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As Tyler walked away, Klaus made his way towards the blonde. "Caroline," he smiled. She looked at him, eyes saying yes? "Tyler is back," he stated. There was this disappointed voice in his voice. The vampire didn't know the reason-was it because Tyler was back or had he known that he was trying to get rid of their sire bond?

Yet Caroline grinned. "Yeah," she finally replied.

He smiled and lent ot a hand. "Dance with me," he indirectly asked.

She stared at his hand, frowning. She couldn't, but that face-she wasn't able to open her mouth. She let out her arms, then sucked her hand towards her chest, before slowly holding his hand once again. He took her towards the floor, grinning. He pulled her close, the music turning to be slow music. Typical. He held her close, and she closed her eyes, unable to breathe. His scent was like her home-she loved it, she needed it. A few minutes, she looked up to him, and he was just staring. Smiling.

"Look," she started. "Whatever is going on between us, it needs to stop now." She didn't know what was happening with them. She was confused. He made her so grumpy yet she couldn't help but feel something. "Tyler is finally back and I-"

"And you love him," he helped her finish. She nodded, noticing the darkness covering his eyes. "Caroline, tell me one thing," he lightly mummbled. "Are you in love with him?"

"What?" the blonde quickly said. "Of course I am!" She knew Tyler loved her, as she loved him back.

"I'm aware that you love him," Klaus sighed. "But are you in love?" Being in love with someone and loving someone is different. Like, you can love your bestfriends but you can't necessarily be inlove with them all.

She hesistated. Caroline was so happy he came back. But it just made her more confused. "I don't know how to answer," she told him, not daring to look away. At that moment, her maybe on-off boyfriend interrupted.

"Care?" he wondered. "What's going on?" He was turning his head from left to right.

"Nothing is going on," Caroline muttered, breaking away from him.

Tyler crossed his arms. "I leave and see you two hugging each other?" he was displeased.

"Tyler, there really is-" Caroline began but Tyler turned to him.

"What is wrong with you? You try to kill her and now you are about to hit on her?" Tyler hissed to him loudly.

The blonde hybrid just chuckled. "I am not here to "hit on her"," he growled. Saying a thing was merely.. impolite. Like calling someone sexy instead of beautiful. He still never knew why a few girls prefered the other but he didn't mind. Years had gone by and yadda.

"Then what are you here for?" he growled. He pushed Caroline behind him, protecting the blonde like how the Salvatores would.

"I am here for Caroline. She's radiant, you can see." Klaus tried to not look towards her. He could see the face she made towards him.

Tyler nodded. "And you can't hurt her, not anymore."

Klaus just laughed. "Are you challenging me?" He stood infront of him. Even if he was not sired to him anymore, Klaus was still stronger by a lot. He could even compel him, if it weren't for the blonde being there.

Seeing the powerful shine in Nikalus, the hybrid backed down. "Don't even think about hurting her. Don't even think about her, don't even look at her!"

Klaus just laughed. "I can do whatever I would enjoy. I will stop seeing her when she would wish to stop seeing me," he smirked towards him.

Tyler turned to face Caroline who was hiding behind him, mindblown. "Caroline, tell him," he muttered.

Caroline looked up at her friend. "I.." she stammered. "I don't-" before she said anything, there was a huge blast of glass hitting the floor, the humans running around.

"What the.." Tyler looked around. "No.. nonono!"

Caroline turned. "What's wrong?" She was trying not to yell, but all she saw were blurs.

"Caroline, you need to go home, now," Klaus hissed.

Caroline glared at him. Klaus wasn't actually ordering Caroline, was he? "No!" she yelled.

"Listen, Caroline!" Tyler yelled. "It's not good."

Caroline turned. "What? Seriously! Tyler, you're siding with him?" Elena was here. Bonnie. Stefan. Damon. Caroline flung her hand to make a yell, when a hand wrapped their huge arms around her mouth, quieting the vampire. She wanted to scream but it came out "mmm.

The original growled. "Let go of her." Suddenly a whole bunch of guys came towards them, glaring at the hybrid. "What do you want?" Klaus asked. He could've killed the wolves as quick as 2 seconds but he might've hurt Caroline.

The person grabbing the blonde laughed. "It pains seeing the guys you love get killed. My friends and I saw what you did to the pack. You killed my family all for nothing! You trying to make hybrids?" He yanked Caroline's hair. "Today, you will see what that means." The wolf let out a hand and put his hand in Caroline near the heart, as she let her mouth open, wanting to yell. Klaus stared at her. "It will be alright, love," his eyes hopefully read. "Ah I forgot where the heart was," he smirked. The wolf took his hand out and put it in Caroline's left side, twisting his thumb in her.

"What do you want from me?" Klaus slowly asked. "Let go of her."

"What I want," the wolf glared," Is my family. Too bad they're dead. Now you will see how it feels to love a loved one." He twisted his arm in Caroline again and she cried.

"Stop it," she cried. "I beg you.." The soft pain cries of her floated around them.

The wolf took his hand out of Caroline, licking the blood before he rose his hand to jab it in her, when Damon flashed to him, breaking his hand.

"Careful, wolfy," he laughed.

The wolf growled and 2 wolves pounced of the Salvatore. Stefan came out. Tyler looked up, making the brothers and the others turned to looking at the clouds as well. It was a full moon.

Caroline whimpered when the guy slowly began to change yet the wolf didn't let her go. When every wolf had began to change, Stefan gulped. "Can we win?"

"Hopefully," the vampire on Stefan's side answered. He looked at Klaus then towards the big wolves. Hearing a faint buzz` the vampires, werewolves and hybrids all began to thrash each other.

Caroline now was on the ground, his nails digging in her arm. She was bleeding, her brain thrashing to get more red blood. She groaned loudly, eyes almost rolling away from her eye socket.

The werewolf smirked at Caroline. "It's upsetting how your father passed away. Now, you can see him," he smirked and jabbed his fingers in Caroline.

"No!" Klaus yelled, sprinting to Caroline. He quickly pushed the werewolf and held Caroline right before he could rip Caroline's heart. "Caroline," he whispered. "You're alright.."

Caroline coughed and nodded. She held onto him, as Klaus flashed them in the doors of the schoo.

"Caroline!" her friend Elena yelled. She ran up towards them and held her. She fummbled. "What's wrong?"

Caroline turned to Klaus. "We need to save my friends," she gasped.

"Elena, take Caroline to her home," Klaus said. Elena cried, and brought Caroline towards their car. Klaus flashed back in, when a werewolf jumped on him. He quickly broke the head and helped the others.

The room was all icky with werewolves bleeding. "Get them away before the teachers come back," Klaus said. He left the room, as everybody turned to each other.

Klaus walked into Caroline's room and sighed. She was alright. Elena sat up and turned to him.

"Damon and Stefan!"

"They're all right," Klaus told her. "They're just dumping wolves in the forest."

Elena grimaced. "Care, I need to phone them." Caroline smiled as if nodding, and Elena left glaring at Klaus first.

Caroline turned to Klaus. "I need to say something." He nodded and she sighed. "You could ve seen me die tonight. Why didn't you let him kill me?"

"And let Elena murder me?" he joked. She just crossed her arms. "I enjoy you, Caroline."

She glared at him and stood infront of him. "You killed wolves that he loved." Klaus didn't smile. "He said "you will know how it feels to loose one you love.""

Klaus just nodded. "What's wrong about it? I didn't wan't you dead."

She sighed, ticked off. "Did you not hear? You agreed that it hurts to see one that you love, Klaus! Love! You don't love me!" She yelled. Klaus was not one that loved anybody besides his family! Also she was just a toy if compared to Klaus.

Klaus stood still. What to do what to do? He chose to play coy. "Why can't I? Like I told you, you're beautiful and strong." He smiled.

"Stop with that!" she yelled. "You keep on trying to warm towards my heart but don't you understand? I'm with Tyler! I don't care about the feelings I feel towards you, Tyler is my.. love?" She didn't really understand what she said.

"Caroline," he said. He touched her face. "Leave Mystic Falls. Come with me," he pleaded. "Only I can show you what you want. You're not going to be in Mystic Fall's forever."

She sighed. "I have only one favor." She felt like she was going to pop. He shook his head and Caroline continued. "Can you just.." She sighed. Hysteria was taking over her for whatever reason. She felt tears coming but she added, " Please leave my friends and I alone? You already damaged me enough."

"You don't really mean it," Klaus whispered.

Caroline nodded. "Please, I mean it.. I want you to leave."

Klaus sighed. "Caroline.."

"Please!" she cried. "I hate you! I hate you!" she kept on yelling those sentences.

He felt like being punched. "Do you really want me to leave?" She pleaded. "Fine," he said weakly. He stared into her eyes as Caroline didn't cry anymore. "Forget everything about me. All of your feelings towards me will become hatred. Anger. You will not remember anything about the talks we had. You will forget about me until I say so."

Caroline closed her eyes and Klaus walked away into the living room where his favorite (sarcasm) person was there.

"How come you said that to her? She will always hate you forever," Damon said.

He grinned a hateful smile. "I know. But it was my fault that she got hurt today. Everything that made her cry was my fault. Her father was dead because they wanted to get to hurt to hurt me." He finally said what had been yelling at him. He didn't understand but now he understood. "It's my fault that she's hurt. It's better if I leave." He walked away when Damon turned him around. He wanted to cry but he was Klaus! He does not cry towards Damon.

He sighed. "I need to say this.. thank you."

Klaus pushed him off and heard Caroline creak out the door, probably curious. "Klaus?" she said. Caroline said that in the most disturbing way, that it killed him. "What are you doing here?"

Before anyone could tell Caroline, he flashed towards the door. He just knew if he turned around now, he would look in the eyes of the one he enjoyed, and Klaus would do anything and uncompel her. But he couldn't. He didn't want to ruin the admiration and love that gave him the bit happiness. Caroline didn't need to see him anymore. She need better than Klaus. He couldn't turn turn back. So he just walked away with his pride. He walked away from his only happiness.

The end!

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