Chapter 1: A Warm Welcome

A cold night in the forest had passed while the lupine slept under the blanket of snow that covered him while he slept through the dark of night. He got up and brushed off every bit of snow on him.

His white fur and white clothes blended in well with the background. The only thing that could be seen was his eyes and nose. He moved swiftly through the forest not making any noise while he sprinted through the quiet place.

The lupine reached the end of the forest to come to a rather deep ravine with a very old bridge placed precariously in the middle. He slowly walked across the bridge expecting something to snap and lead him to his death. He approached the end of the rope strung bridge and stepped off. He moved on the barely visible path coming to a village. The lupine came to a stop at the gate, put his hood up and entered.

The hooded lupine walked in the middle of the road being stared at by everyone whom he passed. He entered the blacksmith's shop. The man at the counter stared at him while he unsheathed his sword and placed it on the counter.

"How much can I get for this?" he asked.

The man took it and examined the large blade for a minute.


"Alright, I can do that."

The man counted out 700 coins while the lupine pulled out a piece of paper with a drawing on it.

He received 700 coins.

"Would you be able to make this for me within a few days?" he asked pointing to the sword on the paper.

The vulpine took it from him and looked at it. "Out of what?" he asked.

"The best material you have available."

"Alright it'll be done in two days." The lupine started to walk away. "Safira!" he called.

"Yes uncle?"

"Are you done with Goro's battle axe yet?"

"No sir, I still need to polish it." The back of the vulpines hand made contact with the right side of her face. The lupine stopped at the door.

"You were supposed to be finished with it an hour ago!"

The lupine turned around. "Don't you dare lay another finger on her or you will have no use of your hands for the rest of your life!"

"Do you want me to make your sword or not?" the vulpine asked as the vixen got back up on her feet.

"Not if you're going to abuse another being in the process." The lupine answered.

The blacksmith gave the drawing back to the hooded figure and turned to the vixen. "What are you still doing here!" he hit the vixen, knocking her to the floor once again. "Go finish Goro's axe!"

The lupine grabbed the recently sold sword and cut off the vulpines hands with one swing. "I told you what would happen." The lupine sheathed the sword and went around the counter. He helped the vixen to her feet. "Are you okay?" his hood came down.

"I'll be fineā€¦" she said slowly. "You're Alekai!"

"Keep it down! I don't guards on my ass right now."

"Sorry. Are you going to be staying for very long?"

"I would've but there's no point now. Why do you ask?"

"I just wanted to know."

"You're hiding something aren't you?"

"Why would you ask something like that?"

"GUARDS! GUARDS!" the vulpine shouted as loud as he could. Two men in armour rushed through the door. "Them, right there." They tied their hands behind their backs and brought them to the chieftain.