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Before I go on and explain what this story is about, I feel like I want to start by explaining why I am writing this in the first place and what you guys can expect from my writing in general. Let me start out by saying that I am BRAND NEW to this site. In fact, I previously had a somewhat negative view towards fanfiction in general, assuming it was all just obsessed fangirls putting romances together and writing stories about them in poor grammar. And, even though there is a little truth to that stereotype, I have to admit that there are some pretty intriguing stories on here. Why did I come to this site then? Probably for the same reason most of you did. You see, I became re-acquainted with this old show over this past Christmas Break. I remember being very interested in this show when I was younger, but for whatever reason, I never actually watched most of the episodes. So, (thanks to Youtube and boredom) I finally got to watch the show over the break. Long story short, I became a fan. I had always been a fan of the whole "superhero team" genre, and I found these characters particularly attatching (plus that first season theme song is kick-ass!) However, that doesn't mean the show was perfect and most of its problems were in the writing. The characters were fun, but they weren't very deep, and hardly any time was devoted to character development. Plus, the scripts had more than their fair share of plot-holes and cheesy dialogue. Despite that, I saw ALOT of potential in this show and I was ultimately saddened that it only lasted two seasons and that general views on the series as a whole are mixed at best.

Anyway, one episode I was particularly excited to see was "The Comet Cometh" from the first season. I always loved origin stories and when I heard that this episode would go into how the Loonatics got their powers, I became anxious to see it. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed. I felt like there was so much more that they could've done to explore the characters. Overall, there were alot more questions that I would've liked to have answered. So naturally, I began making my own answers. Thoughts led to ideas...ideas led to words...words led to stories...and stories ultimately led me here.

This story will basically be a re-telling of the original episode of "The Comet Cometh". The basic framestory will be kept mostly the same, but it will also be expanded on. Also, I intend to delve more into the characters themselves and into their backstories. This story will attempt to answer many of the questions that I had over the course of the series. What exactly were the Loonatics like before they got their superpowers? They probably didn't instantly realize that the comet gave them superpowers, so how did they find out? What did they do afterwards? How did the team get together? I will answer all of these questions over the course of this story. Also I intend to spend alot of time on characterization and development. I want to make each of them more relatable and realistic with feelings, motivations, desires, and fears. THAT is my ultimate goal.

Also, I am rating this story as "T" just to be on the safe side. In reality, most of it will be more suitable for "K+" but it will have its moments...

I feel like I could explain more, but I think I'll wait until the end to tell you more about what's to come in the future. So, without further ado... ENJOY!

Ch. 1 – Prologue

"…It is why we are gathered here on this day, the one-year anniversary of the meteor's impact," a booming voice proclaimed through a microphone. The voice belonged to the mayor of Acmetropolis who was standing in front of a podium on a large stage before hundreds… no, thousands of citizens. "Adjusting to this strange new world has been difficult for all of us. Fortunately, we have had help from six extraordinary individuals who have watched over and protected us…"

The six individuals she spoke of stood proudly side-by-side next to her on the stage. Each of them played an important role as a member of the team (the "Loonatics" as they were dubbed.) However, the team knew, as well as the rest of the city, that there was only one member of the team who truly deserved the recognition of such a ceremony. That member was the one standing closest to the podium, dressed in a black-and-orange supersuit.

"And now…" the mayor continued, "to accept this award for being the Greatest Hero in the History of the Known Universe, the leader and most handsome member of the Loonatics...DANGER DUCK!" The thousands of spectators burst into thunderous applause. The duck stood still for a moment basking in the moment with a confident and superior look on his face. He regally turned his head in the direction of his teammates who were all gazing upon him with complete adoration. On the furthest end, Rev, the speed demon of the group, was jumping up and down with joy, yipping and hollering praise for his friend. Beside him, Tech, the technical "expert" of the group, took a moment from his frantic clapping to place his fingers in his mouth and release a piercing whistle. Slam, the group's strong-man (though certainly not as strong as him) practically shook the city each time he clasped his enormous meat-hooks together, all while grunting with excitement through his gigantic ear-to-ear grin. Lexi, the group's token hot-chick, took a second from her own clapping to wipe a tear that had found its way out of her eye. And finally, Ace, who stood the closest to Duck, made no cheering or clapping, but simply stood there with an approving, yet humble look on his face as he placed his hand on his chest and proceeded to bow in deep respect for his clear superior.

The duck turned from his teammates and approached the podium where the mayor stood by. As Duck took his place, he waited a moment to let the crowd subside before he could start speaking. But, when it quickly became clear that they wouldn't quell anytime soon, the mallard simply raised his hand, immediately silencing the crowd. "Thank you, thank you," he began, "Dear citizens of Acmetropolis, I can't tell you how honored I am to be receiving this award tonight. For you have bestowed upon me, your superior, with the title of 'Greatest Hero in the Known Universe'…good for you! Protecting this city certainly hasn't been an easy job, but I will continue to put my life on the line each and every day so that you, my humble citizens, can continue to worship the ground I walk upon." The crowd once again erupted into applause. "There are many people I would like to thank for paving the way on my glorious rise to the top-"

"Hold it right there, Danger Duck!" a booming voice echoed from the back of the assembly. The people gasped in horror as a large figure emerged into view. The figure was that of a man who stood at least 7ft. tall with a bodybuilder's physique of at least 300lbs. of pure muscle. He was dressed in a black and chrome metallic suit which covered every inch of his body except for his face. He sported long black hair, with a streak of purple right down the center, which hung down to his waist. His eyes were glowing blood-red, one of which was covered by a metal eye patch which also served to partially cover an enormous scar that ran vertically on the right side of his face. For Duck, this man needed no introduction.

"Why, it's my arch-nemesis…DR. EVIL-MAN!" Duck bellowed sinisterly into the microphone. The entire crowd gasped once again, and a woman in the front row fainted.

The villain gave a hearty evil laugh, "Yes, it is I, Dr. Evil-man! And once I defeat you, there will be no one to stop me from taking over Acmetropolis, and soon the entire universe!" The villain laughed again as the crowd began to run wild in fear for their lives. Even the Loonatics looked intimidated by such a large and dominating figure, but the duck kept his composure.

"In your dreams, Dr. Evil-man! As long as I'm here, you will never have this city," Duck's eyes began to glow orange and two flaming orange spheres appeared in his hands as he readied his battle stance, "Now feel the wrath of Danger Duck!" With all his might, he threw the spheres at the villain, hitting him directly in the face and revealing their contents – orange juice.

"Nooooooooo, not orange juice!" Dr. Evil-man wailed as his face began to give off smoke, "How did you know that was my one true weakness?" Smoke was now being emitted from his entire body, which had begun to liquefy, "I'm melting…..melting….I'll get you for this, Duck….I'll get you…!" The villain's screams grew weaker and weaker until he was nothing more than a black and white puddle on the ground.

The dispersed crowd once again erupted into cheering and hollering of praises. His fellow Loonatics huddled around him and lifted him into the air, throwing him up repeatedly. The people had all begun to chant in unison, "DANGER DUCK! DANGER DUCK!"

"You-did-it-Duck! You're-a-hero!" Rev screeched.

"You handled that way betta than I could have!" Ace admitted.

"You're so much smarter than me, Duck. I would've never thought of orange juice!" Tech said adoringly.

"Not to mention how handsome you are, Duck!" Lexi praised.

The crowd continued to cheer…



Eventually, his teammates placed him back onto the stage as a swarm of supermodels and fangirls rushed up to him, showering the duck with giggling hugs and kisses.



The girls momentarily stopped their affectionate displays as the mayor approached the hero with her microphone.

"Danger Duck," she announced, "once again, you have acted heroically and saved the entire city! We are all greatly in your debt."

"All in a day's work ma'am," Duck said coolly. One of the supermodels kissed him on the cheek.

"So tell us," the mayor resumed, "how does it feel to know that you are now the world's biggest BBRRRTT!"

Duck's eyes grew wide with surprise and puzzlement. He must've been hearing things, "Excuse me?" he inquired.

"I said," The mayor continued, "How does it feel to know that you, Danger Duck, BBRRRTT! the world's biggest BBRRRTT!?"

Duck was now worried, "Wait, what?"

"Yeah, Duck…" he turned his head to look at Ace who had now picked up the questioning, "How does it feel ta know that you BBRRRTT! the biggest BBRRRTT! in Acmetropolis?"

Duck decided to take offense, "What? How dare you!" he shouted defensively at the bunny. Suddenly, all the chants and cheers of the people turned into that same offensive noise.



What the hell was THIS supposed to be about? Had everyone suddenly gone insane? The people seemed to be screeching louder and louder causing Duck to wince as he covered his ears in a vain attempt to drown it out…





Time: 9:37 a.m.

Date: March 19, 2773




Duck barely managed to pull his eyelids apart. His sleepy eyes gazed aimlessly around the room for a minute or two as he came to terms with this new reality. "So it was all just a dream..." he thought to himself, "a wonderful, wonderful dream….." It was such a shame, too. Everything seemed to be going perfectly. He tried to close his eyes in the hopes that he could somehow return to that same wonderful place…



Damn, his alarm clock was annoying. Why didn't he have one of those alarm clocks that played your own music or even at least turned on the radio? Why was that annoying buzzer the only sound his clock was capable of making? He knew he had to get up soon, but his bed was just so comfy…



"Alright, alright!" the duck thought to himself as he thrust his hand over the clock and hit the 'off' button. As much as that thing annoyed the hell out of him, he knew that it was all for the better. After all, today was a special day, and he couldn't afford to waste any more time lying around in bed. He had to get ready to meet his many adoring fans. Who knows, perhaps today would end up turning his wonderful dream into a reality…

Deep down, he knew it was probably too good to be true, but a Duck could dream, couldn't he? His mind entertained the possibilities as he lazily rolled out of bed, slipped his feet into a soft pair of slippers and left the room to join his teammates.

So, there it was, what did you think?

Yeah, there wasn't a whole lot of substance in this chapter, it was more of a comedic introduction than anything. In reality, I intended this only to be the very first part of chapter one. But, chapter one was getting WAY too long (6,000+ words and still a long way to go) so I decided to split it up into 3 parts. I was intending to upload them all at the same time, but I got impatient and decided to upload this one early. The other two parts WILL be uploaded at the same time and will likely be up within a couple of weeks.

Overall, it looks like this story will end up being about 10 or 11 chapters long (give or take). They will be fairly lengthy, and most of them will be at least double the length of this one. Each character will have their own chapter devoted to their backstory, but those won't start until chapter 4 (originally chapter 2 until I was forced to split up the first one) These first 3 chapters will be used to set up the story, and just to have a little fun with characters, you know, getting to know them better :)

Hmmm...I still feel like I have more to say...but I'm sure it can wait until the next chapter...

So please tell me what you think, I love any kind of feedback. And be on the lookout for more chapters coming soon! Thanks for reading!