Here's my attempt to fix the mess I made. Kinda like Cat. I reread this story from the prologue, which felt very weird, and I think I know what I was aiming to do when I started writing this. I meant to showcase all the amazing bonds in this fantastic show, ones that I favor and ones that I don't. But I also wanted to impress you all with this insane plot that is literally AU. I started this story in 8th grade, when Victorious was at its peak. Here I am, starting my sophomore year of high school in two days, this beautiful series long gone. And the only thing I can do to tie in ends for my own selfish good is to finish this story and give it the proper ending that the show didn't get. So let's go again.

Here is the conclusion to this story that seemed to never end.

Trusting Tori was a big step for me. I did it just the night before and she betrayed me. Here I was again, totally putting my heart and life on the line. I knew exactly what I wanted her to do. I wanted her to be an executioner. Not the kind that chops off the heads of our fellow men, but an executioner in the sense of my own definition. An executioner according to I, Cat Valentine, is someone who plays with lives. This person takes the orders of those around her and puts them into action. Tori fit the bill perfectly. We needed an executioner around here.

As Tori drove to Robbie's house under my order, I was almost certain she would snap right then and there. I mean, we'd all snapped. I had blacked out, Robbie face-planted into the floor. I was almost positive Beck was having a meltdown as I was having these thoughts. Now that Tori was involved (it was her own fault), why shouldn't she join the "I'm-Going-To-Have-A-Premature-Heart-Attack-Right- Now" Club? It's not the greatest after school activity, but we're all friends there.

"Are you still, like... Mad at me?" Tori asked, still looking over the expanse of road ahead of her. "I mean, for telling Beck?"

"No," I replied. And it was the truth. I'd been mad at Tori for a lot of things before, sure. But telling Beck truly was in everyone's best interest. I was mad that she'd gone against my request. I wasn't mad at her for the deed she chose. I decided that a simple one-worded response was best.

We pulled into the Shapiro estate driveway and entered the cluttered house.

"Robbie!" I called.

His skinny silhouette rounded the corner of the one hallway. He kept his distance from me.

"Hey, you're back," he noted.

"I am," I confirmed.

It wasn't long after I saw Robbie in his monstrous look that I realized I, too, was a disaster. I'd just have to worry about it later. Right now we were getting down to the nitty-gritty.

"Is Beck still here?" I asked hopefully. I needed him and it was extremely important.

Robbie took a few steps toward me, running his hand through his hair. He looked nervous.

"Yeah, Cat, he's here, but-"

"Oh good!" I exclaimed, walking in the direction of the hallway.

"Cat, wait," Robbie grabbed my arm before I rounded the corner.

He must have seriously needed to tell me something.

I looked back at Tori, still standing by the door. "You... Stay," I demanded. What else could I say, really? Make yourself comfortable?

Robbie pulled me into the hallway and whispered in hushed tones. "He's mad."

I sighed. "Well of course he is. I'd be angry too if I found out I had two genera-"

"No, Cat," he interrupted. "He's... gone mad. He's insane."

My eyes widened at the realization. So many thoughts went through my mind. I knew insanity. I saw it in the face of my brother. And it doesn't just exist in stories. it's very real. I raced towards the room where I heard the muddled screaming which I could only assume was Beck's. I opened the door, keeping my distance. As I peered inside, I saw a frightful sight. Beck was tied to a wooden chair, a rag tied around his mouth. I turned to Robbie, bewildered by how he managed to do that.

"We're all mad here," I whispered, quoting my favorite fairytale.

I took a step into the room, walking towards the struggling man. Robbie grabbed my arm lightly, not wanting me to get hurt. I looked at his hand around my small wrist, and then at his eyes. It's all right, I mouthed, giving him a slight smile.

His entire face seemed to relax at my grin and he loosened his grip. I walked closer to my father, kicking and yelling. I quickly darted behind him and untied the rag so he could talk. His scream filled the room immediately, and many more screams after that. We waited at least five minutes for the screams to stop, thanking God that Tori obeyed my request to "Stay."

When the kicking stopped, I stood in front of him, bending down to look in his eyes. I made sure he looked into mine.

I started to speak gently, not wanting to distract his trance. "It's me. It's Cat. And everything's going to be all right. Okay?"

The coldness in his eyes faded. His nostrils ceased to flare and his grimace transformed into a look of desperation to be free. Keeping my eyes locked on to his, I reached behind his back to untie the mess of knots holding his arms behind him. With the final unraveling of a loop, his arms wrapped around my back, standing up as he did. I did the same, burying my face in his neck. I felt a tear escape his eye, streaming down my red hair. More tears followed suit, followed by many audible sobs. My father, the strongest man I know, was crying on my shoulder.

"I love you so much, Cat," he choked, gripping me tighter. "Please don't leave. Please don't. Please."

I locked eyes with Robbie over my dad's shoulder. He looked like he was a loss for what to say, what to think. I, however, knew exactly what to think.

Beck grabbed my shoulders and stood me face to face with him. "I have a d-"

He struggled for what to say. "You're my..."

"Yes," I said quickly. I wouldn't call him dad and break down into waterworks. The moisture in my eyes was enough, and I was on a business trip. "I'm your daughter, and you're my father, and you need to listen to me, okay?"

He nodded vehemently, prepared for whatever it was I had to say.

I took a deep breath. "Whatever you do, do not go near Jade."

"No, Cat," he said. "You were right the whole time, I love her more than anything and I need to go back to her, beg to get her back and-"

"NO. Not now! I know what you need to do and you can't do that, okay?" If he did that, everything would be ruined. Everything. "Now come with me," I said, walking out the door.

As Robbie and Beck followed me back into the living room where Tori waited, I slowly lined up all the transpiring events in my head. My plan was slowly starting to come together. It seemed bulletproof, and I honestly hoped it was. I don't know how I'd deal with a block in my path.

I walked towards the tall, slim girl, patiently waiting. "Great, you're still here," I said. "You're the executioner."

Everyone else in the room shared a confused glance, and I allowed it.

"Let me explain. Tori, tonight and tonight only, you are in charge of multiple lives. You are in charge of my life, Robbie's life, Beck's life, Jade's life, my brother's life, and your own life. If you mess up, it is 100% on your own conscience and I'm not going to humor you. Are we clear?"

She stammered and looked at the boys hopelessly. "Yes," she breathed. "We're clear."

"Great," I said, tying a sweatshirt jacket around my small waist, "Everybody. In Tori's car."