179 Gland street

Verona, Italy

House of the Montague

Prince Esealus

911 Tyme street

Verona, Italy

Dearest Prince Esealus,

Tis this about Romeo Montague's death penalty. Thee is a friend. Thou hast yet to see thine sun. Yet the moon nor plentiful stars have yet to stand in his way. The Tybalt, may he always stay at devils heal, avenge Romeo. Yet hast buried one of thine own. Tybalt did yet start the fight and his life hath been taken for doing so. Purgatory yet hath claimed to many a soul. The devil and heaven both hath claimed new members, let us not add another. Romeo hath a bright future let him claim it.

Thine friend claimed a life for the safety of thou's and others safety. Tybalt hast a vengeful temper. Romeo claimed the monster life for your own cousin. Doth thou entered the pearly gates, for heaven's sake! Shall doth done the same as young Romeo in thys post? Thy is wornful, wilt thou hast thine same relocation if Tybalt breath the same air as thee? Wilt your rule kill thou if thou killed Romeo?

Thy was there when Tybalt brutally slain Mercusio. As a butcher with a tuff meat. Thy also was there when Tybalt dropped with no breath to turn to. Tybalt would hath seen the devil any a way if thou keep thine own word. Romeo dost did this in self-protection. As for the pearly gate keeping the bloody villans out of heaven, Romeo will see them. Let him at his time.

Thy understands that Romeo did kill Tybalt. As the bird repeats the sweet melody. Tybalt deserved to die. Romeo shall go without serious punishment. His actions shall be considered an act of heroes among the kingdom. He made this community better. Sing bird of Romeo's actions and forgive thou's mistakes.

Sincerely with the best intentions,

Benivolio Montague