Erin: Watching this episode of Royal Pains brought out my inner yaoi fangirl. I am so horribly sad! Jack was an awesome character. I will miss him!

Disclaimer – I do not own Royal Pains. If I did Jack wouldn't be dead.

Just A Kiss Goodbye

"Thanks for being there," Jack's horse voice told Hank.

Hank smiled down at his friend, no friend didn't seem like the right word. Jack was more than a friend. Leaning down Hank placed his lips on Jack's forehead reassuringly. As he pulled away Jack stared up into his eyes both searching for something not sure what that something was. Hank didn't know what came over him but his lips moved down his breath warm on Jack's own.

Jack leaned up ever so slightly meeting Hank in the middle. The kiss warmed Jack cold body bring feelings to the surface he didn't know he had. Gripping Hank's hand tightly with the little strength he had Jack's eyes felt heavy.

Hank broke the kiss studying Jack's face in an attempt to gage his reaction. Jack smiled before his eyes fell closed and he drifted off. Hank brought his hand up kissing his knuckles laying his hand softly back on the bed. Moving around the bed and into the seat beside him Hank watched his sleeping face. Unsure of what this meant Hank tried to calm his restless mind.


Hank sat in the waiting room staring out the window. Thinking back to just a few hours earlier all the possibility that held, all the promise, the potential, they had together. Not it was over. Jack was dead. Tears filled his eyes. He could save him. He couldn't save him. Hank couldn't wrap his mind around that. Out of the countless lives he have brought back from the brink of death why not this one? Why not the life of the person who mattered to him the most?

A voice called his name bring Hank back he stood up and turned to them explaining what had happened. He was on autopilot. He couldn't think, couldn't breath. All he wanted was to turn back the clock to that morning and force Jack to the hospital. Now that was over and he would never hear Jack's voice again.

Erin: So for all you yaoi fans out there, what did you think?