washington. I told him to shove it," Dean said with satisfaction. It was still a source of pride for him whenever he managed to say no to John.

Castiel said nothing but looked over the green pasture and the hilly woodland beyond it. Summertime in the mountains was peaceful and the valley had descended into a sleepy sort of silence. Only the drone of the bees and a light wind that ruffled the grass broke the stillness.


Dean turned his way. "That was random. Yes to what?"

Castiel laid his hand over his husband's, fingering the gold ring he had placed on it ages ago. "Yes to the ranch. Living here. Everything."

Dean's eyebrows shot up and he gaped. "You actually want to live here? Do you remember how miserable my dad made you the last time we were here?"

"No. I only remember thinking that your eyes were the perfect shade of green when you showed us all the Impala for the first time." He gestured toward where the old red barn sat. "I remember kissing you in the hallway outside my old room, and I remember our snowball fight in those hills."

"Huh," Dean replied. Age had most definitely not made his answers more elegant. They fell into silence again.

"What about Sam?" he asked a few minutes later.

"Do you imagine you could keep him away? He'll visit all the time. The kids will love this place."

Dean was silent again, but a grin had spread across his face. "Really? You'd do that for me? We can actually live here?"

Castiel sighed. "Not just for you, I want it too. But yes, I would."

Dean slung an arm over his shoulders and pressed a kiss into Castiel's messy hair. "I knew I picked right," he said smugly. Moment over and decision made, he got down to business immediately. "We should name these new foals. It can be our first decision as farm owners."

Four new foals grazed in the pasture alongside their mothers and Dean regarded each one carefully. "Let's see. Ferrari, Camero, Mustang…" he looked over at Castiel. "Go ahead, you should name one too. Has to be a car though, we can't go disappointing Sam with nice normal names," he added.

Castiel pondered the idea. "I believe I am rather fond of Volkswagen."

Dean rolled his eyes. "Seriously? Fine, but we have to call him VW for short. No one can ever know I named a horse after the same company that makes Bugs."

"Works for me," Castiel shrugged as they headed back to the house hand in hand.

The End.