Happens after Caroline leaves Bonnie's house in 3x15.

After Caroline had left Bonnie's house, she made her way towards The Grill, slowling her paces. She knewKlaus would be there, and she wanted to talk to him. It was how he had looked after she betrayed him that felt as if she was punched in the gut. She didn't know why she was even going to him, if she was being honest. But before she could change her mind, she walked in and saw him sitting at the front, taking a gulp of his drink.

"Here for a death wish, love?" Klaus sneered as Caroline stood behind him. Caroline didn't say a word as Klaus turned around, waiting for her to talk. "Well?" Caroline opened her mouth, then shut it. It wasn't in her to be silent. "An apology would be nice," Klaus volunteered for her, a smirk on his face.

Caroline bit her snicker back. "I didn't come here to apologize for trying to kill you, and I won't because I'm not sorry." Klaus's smirk disappeared, and he flashed infront of her. Caroline held her breath as they were only a few centimeters apart. "But I did come to ask you something."

Klaus let out an empty laugh, taking a seat back down, pouring himself a cup of scotch. "I don't have to-"

"Why didn't you kill me?" Caroline spat out. "I basically used you. You could've ripped my heart out."

Klaus took a sip and took his time. "What fun would that be? Now I can just watch you suffer," Klaus smirked.

Caroline smiled that annoying smile of hers. "I don't believe you."

Klaus rose his eyebrows. "What do you mean by that, love?"

"I don't believe you will hurt me. Well, not huge damage if I should say," Caroline said, sitting down beside him.

Klaus leaned against the table and let out a laugh. "Try me."

"You won't, at least not here with all these people here," Caroline smiled at him. She turned to the bartender and asked for a cup of ice water.

"Ah yes, compelling all these in here would take ages, wouldn't it?"

"Mmhmm," Caroline agreed, taking a sip of the water. Klaus just stared at the blondie taking small sips of the water. She was amusing. She came in here, looking all nervous and confused but now here she sat, just taking normally. "You know, I find it creepy at how you keep on staring at me," Caroline said, turning to face him.

"What can I say? You're beautiful," Klaus reminded her. He didn't know why he was even being nice to her. Well, as nice as he can be right now, anyways. Caroline just snickered and rolled her eyes.

"Where's Kol?" Caroline asked.

Klaus's slight smile fell and he just shrugged, finishing his cup, refilling another. "Ran away. As did my mother and Finn. And Elijah."

Caroline licked her lips, watching Klaus's face. The sorrow of knowing his mother was trying to kill him. Then the look of his face earlier tonight flashed through her mind. Caroline shook her head and hopped off the chair. Why was she even here? Caroline made her way out of the bar, when she got knocked back by Klaus, his stiff arms holding her steady. "Where are you going?"

Caroline looked at him, and shook his hand off her. "You know, people are going to wonder why you can get from the front to over here so quickly," Caroline growled at him.

Klaus smirked and Caroline glared at him. "That isn't one of my worries, love."

Caroline opened the door, walking out with Klaus behind her. "I'm going home."

"Ah great! Let's get going," Klaus grinned, as they made their way across the street.

"Mm, so you can kill me along the way, am I right?" Caroline grummbled.

Klaus stared at Caroline, his grin growing bigger. Earlier, she was lightweight at thinking he would kill her but now, she was mourning of it. As they walked in silence, nearing a park, a low voice sounded. Caroline snapped her head around, her eyes searching for the noise. She slowly turned her head back, thinking it was nothing. The two walked 4 steps until the noise became more clear. Klaus continued to walk as Caroline stopped in her tracks this time, turning around. "Who are you?" she called out.

Klaus turned around. "Caroline, it's probably just a wild racoon."

Suddenly, 2 wooden arrows flew towards them, hitting the right side of Caroline's knee. She screamed, falling down on her hands. Just 2 seconds after she fell, what seemed like dozens of bullets flying at Caroline's shoulders and arm. Klaus zoomeed towards the mystery attacker, looking around quickly. No one or nothing was there. Only leaves. Klaus ran back towards Caroline, where she was lieing on the cement, grunting. Klaus stared at the young vampire, quickly scooping her up. Once they were at Caroline's house in a matter of seconds with Klaus's vampire speed, he set her on her bed, reaching to take the arrows out. Klaus grebbed the arrows and pulled them out, Caroline screaming. Klaus's hand tingled. He smelt it and made a disgusted expression. Vervain.

He slowly reached for her shoulders, pulling a bullet out. Caroline moved and slowly, the hole began to return to skin. Klaus pulled out 9 bullets, Caroline shaking or screaming lightly each time. Klaus brushed her wet hair away from her face, pulling out two more. As Klaus made his way to reach the last bullet, Caroline stopped him. "Don't." Klaus looked gave her a comfused expression. What was she doing? "I deserve to die. Why are you even saving me? I tried to kill you!" she spat.

"Shh," Klaus murmured. He didn't know why but it was hard looking at the strong yet sad girl. He made his way to take the bullet out once again but she stopped him. "Caroline," Klaus muttered, a bit ticked. "If I don't take it out, it will slowly fall down towards your heart."

Caroline shrugged, wincing as the movement made the bullet go down more. "Fair's fair."

Klaus tried to not get annoyed by the girl's stubborness. "It's not fair. It wasn't even me that shot you. If you want it to be fair then it should be me."

"Then go on," Caroline said.

"You're strong headed, aren't you," Klaus stated. He moved Caroline so she was leaning on him as he was leaning on the bed post. "You're not dieing, not now anyways." Klaus dug his finger in her neck as she shut her eyes. He put the bullet on the table next to him and smiled. His voice was soft as he whispered to her, "Goodnight."

Caroline awoke the next morning, looking at her healed wounds. She felt so weak. It was just a few bullets and 2 arrows that hit her. She was embarassed then confused at herself. She wondered why she felt so embarassed to be seen weak by Klaus. Klaus. Why did he even care about making sure she lived? Klaus was able to leave her alone yesterday for the bullets to go down towards her heart. Why did he save her once again? She mummbled under her breath and stood up.

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