Joy cries, as Victoria strokes her hair.

'It's alright, tell me what happened…'

Joy tries to stop crying, but it was hard. She sniffles a little, and says, 'Kyle ditched me…again.'

Victoria continues to stroke her hair with her hand; she liked the feeling of Joy's hair against her fingers. It was soft and lush, and she smiled a little. 'Joy, you knew there was a possibility that he'd do it again. Once a man walks out the first time, he's apt to do it again. Clearly, the asshole hasn't changed.' Victoria couldn't stand to see Joy this hurt, this upset. The last time she had seen it was back in Los Angeles, when another one of Joy's relationships fizzled.

'I know, I just wanted to hope for something…something that clearly isn't there, I guess.'

She sniffs, and Victoria hands her a tissue. Joy thanks her, and blows her nose. She then gets up to throw the tissue out, returning to the couch.

'Victoria, what would I ever do without you?'

The two women are closer together, their noses almost touching. Joy leans in, kissing Victoria…right on the lips. Victoria is stunned, and she feels as if her breath escaped and there was no air left for her. That's right; Joy's kiss left her breathless, without words for a second. Instead, Victoria returns the favor, throwing her arms around Joy, pushing her gently to the couch.

'Joy, honey…you can do better, you deserve better. I love you and want to be with you, that is, if you'll let me love you.' She kisses Joy against the nape of her neck, and Joy smiles.

'I never knew you felt that way about me, Tori. I'm flattered…I love you too, darling.' Just as she says that, Victoria slips her hands under Joy's blouse, caressing her flesh as Joy gasps a little.

'You've done this sort of thing before, haven't you?' she says, a little stunned.

Victoria raises an eyebrow. 'Baby doll, it's what we call experimentation. And right now, I'd like to experience us together. Shut up, and kiss me.'

Joy giggles, and kisses Victoria. Her soft lips felt great against her own. Victoria smiles, her hands reaching to unbutton Joy's blouse. She sees the black bra, and smiles, her hands gently cupping Joy's breasts. Joy smiles and presses Victoria closer to her.

'I don't need Kyle, that ship's sailed twenty some odd years ago. I don't need him, I have you, Tori.' Victoria smiles, and kisses Joy's forehead. 'See, dear…I know you wanted closure, but here's your closure. I've loved you. I've always loved you…Kyle's just like any guy I've dated before. They leave before the big step, out of fear. It isn't you, sweetheart, it was him,' she says brushing Joy's hair out of her face, and then continues, 'Just remember that I love you and will never leave you. I'll be right here waiting for you.'

Joy smiles, touching Victoria's cheek gently. 'You promise?'

Victoria leans in, kissing her gently. 'I promise. I'll be right here waiting.'