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"Gibbs?" Abby dusted the snow off her jacket and stepped inside the familiar house. It was a risk to visit him today, but it had been a long week of nothing but cases that involved kids, the latest they hadn't been able to save. To top it off, it was the anniversary of Shannon and Kelly's deaths. Everyone had noticed the change in his demeanor, and Vance had decided to give them all Friday off, giving them a long weekend and Gibbs the chance to work out his frustrations in the basement. She didn't plan to stay long; it wasn't dark yet, but the snow had already started to fall and it wouldn't be long before the roads began to ice over. She carried the large pot of gumbo to his stove and then headed for the basement door. She hesitated before turning the handle and pulling the door open. He had to have heard her, but she wanted to be sure he knew she had brought food for him. "Gibbs?"


She moved down a few steps, her eyes adjusting to the dark of the basement. There was a small light on over the work bench where Gibbs stood sorting through a jar of nails.

He looked up when she hit the fourth step down and gave her a weak smile. "Checking up on me?"

Abby shrugged. "I made a big pot of gumbo and know I won't eat it all, so I brought some over."

"So… checking up on me?"

She smiled softly. "Would you believe me if I said you're the closest to my apartment, and with the snow I don't want to venture too far?"

Gibbs rolled his eyes and turned back to his task. "You can stay for dinner if you want."

"I can?"

He was surprised at the shock in her voice. "You brought dinner, didn't you?"

"Yeah, but I just… I'm not here to intrude, just wanted to drop it off, let you know it was upstairs and then… then. Okay fine, I was just checking up on you. It was a tough week for all of us and…" She let her shoulder raise and then fall.

"I know." He picked up the last of the nails on the work bench and then switched off the light. With just the light from the open door, he made his way to the stairs and waited for Abby to turn up before following her to the kitchen. It wasn't often that Abby put in the effort to make gumbo from scratch like her mother used to, but when she did, Gibbs was glad that she always made more than enough to share. It usually meant he had a few days of good food. He peered over her shoulder as she turned the stove on and gave it a stir, "Looks good."


They were quiet as they waited and Gibbs left her briefly to change from the saw dust covered clothes he was in, taking a quick spin in the shower before returning to the kitchen.

"I think it's warm enough now," she looked up at him, momentarily distracted by the water droplets on his neck. He was in jeans again, and his red hoodie. His hair was wet and she could tell he hadn't done any more than take a towel to his hair. Gibbs handed her two bowls and she hesitated before filling the second one. "You sure you want company?"

Gibbs said nothing, but grabbed two spoons and handed her one. He also grabbed two beers from the fridge and headed to the table, waiting until Abby had joined him before starting in. They didn't have much to say at first, although the actual cases had been hardest on Gibbs, the entire team had suffered and Abby had managed three hours of sleep each night at most. And they were comfortable enough in each other's company that Abby didn't mind the silence. She was just glad that she was getting a warm, nutritious meal into him with enough left over for dinner the next day as well.

Gibbs opened the conversation by complimenting her cooking. "Don't ever have to worry about checking up on me, if you're bringing me some of this," he stirred the gumbo. "Best I've ever tasted."

"Thanks." Despite the exhaustion evident on her face, her eyes lit up as she smiled.

When they were done, Abby stood to clean up and pushed Gibbs away when he tried to help. "I interrupted your evening, least I can do is clean up."

Gibbs grumbled but didn't protest, and instead went to his coffee machine to start a new pot of coffee. Abby was just finishing up when the coffee beeped and Gibbs automatically poured two cups, carrying them to the living room and sitting down, making it obvious that Abby should join him.

"I dunno, Gibbs… it's getting dark and it's still snowing. I don't want to spend the night in a ditch." She stood in front of the large window, looking out at the big flakes that were falling.

"You can stay the night," he had thought he wanted to be alone, but now that she was here, the idea of spending the rest of the evening alone suddenly wasn't so appealing. But he didn't quite trust himself around her, so he added, "you can have the bed. I'll sleep on the couch."

"I…" She loved spending the night at his house, especially when it had nothing to do with a stalker or ex-boyfriend. She always dreamt that one of these days he would take her to bed, but until then… curling around a pillow in his bed was the next best thing. "Okay." She took one last look at the street as it gradually became coved in white, and then went to sit beside him, accepting the cup of coffee with just enough milk and sugar. "Thanks."

Again they sat quietly, content with each other's company and eventually it was Gibbs that broke the silence. "How do you do it?"

"Do what?"

Gibbs thought a moment, searching for the right words. "Know when I could really use a friend."

"I always think you could use a friend, but I wait until I just can't help myself, and that's when I come over. I'm not trying to push my way into your private life or anything like that, but sometimes I just can't help myself and I have to see that you're okay. Kind of like how you can't help yourself but do a background check on everyone that I date."

Gibbs snorted, but didn't disagree.

"At least you and Tony have started comparing notes rather than do separate searches," she rolled her eyes.

"Haven't had to do one in a while, haven't been out much?" He was curious. He was usually jealous of the men that she dated and relieved when she wasn't dating. But when she went a while without a date, he was curious as to why not. "Nothing better than hounding me on a Friday night?"

"Haven't met anyone worth my time, not that I've had much time lately, but… And I'm not hounding you," she punched him lightly on the shoulder. "I was just dropping the food off, you're the one that asked me to stay and let it get dark and icy out. So really, you invited me to hound you."

Gibbs rolled his eyes, but held out his arm, welcoming her to lean against him. The day had been rough so far, his mind not straying far from the moment he found out they had died, but the longer Abby was around, the longer he went between thoughts of losing them.

Abby curled into his side, grateful he was so open to having her there. Despite being mostly worried about him, the past week had been hard on her as well and she drew comfort from his strong arms. "What a shitty week."

"Understatement." He pressed a kiss to the side of her head and tightened his arm around her.

"How do you cope with everything, I mean… sorry, I just…" All she had to deal with was the horrible cases. He had so much more to deal with.

"I have people like you who bring dinner and force me out of my basement. It makes it a little less painful, a little harder to focus on the bad."

"Gibbs," she started to pull away, "if you want some quiet time in your basement, I'm not keeping you from it. It might be too late for me to drive home, but I don't need entertaining."

"Hey," he grabbed hold of her arm, keeping her from going too far. "You help. If I wanted to be in the basement right now, I'd be there."

Abby eyed him curiously for a moment before settling back by his side. Part of her just wanted to wrap herself around him, but she didn't know where he drew the line as far as comfort. Every so often she thought there was a hint of something more in the way that he looked at her, but other than a brief look, he never gave any indication that he would be open to more. They sat drinking their coffee and watching the snow pile up outside.

"You might not get out tomorrow, either." He got up and went to the window and looked out at the street. "Not sure you'll see your car at all in the morning if it continues like this."

Abby followed him to the window and gasped. "Oh wow!" She hurried to the kitchen where she had draped her coat over the back of her chair.

"Where you think you're going?"

"I need to get my go-bag out of the trunk before I can't get to it." She reached for her boots where she had kicked them off beside the couch.

"Don't, I'll go grab it for you," he stopped her. "Don't want you slipping down the front step. Looks like it's already frozen over." Gibbs grabbed his coat from the closet and took her keys from her. The sidewalk was slippery, and he glanced back at her with a glare when he heard a soft giggle. It didn't take long for him to brush the snow from the trunk of her car so he could get it open. He grabbed her bag and slung it over his shoulder before closing the trunk and heading carefully back up to the house. He handed the bag over and motioned to the stairs. "It's getting late. Go ahead up to the bathroom to change, I'll put clean sheets on the bed for you."

"No, it's okay. I can sleep down here." She motioned to the blanket on the back of the couch. "Already have a blanket here. I don't need to kick you out of your bed."

Gibbs didn't want to admit that he hadn't slept in the bed in months, and that the only reason he would put clean sheets on was because the sheets currently on the bed were likely dusty. "I'm not ready to sleep yet, don't want to keep you up." He headed up before Abby could comment. He stripped the bed quickly and put the new sheets on the bed, taking extra care to make sure the corners were tight. He knew it wouldn't matter to Abby, but it one of the things he did automatically. He expected Abby to be upstairs by the time he was done, but she wasn't.

She had used the bathroom downstairs to change into her pjs – shorts and a tank – and was back on the couch, pulling the blanket from the back of the sofa. "Really Gibbs, I don't mind sleeping here."

Gibbs swallowed hard at the sight of her long, slender legs as she pulled the blanket down. "Abbs… I… I can't sleep up there." And now that he had seen her curled up where he slept each night, he wasn't sure he could sleep there, either.

Her forehead crinkled and she cocked her head to the side. "Why?"

Gibbs shook his head, his voice firm. "Go to bed, Abby."

This time Abby didn't hesitate, instead she pulled back the blanket, grabbed her bag and headed up the stairs to his room. On any other day she would've questioned that sudden change in demeanor, but today, after the week they'd had, she didn't want to push any buttons. She was glad to have been able to get him out of the basement for a little while and get some food into him. She shut the door and dropped her bag at the foot of the bed. The overhead light was off, but he'd left the bedside lamp on. She pulled back the covers, and climbed under the blankets before switching off the light. She curled up in the center of the bed, wrapping around the second pillow and pulling the blanket up over her head. She knew he was having a rough time, but she hadn't meant anything by wanting to know why he couldn't sleep upstairs, she had just been curious. She assumed he would have slept better upstairs and the one person that needed a good night's sleep more than her was Gibbs.

She was just on the verge of dreamland when the door pushed open and Gibbs stood silently in the doorway. "Gibbs?" She lifted her head sleepily from under the covers, "is everything okay?"

He watched her for a moment, taking in the sight of her curled up in the center of his bed. Shaking the thoughts from his mind, he stepped forward and sat on the edge of the bed, keeping his eyes on his feet. "I didn't mean to snap at you. I apologize."

"It's okay," she hesitated, "I just thought you'd get a better night's sleep in your bed, I wasn't trying to be difficult."

"I know," he nodded. "Didn't deserve to be snapped at."

Abby reached out and rested her hand over his. "Really, it's okay. How many times have I snapped at you because I've had a rough day? It happens to us all."

He looked down at where her hand covered his and he smiled. He didn't deserve her friendship – she was always there when he needed her, even when he was a bastard and pushed her away. "You're too good for me, Abbs."

Abby let go of his hand so that she could push herself into a seated position against the simple headboard. "Why do you always say that? And don't give me that second b is for bastard bullshit, either."

"Because no matter if I've been an ass, you just shrug and move past it. Not many would, especially if they haven't done anything wrong."

"I wouldn't have pushed to sleep downstairs if I had known… and if I hadn't pushed, you wouldn't have snapped. It was all a misunderstanding, is all." She picked up his hand and gave it a soft squeeze before looking up at him with a smile. It was hard to see his features with the only light coming in through the doorway behind him, but she knew he could see the smile on her face, and she hoped they could put it all behind them. She would wait a few days until she asked why he slept on the couch, but for today, she didn't want to push.

"We okay?"

Her smile grew and Gibbs found himself leaning in to press a kiss to her cheek, just millimeters from the corner of her mouth. He let his lips linger for a moment before starting to pull back. Abby's hand shot up to wrap around the back of his neck, keeping him from going far. She turned to him just slightly and pressed a kiss ever-so-gently to his lips. "Aren't we always?"

Instead of confirming that they were indeed okay, Gibbs leaned back into the kiss. He waited until she responded before bringing a hand up to the back of her head and pressing into it. When he pulled away, he tugged at her lower lip with his teeth, dragging a soft moan from her.


"Hmm?" He leaned forward to press his forehead to hers.

"Don't stop."

He pulled back enough to look her over. Her lips were slightly puffy and her eyes were closed. There was the barest hint of a smile on her face and her hands were balled in the fabric of his shirt. "You sure?"

Her eyes flew open and Gibbs had to fight against a snort of amusement at the look of frustration on her face. "Kiss me again or let me sleep. I'd prefer the first."

"Yes ma'am." He leaned in to kiss her again, this time wrapping an arm around her back to pull her in closer. Despite holding her to him, he didn't fail to notice that she wrapped her arms around him even tighter as she pressed into the kiss. Her tongue brushed against his and for the first time in a long time, he couldn't stop the groan of pleasure that bubbled up. He could feel her hesitating as she toyed with the hem of his shirt, so he pulled back long enough to pull it over his head and tossed it aside. He leaned in to kiss her again, but she ducked away so that she could look over his chest and stomach, her fingers carding through the bit of salt and pepper hair she found. She pushed her palms up over his chest and shoulders, bringing her hands down over his arms and then bringing his hand to her waist, encouraging him to pull her tank top over her head.

His breath caught in his chest as her tank hit the floor and he got a good look at her breasts. His eyes were drawn to the way her nipples had stiffened to tight peaks and he found himself wanting to taste. She must have read his mind, because she wrapped her hand around the back of his neck and pulled him down. He sucked one between his lips, running his teeth over the firm nub. With one arm around her waist, his other hand came up to pinch her other nipple.

"Gibbs…" Her head fell back against the headboard with a soft thud and she held him close.

He licked and nipped his way up her chest, along her neck with a detour to her spider-web tattoo and then back to her mouth. "Need you, Abbs."

She pushed him away so that she could slide down and stretch out on the mattress. He knelt over her to kiss her again and smiled against her lips when he felt her hands tugging at his belt. As soon as his jeans were loose around his hips he pushed off of her to push them down his legs and kicked them off. When she reached to tug at his boxer-briefs, he batted her hand away, determined to keep them on until he had her shorts off and had gotten a taste. He wasn't going to last long once she got her hands on him.

Abby worked with him to get her shorts off and then lifted her hips as he pulled her panties down and off. She watched with hazy eyes as he kissed all over her breasts and stomach, arching her back as he licked over her hip bone. Her knees fell outward, giving him plenty of room to settle between her legs. He suckled lightly at the sensitive skin of her inner thigh, the rich scent of her core dizzying, until he left a mark.

"Gibbs, please," she begged, her fingers scratching lightly along his scalp.

Satisfied with the way she was squirming against him, he touched his tongue to her soaked flesh, lapping at the moisture he found. Each touch of his tongue caused her to twitch and arch against him and it caused him to shift to find a more comfortable position as his hardness called for attention. When he finally touched his tongue to her clit, he groaned at the pain where her hand fisted in his hair.

"So close," she purred, "so fucking close."

He knew he was being a dick by bringing her so close to the edge and then backing off, but it was worth it to hear the need in her voice. It sent a zing down his spine and he thrust against the mattress in search of relief. He looked up at her with a smirk before burying his face between her legs again, this time zeroing in on her clit without holding back. He knew the exact moment she reached her release, and he gripped her hips tightly, continuing to work her clit and draw out her pleasure as long as possible.

He crawled back up her body, dropping random kisses over her bare skin, grinning when she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him down over her. He brushed the hair from her forehead and pressed a warm kiss to her skin.

He rolled off to the side and pulled her to him, tracing an abstract pattern over her back as he waited for her breathing to settle. As soon as her fingers worked into the waistband of his boxer-briefs, he pulled away and rolled onto his back.


He turned his head to look at her. "Please tell me you're on the pill. I don't have anything…"

"Of course, clean too."

Gibbs rolled his eyes. He had no doubt about her status and when he opened his mouth to say that he was clean too, she copied his eye roll and nodded, "I know."

With that settled, he allowed her to pull his underwear down his legs.

"I don't even know where to start…"

"Not as young as I used to be," he pulled her down over him and rolled them over so he was on top again. "Not a lot of options." He leaned down for another kiss.

"But I wanna taste," he could hear the pout in her voice, but the smile on her face made him laugh.

"Later, tomorrow," he promised. He waited for her to nod in agreement before slowly lining himself up with her slick opening. "You're sure," he asked, the enormity of the situation finally settling over him. When Abby growled instead of answered he surged forward with a kiss, pushing himself inside her at the same time. Abby cried out and for a brief moment, Gibbs worried that he had hurt her with such a forceful thrust. But as she clawed at his back, trying to maximize their contact, he figured she was okay.

"More," she panted, "God, you feel amazing."

It was quick and hard, and he wasn't proud of the fact that he was spilling into her within minutes, but for years he'd wondered what she would be like in bed, her soft curves feeding his fantasies during his daily shower. The thought of finally having her in his bed had been as much a turn on as her body in his hands.

When his thoughts cleared they were both breathing heavily, clinging tightly to each other. "That was amazing, Gibbs."

He didn't have the words to describe how he felt, so he moved in for another kiss, conveying his thoughts through the intensity of his kiss. It took a good five minutes for him to work free of her grasp so he could grab a damp cloth to wipe them both down. His cock twitched at the intimacy of the moment as he cleaned her up and when her eye brow shot up, he shook his head.

She wasn't sure, but the pieces were falling into place as to why he wouldn't sleep in the bed. "We can both move to the couch if you'd rather…?"

Gibbs shook his head and climbed back into the bed with her. "Just can't sleep in here alone." He pulled her into his arms and wrapped himself around her, sighing happily as he fit around her perfectly. Although he was still a little overheated from their activities, her warmth was welcome and he dropped a kiss to her shoulder. "Sleep tight, Abbs."

"Don't go anywhere in the morning. I want to wake up next to you."

"I'll be here."

Abby dozed lightly, waking up every few hours to check that he was still there. When she finally woke around eight to find that he was still asleep, she slipped from the bed and hurried to use the bathroom and get back before he woke. She paused as she passed the mirror to look over the faint bruises where he'd gripped her hips. She'd started to take a step when she noticed the red mark on her inner thigh. She muffled a giggle and hurried back to the bedroom.

Since she had left him, he'd rolled onto his back, his hands resting lightly over his stomach. She took the opportunity to watch him for a few minutes, something she rarely had the chance to do without Gibbs noticing. Gently she pulled back the blankets, hoping the cool morning hair wouldn't wake him. His dick was half hard in a traditional morning salute and Abby took it as a welcome invitation. Keeping her eyes on him the best she could, she used her tongue to trace up the underside of his dick before sucking the head between her lips. When he groaned, he eyes darted back up to his face and she watched as he woke slowly, his eyes flickering open to meet hers.

"Abbs…" he moaned and reached out to wrap a hand in her hair. He thrust up as gently as possible, not wanting to be too forceful, but unable to completely control his movements. He waited until the very last minute before pulling her off and motioning for her to straddle him instead. He was grateful for the view as she straddled him and lowered herself over him. He was mesmerized as her breasts bounced in his face and his grip tightened on her hips with every bounce.

He managed to hold on until she was gasping his name, her rhythm faltering. When she finally collapsed over him in a sweaty heap, he was having trouble remembering his name.

It wasn't until two hours later, their stomachs both growling that they moved from the bed. They stood under the spray of water in the shower, laughing as their stomachs growled in unison before dressing sweats and heading downstairs. Gibbs started on coffee as Abby pulled out two bowls, the milk and box of cereal.

"Sorry I don't have anything fancy for breakfast," he shrugged. He hadn't planned on having company for breakfast.

"I dunno, Gibbs. You're pretty fancy." She set the stuff on the table and the glanced toward the front door. "You think the paper delivery made it?"


She went to the door and opened it up, "Gibbs…"

"Hmm?" He came up behind her and paused at the sight of all the snow. He wrapped his arms around her middle and pressed a kiss to the top of her shoulder. "Looks like another night here." It didn't look like a plow had even attempted to come down his street.

"I could think of worse things to happen," she leaned back against him, and let him turn them toward the table again. He gave her ass a pinch and she laughed as she rushed to sit down. With no newspaper to look over, they chatted quietly about life in general, keeping topics light and easy to discuss. He asked about the nuns and she told him about how a leak in the apartment above hers meant that the floors would need to be redone in both the apartment above and below hers, as well as hers.

"You lose anything important?"

"Nah, I'll probably toss the area rug in my bedroom, but I could probably dry it out if I wanted. I'm just ready for something new."

"Let me know if you need help with anything."

"Of course." When they finished their breakfast, Abby carried the bowls to the sink to wash up and let Gibbs put the rest of the stuff away. When he was done, he stepped up behind her and nibbled along her neck, only gripping her tighter when she flicked water at him. She tried her best to ignore him as she finished up the dishes, but as soon as she was done she turned in his arms and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him into a heated kiss. "God Gibbs… you have any idea what you do to me?"

He grinned down at her and Abby briefly wondered the last time she had seen him look so happy.

"Hopefully it's somewhere along the lines of what you do to me, Abbs." Instead of kiss her again, Gibbs pulled her in close and wrapped his arms tightly around her, burying his nose in her hair.

They stood together for a few quiet moments before Abby broke the silence. "Did you want some time in the basement or can we snuggle on the couch? I have a book in my bag if you have stuff to do. Obviously, I can't leave, but you don't have to entertain me…"

Gibbs took her hand and led her out to the couch and within minutes they were both stretched out, Abby wrapped tightly in his arms. They spent the rest of the morning and well into the afternoon wrapped up in each other's arms on the couch. There were soft touches and gentle kissed and then they moved onto other topics before returning lazy kisses.

Much of their weekend followed the same pattern. They spent hours curled up together, spent time cooking. Gibbs brought her to the basement and showed her some of the projects he had going, including a rocking chair he was making for his father to have on the front porch so Jack could spend his evenings watching people pass by on the street.

Abby was thrilled to wake up beside him again on Sunday, and going to bed with him Sunday night was just as exciting. The snow had melted some and she likely would've made it home just fine, but they hadn't even made it off the couch Sunday evening before they were both naked and it didn't make sense for her to dress again and drive home when Gibbs could curl around her naked form.

The alarm went off way too early for Abby's liking after two glorious mornings of sleeping in with Gibbs by her side. "Gibbs," she groaned and rolled over to snuggle up against his chest.

"Come on, we've got to get to work." He tilted her head back to brush his lips against hers and then pulled back the blankets.

Abby grumbled the whole way to the bathroom, but giggled when Gibbs pulled her under the hot spray. They took their time in the shower, which set Gibbs in a rush to get to work on time. Abby packed up her bag and Gibbs carried it out to get car for her. "Drive safe," he told her, pressing a gentle kiss to her lips.

"See you later!" She waved out the window of her car and drove off.

Gibbs went over to his truck and got in, the enormity of what had happened over the weekend fully settling over him. "What have I done?"