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Chapter Three

Gibbs startled awake, gasping for breath. He had dreamt about Shannon and Abby meeting before, but Shannon was always alive when they met. His gut churned and he couldn't fight off the feeling of dread. He had been miserable all weekend and if he hadn't been so miserable over Abby, he would've called to invite her out for dinner – even before they had slept together, she seemed to be his go-to person for when he needed to ease his mind. He got up to make coffee, pacing back and forth in the kitchen, unsure of what to do. If he went to her now, he knew he couldn't push her away anymore – it wouldn't be fair to her and he didn't think he could physically walk away. But she hadn't been over since Thursday so on the off chance she was really moving on, he didn't want to get in the way of that. He still firmly believed that he wouldn't survive her walking away if they let their relationship continue to develop only for her to walk away later on. But pushing her away now, while he could have the chance to have a few months of happiness wasn't easy.

He left the coffee to brew and grabbed his keys before heading out to his truck. He moved on autopilot as he drove to her apartment. He was oblivious to the dark cloud in front of him as he neared her apartment, but he started to smell the smoke before he turn the corner that brought him to her building. There was a large crowed outside huddled in the far side of the parking lot. His tires squealed as he turned into a parking spot and jumped out of his truck. Once he was out, he could see the flames licking their way up the back side of the building where Abby lived.

"Abby!" He cried out as he ran toward the crowd looking for a familiar pair of green eyes or black pigtails. "Abby Sciuto, have you seen her? Abby!" He recognized a few of her neighbors and continued to push through the crowd when everyone just shook their head, no one had seen her.

He heard the scream of more sirens and ran toward the building entrance. If she was still up there…

"Hey man, no one is going in…" Two firefighters stopped him and pushed him back toward the rest of the people waiting.

"I'm looking for Abby…. She lives up there…" He pointed to her second story window.

The firefighter held up his hands and shrugged. "We can't get into the building… either she got out on her own, or… but the building is unstable. We've got to fight this from the outside."

Gibbs headed back to the crowd and pulled out his phone, dialing her cell. It rang and rang and then went to voice mail. He hung up rather than leave a message and called DiNozzo instead. DiNozzo's phone rang until it too went direct to voice mail. He didn't leave a message with Tony either – he knew that if the boss called, it was expected that he call back.

"Did it hurt… when you died?"

Kelly's voiced echoed in his head and Gibbs tried to shake free of the thoughts as he went back to search the crowd.

"I… I don't remember."

"Abby!" circled the crowd again, calling out for her and asking anyone he vaguely remembered from her hall. "Have you seen Abby?"

"Abby… the tall, skinny goth girl?"

Gibbs cringed at the description and nodded. "Yes, Abby."

The middle-aged woman nodded. "I saw her picking up her mail this morning. Haven't seen her since."

Gibbs turned away. "Have you seen Abby…?" His cellphone interrupted him and he saw Tony's name and number flash on he screen. "DiNozzo!"

"Hey boss, we gotta come in?"

"Abby's building is on fire!"

"Yeah, I know," Tony sighed. "I wish there was something we could've done, but…"

"Something we could've…" Gibbs didn't understand how Tony could be so calm.

"Yeah, I mean we talked to the fire chief and it sounds like it started in the unit above Abby's. They were working on drying out the insulation from the leak, but faulty wiring likely caused a spark and an building that old… the fire spread inside the walls faster than they could get to it, so they had to evacuate and well… "

"You talked to the fire chief?"

"Yeah, I flashed my badge when I picked her up."

"Abby… Abby's with you?"

"No, I just dropped her off at her hotel."


"She hasn't called you yet…"


"Yeah, uh… boss, she moved to a hotel a few days ago so they could redo all the floors and take out the insulation along the far wall where the water leaked. We didn't know the place was on fire until the landlord called."

"What hotel?" He didn't care about the details, he just needed to see for himself that she was okay.

Tony gave him the name and address and Gibbs rushed back to his car. The five miles between her apartment and hotel went by in a blur. He hurried into the lobby and flashed his badge to get her room number. He drumming his fingers against his thighs as he waited to be taken to the sixth floor and hurried down the hall until he found room 607.

Abby startled at the loud, Gibbs-like knock on her door. It was too loud and demanding for it to be Tony if she had forgotten something in his car, but she couldn't imagine Gibbs already knowing where she was… or why he'd want to see her.

She pulled open the door and opened her mouth to speak, but her words died on her tongue as Gibbs surged forward to wrap his arms around her, pressing his lips forcefully to hers. Then just as suddenly as he was kissing her, he pulled away. "Why didn't you call me?"

"Really?" She was so caught off guard that it took a few moments for the words to form. She shook her head as she tried to clear the confusion. "Because I'm pretty sure I did try to call you a couple times this week and you never answered so how am I supposed to know you'd magically answer this time?"


"No. Don't Abby me. I just got a phone call that my apartment is on fire. I can't deal with your bullshit too. I had to move out while hey redo the floors. So thank God most of my stuff was in boxes in the basement. To redo the floors I had to move as much stuff downstairs as I could. They think the fire broke out in the apartment above mine. Firefighters think that they can keep it contained and put it out before it hits the basement."

"So you've been living in a hotel…"

"Don't ask why I didn't come over. I tried that, remember?"

"I'm just so glad you're okay."

"Don't pretend that you suddenly care about me. You made it pretty clear that you don't." There was no way she could physically push him out of her room, but she could turn away from him, so she did, crossing her arms over her chest to make a point.

"Abby you have no idea how much I care about you, how much I love you." He hadn't meant to say it, not yet, not in the heat of the moment when she was angry with him but now it was out and he couldn't unsay it. Not that he wanted to.

"How can you say that," Abby turned back to face him, tears welled up in her eyes. "You told me we can't happen, made me leave… how can you turn around and tell me you love me?"

"Because I do."

"Then why push me away?"

Gibbs sighed and turned to shut the door to her room. He then walked past her to sit on the edge of the bed. "Because I wasn't kidding when I said I had more baggage than I know what to do with."

"Why can't you let me help you carry it then?"

"Because that'll work for a week or a month before it gets to be too much and you'll walk away."

"Because that's what your ex-wives did?"

He nodded.

"So now you think of me like one of them. Think that what, I only want to be with you for your money?"


"Then how do you know? Whatever gave you the impression that I would give up on you like that? If I couldn't handle your baggage or the way you're sometimes a royal asshole to the people that care about you, I would've walked away a very long time ago." Her voice quieted. "And I certainly wouldn't have spent the weekend in your bed."

He reached out to her, "Abbs…"

"I can't… I can't do the back and forth bullshit with you. Either you want me or you don't. I know what I want, Gibbs."

"It's never been a question of wanting you or not, Abbs. Never." When she took a step toward him, he wrapped a hand around hers, giving it a gentle squeeze before pulling her to sit beside him. "I've always wanted you, I just don't want to ruin you."

"Then go home Gibbs. I'll see you at work in a few days. I just lost my house, my home. I already talked to Vance, he's giving me a few days off to deal… with this," she glanced back at the few things she had in the hotel room. She didn't expect Gibbs to stand, instead she expected him to put up a fight or something, but when he stood, she covered her face with her hands and tried to hold in a sob.

But instead of move away, he pulled to her feet and into a hug, nuzzling softly against her cheek before pressing a kiss to her temple. "Come home with me."


"Please." He pulled away from her enough to tilt her head up, hoping the expression on his face would be enough. He didn't have the words to explain how alone he had felt ever since he had asked her to leave him alone Monday evening, nor could he explain the relief he felt, holding her in his arms after seeing her apartment complex in flames.

She wanted to say no, a small part of her wanting to make him work for her time an attention, but without a true place of her own to deal with the fact that everything in her apartment was now gone, she needed the comfort and warmth of his house more than she needed to stand up to him. "Okay."

He pressed a quick kiss to her forehead and picked up her suitcase and placed it on her bed. "Let's pack up what you have."

She was silent as she collected all her personal belongings from the hotel room, tucking Bert under her arm when she was all finished, thankful that she hadn't left him in her apartment.

Gibbs held the door open for her and once they were in the hall, wrapped his arm around her shoulders. He waited patiently for her to check out and then led her to his car. The ride back to Gibbs house was silent, but it wasn't tense like he had expected it to be. Abby sat with her head resting against the glass, and kept her eyes on the dark cloud of smoke off in the distance.

When they pulled up to his house, Abby didn't wait for him to open the door for her, but Gibbs held back the glare he normally would've sent. He might be a hard-nosed bastard when it came to most things in life, but his father had raised him right, and opening the door for a lady was one thing he'd never grown out of. But with everything that had happened, opening the car door for Abby was something he was willing to let slide. He grabbed her bags from the back of the truck and carried them inside behind Abby.

"You want me to lock the door?" she asked. "Or was it just to keep me out?"

"Lock the door," Gibbs set her bags at the base of the staircase and went over to her, wrapping his arms around her and burying his nose in her hair. "Keep us in."

"Is this just because you saw my apartment in flames?"

"No," Gibbs shook his head. "Why do you think I saw your building in flames? I was looking for you. Come sit with me," he nodded over to the couch and went to sit, pushing his blankets and pillow out of the way.

"You still sleep down here?"

"I told you…" He rolled his shoulders as he sat and waited for her to curl up to his side. "I can't sleep up there."

"But last weekend…" she felt the tips of her ears redden. "We got some sleep up there."

"Because you were with me," he pressed a kiss to the top of her head. "Kept the bad dreams away."

"So you're sure… about us now?" Abby pulled away and looked up at him. "I wasn't kidding when I said I can't deal with the back and forth."

"I pushed you away this week because I didn't want to hurt you, and even more selfishly, I didn't want to be hurt. In the end I hurt us both."

Abby moved to straddle his lap and cradle his face in her hands. "You've got to believe that I would never, ever hurt you Gibbs."

"I know. I wish I could say the same, but I already have hurt you and for that I'm-"

"Forgiven," she knew he was sorry, could see it in his eyes. She didn't need him breaking a rule, she was unsettled enough.

"Don't deserve you…" He leaned back and pulled her in close, "but damn lucky you'll have me."

Abby snuggled in against his neck and slowly let her guard down, allowing herself to cry over her burnt apartment. She knew much of the items that were on her bookshelf had been boxed up so she could move the bookcase around from room to room as the floor were redone, but all her artwork was now gone, photos of friends and family. The photos of family she was certain she could get copies from her brother and she hoped that Tony had a few of the older team photos from when Kate was around. But her antique bedframe and the coffin in the guest room were two items she was attached to.

He stroked her back softly as the wet tears soaked through his shirt, pressing an occasional kiss to her forehead and murmuring reassurances against her ear. He could tell the exact moment her mind turned from her apartment to him – her thighs tightened against his and she gently nibbled at his neck and jaw. "Abbs, slow down…"

She lifted her head to look at him, her hands curled in the fabric of his shirt.

"When we do this, we do it upstairs. But you need food first."

"Gibbs, I'm not-"

"Food first, I've got a lot to make up for and I don't plan on getting out of bed afterward." He leaned forward and brushed his lips across hers before kissing the tip of her nose and over her eyelids. "Come on, we can have something quick, but something tells me you haven't had anything to eat lately."

Before she could open her mouth to respond, her stomach grumbled loudly.

"See?" He nudged her off his lap and together they went to the kitchen to look over what he had.

"I'm going grocery shopping for you tomorrow." His fridge was almost completely empty, so she reached for the milk. "We're having cereal, because I refuse to wait for delivery." She poured herself a bowl and then hopped up to sit on the counter as she ate, despite the soft glare from Gibbs.

It took roughly five minutes for them to finish and clean up. Abby hesitated in the doorway and turned to look at him. "Anything else you need to do before…"

"Upstairs." He took her by the hand and tugged her up the stairs. Once inside his room he used his foot to nudge the door shut and then pressed her up against it. He could just feel his body beginning to respond when her cellphone, in her pocket, began to ring. "Answer it." He pressed his face against her neck and worked to slow his breathing as she dug her phone out and answered.

"Yes, this is Abby…. Uh huh… ok, and when do they think that'll be? Yeah, and the insurance? Okay. Yes, thank you. I'll talk to you tomorrow…. Yes, bye."

"What was that?" It was clear by the way her body had tensed that the call was about her building. He went and sat on the edge of the bed and watched her carefully as she followed and sat beside him.

"That was the landlord. Fire is out, but it needs to cool and they need a building inspector before they can let anyone in. The building is a total loss, but from what they can see from the outside, the basement storage units seemed to be untouched, so a lot of my smaller things, photo albums… should be okay. The insurance company will be out tomorrow, and will have more specific details on how to make a claim."

"Sounds like things are under control?"

"Yeah," Abby nodded. "I mean, it wasn't the greatest building, but the people are nice. I just feel bad for the others in the building. They don't have a Gibbs waiting to swoop in and help them out." She was quiet for a moment and then fell back against the mattress. "What a fucking mess."

Gibbs reached out and brushed his fingers over her cheek. "You want to relax and take a nap?"

"Are you kidding, I'm in your bed. I can think of at least eight things I'd rather do than nap right now…." Her face darkened, "unless you'd rather… well, nap."

"I want to do whatever you want to do, as long as it's together. Nap… or those other eight things."

"I just want some time where I don't have to think about everything else."

A cocky grin spread across his face. "I could probably help with that… but you've got to let me."

"I'm all yours." She sat up again to lift her shirt over her head, but Gibbs stopped her.

"Let me," he repeated.

She nodded her agreement and scooted toward the center of the bed as he directed. He kicked his own shoes off first and then stretched out beside her, pulling her into his arms for a kiss. He kissed her until he felt her relaxed, rubbing his hands up and down her arms, soothing away any last shreds of doubt. By the time he sat up again, her eyes were closed and her lips swollen from his kisses. He lifted the hem of her shirt just a few inches so he could kiss across her stomach, dipping his tongue to her bellybutton as he moved from one side to the other. She wiggled and writhed below him, her fingers scratching lightly across his scalp. He situated himself between her legs as he worked her shirt up higher and higher until the soft underside of her breasts was visible. He left hot, open-mouth kisses as he moved up her torso until he was ready to pull her shirt over her head. The moment her shirt was gone, his mouth latched to one nipple, his thumb flicking back and forth over the other. She arched under him, gasping out his name.

"Easy Abbs." He pressed a kiss to the center of her chest before moving his mouth to give equal attention to her other breast. He tugged at her nipple with his teeth and grinned at the sound it drew from between her lips. He kissed his way back down her body, nibbling at the soft skin over her hip bones before tugging her skirt down her legs. There was a dark wet spot on her panties the combination of seeing it and the scent that came with it caused him to groan, reaching down to give himself a squeeze. In his mind he knew he needed to focus on her first, but his body was complaining. He tugged her underwear off and bent down to nibble at her inner thighs, just barely holding back a laugh when she cursed at him.

When he zeroed on the glistening, wet skin between her thighs, she cried out his name. They were both rewarded when she almost instantly reached her orgasm at the combined touch of his fingers and thumb. He kept at it, drawing out her pleasure as long as possible until she pushed him away, needing a few minutes for the intense sensitivity to subside.

He licked his fingers clean and scooted up along her body to wrap her in a hug, watching with a smug smile as she murmured something to him he wasn't able to understand.

"Clothes, Gibbs," she sighed. "You've got too many clothes on. I want to feel your skin."

As Abby watched through hooded eyes, Gibbs sat up and pulled his shirt off and then worked free of his pants, leaving his boxer-briefs in place for now. He stretched out beside her, sighing happily as she snuggled back into his arms, taking comfort in their shared body heat. He let her rest until her hands started to roam across his body, her legs tangling with his.

"I still think you're overdressed, bossman."

"I'm not your boss here, Abbs," he growled. He needed to keep the topic of work out of his head while in bed, otherwise he would have to stop visiting her all together, and not because he was pushing her away.

"You'll always be my bossman, my silver-fox, my…" her words trailed off as she slipped hand inside the waistband, causing his hips to jerk on their own accord, "mine," she finished.

"Yours," he agreed, removing her hands so he could continue to strip. Once he was completely naked he pulled her in close and rolled them over so that she was on her back. Carefully he sat up on his knees and pulled her hips closer to his. The tip of his dick was slick with pre-cum and he nudged himself against her folds. He took a moment to let his gaze move up her body, thankful that he had come to his senses and finally claimed what had always been his.

"Please, Gibbs…" she interrupted his thoughts, her hands running up and down his arms, "I need you."

"I love you," his gaze was intense, "you know that, right?"

"You're showing me now," she brought his hand to her lips and kissed over his knuckles and fingers and finally pressed a kiss to his palm. "I just hope it's as much as I love you."

"More." He pushed inside of her slowly, bringing her legs up to wrap around his hips before leaning over her and taking her mouth in a demanding kiss. With their bodies joined, they moved together rhythmically, the sound of skin on skin only interrupted by the breathy moans from Abby and a satisfied grunt from Gibbs. She managed to work him over to his back, her hands bracing against his chest as she rode him hard, nearly bringing herself to a second orgasm before slowly down and backing away. She grinned down at him when he growled, not thrilled to be brought to the edge like that.

They fought again for control, and this time Gibbs had her flat on her back, her wrists pinned up by her head. He nipped her earlobe and within moments sent them both over the edge. He stayed in her as he tugged the sheets up over them, wrapping them up tight despite their overheated bodies.

Eventually he slipped free from her body and he tangled his legs with hers. It was still early in the evening and by unspoken agreement, they dozed for a few hours until Gibbs brought her to the bathroom and entered her from behind as they stood in front of the large mirror.

Eventually they stumbled into the shower, spending more time with their lips all over each other than actually washing up.

Gibbs pulled on a pair of sweats and Abby tugged one of his shirts on over her small frame and they headed downstairs for a late snack before returning to bed to sleep.

When she woke in the morning, Abby was alone in bed. The sun was streaming through the window and she hurt in all the right places. Despite being alone in bed, the house felt warm and welcoming and she decided to enjoy the moment. Minutes later she heard footsteps on the stairs and Gibbs appeared in the doorway.

She yawned and gave him an appreciative once over. It was clear that he had been up for a while. "Where'd you go?"

"Basement. Was thinking." He had two cups of coffee in hand and set them on the nightstand.

"So help me God…" She tried real hard not to get upset.

Gibbs chuckled and shook his head. "Was looking at the wood I've got downstairs. Was thinking, if you're interested, I could make a new bed frame for you. Carve some designs into the headboard or something."

"You… you'd do that for me?"

He nodded. "Of course, it'd probably take me awhile, so you might have to stay here for a while until it's ready."

"How has no one snatched you up and played for keeps before now? I mean, you're worth it alone for your building skills!"

Gibbs leaned down and nipped at her lower lip. "Maybe I was just waiting for you."

"Can I say something really cheesy?"

Gibbs raised a brow as he kicked off his shoes and joined her on the bed, pulling back the covers and crawling in beside her. "All these years and now you ask if you can say something cheesy?"

Abby giggled and rolled towards him, her hands skirting down his chest and into his sweats. "If you were inspecting wood this morning, I want to inspect wood this morning, too."

Gibbs snorted and thrust against her warm hands, groaning at the way his body instantly responded to her touch.

"Gibbs?" She pulled her hands away, ignoring the instant frown on his face. "Can you relax enough to let me have control, to let me pleasure you while you just accept it?"

It wasn't what he'd been expecting to hear. "I can try." After the night before where he'd made it his duty to keep her toes curled until he was too exhausted to continue, Gibbs decided that he could try to ignore the habit of making sure she was pleasured first.

"Do I need to borrow those handcuffs you keep stashed with your gun?"

"No," he shook his head. "I'll let you be the boss, but I still need to be able to touch you."


As soon as her lips wrapped around his dick, Gibbs' head fell back against the pillow with a muted thud. It would take a while, but he was willing to rebuild everything she'd lost in that house of fire if it meant keeping her around longer.


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