This is the first in a series of possible stories or ideas for stories that wouldn't leave my head. So I decided to write them down and see how they feel.

You guys can use any these ideas if you want, but if you do please tell me. I want to see these grow.

Please tell me what you think of each one. Be it praise or flame I welcome it.

Warning: All stories are on the rough side in plot and writing.

*edited by Oxnate*

Summary: Events went slightly different at the end of Zeppo.

Story#1: Just a bite

Faith was tired.

First she got her ass kicked, kicked some ass, then she popped a decent cherry, and then after she got her ass kicked again stopping an apocalypse. It was a pretty wicked day all things considered but at the moment all she wanted to do was go back to her room, take a nice long shower and fall the fuck asleep.

But the sight that greeted her as she walked up to her door stopped any plans of that.


A lot of it.

Coming out of a guy who was leaning against her door.

"Shit," She mumbled to herself, half stunned at the sight in front of her, and another half worried. If it was because of the injured guy or the fact he was probably attracting vampire attention from blocks around. But as she got closer and noticed who it was she started to have a different plain of thoughts.



What was he doing here?

What happened?

How did he get hurt?

Was she going to get the blame?

The prone figure of Xander Harris unsteadily raised his head to look up at the voice before smiling. "Faith!" The loss of blood was making him loopy... well loopier than usual. "There you are! I've been waiting for you!"

He tried to stand but found himself falling to his ass. Faith took the remaining steps over to him to help him up. "Geez X, what happened to you?"

Seemingly unhearing of her question he kept one talking, "Sorry. I wasn't this weak a minute ago. I managed to drive here fine enough" Now that she thought about it she did see a car crookedly double parked in the lot, "I even managed to get to your door, but you weren't there. So I waited but everything went black and then there you were!"

Faith shook her head while she unlocked the door to her room, it was probably better to get him inside before something tried to make them into a midnight snack.

As she sat him down on her bed his eyes started focus in and out like he was about to fall asleep at any second "Hey," she said snapping her fingers in his face "Hey! X stay awake. You need to tell me a few things before you haul off to lala land."

"Okay." He said blearily, extending the o more than necessary.

"Alright." she said pausing a moment to wonder what question to ask first "First we better see where you're hurt. So where are you bleeding?"

"I'm bleeding?"

Things weren't looking too good. He was probably in shock or something like it. She didn't know, she wasn't a doctor. So she just sighed and told him to take off his shirt, half expecting a stupid comment to come out his mouth.

It didn't come. He just obediently pulled off his T to show multiple puncture wounds on his shoulder. "Damn, what happened to you?" she asked while going to get her first aid kit.

"Zombies, I think... there was a bomb... something big and hairy... I can't really remember it all... It's fuzzy... Hard to think." He answered unsurely before hissing when the girl poured peroxide on his wounds. Faith just shook her head and wondered what the hell he was up to when she kicked him out earlier. Speaking of which.

"Why did you come here? Why not B's or the Hospital?"

His answer surprised her "Cause you don't think I'm worthless."

"What?" It was an automatic question. One that comes when you're surprised, something you don't mean to say out loud but comes anyway.

"Buffy thinks I'm worthless. Says I can't fight. Says I'm normal. Says I'm weak." While Faith would lean towards the normal comment nothing else really seemed to fit him. Sure he was a little klutzy in a fight but still got the job done. The only real problem she saw was the fact he seemed to have a death wish by jumping into the middle of the fight. It was nice that he wanted to help but he was not built to take as much punishment as the rest of them were. "And I didn't want a lecture so I didn't go to her... besides it'd probably freak Mrs. Summers out."

Faith gave a short snort at both mental pictures, even if the second one was more for the way he said it. "And the hospital?"

Xander shrugged, pissing Faith off since she just started to wrap his shoulder. "They'd call my parents."

"And that's bad because?" She may not be big on her own folks, her mom a druggie and her dad in jail, but she figured others actually liked their parents.

"Town drunk and town whore." He said cheerfully "They'd yell at me for interrupting something or other. And I didn't want to risk death by drunk driver tonight... or getting yelled at for missing a trick."

Okay, somebody in the peachy clean Scoobies that had some shitty parents besides her, go figure.

She tightened her sloppily made bandage before pressing her earlier question "And you came here why?" she still didn't get it. He probably could have gone to Red's or even Jeeves but he came to her. Probably back for another roll.

Xander worked his mouth trying to make himself coherent "You're... like me... I think? We take stuff and try our best to keep going. We don't break, we can't break. You'd understand, you wouldn't think I'm worthless... would you?" It was obvious he was saying the first things that came to his head. She hated to admit it but it was kind of sweet having a guy so open to her.

"Goofy, yes. Worthless, no." Xander gave her a silly smile. "You good?"

"Tired. Can I borrow you're floor?"

"Um...Sure... I guess." She said unsurely. Mostly because she figured when he woke up in the morning, hopefully more coherent, there would be a long awkward moment... and maybe a good story. "Want a pillow?"

Maybe if Faith wasn't so tired or worried about her maybe friend and used sex toy she would have noticed that his wound on his shoulder was a bite. A very large dog like bite or more specific a werewolf bite.

So she had no idea what was going on inside of Xander at the moment, even people who knew he was bitten would be at loss at what was happening inside the boy's body.

The young pup of a wolf demon found confrontation as it tried to set up shop inside its new host. Crumbs, leftovers, scraps of another animal lay in the boy. It was old and feral, certainly a force to be reckoned with at full strength but now it was weak. If the pup was sired by a wolf even a year older it would have won, it probably could have won now but somehow the animal spirit won. Taking over young demon and forcing itself to take over the role it should have played. It was no longer a demon but a spirit and maybe more importantly it was no longer a wolf but a hyena.

And now the newly revived spirit went onto its newly acquired job and started to change the boy from the inside out, in both magic and flesh. But like the wolf pup before it the hyena ran into something it wasn't expecting.

Hidden inside the boy's flesh was something else. A predator that never fully grew, a mindless killer that didn't mind the change. In fact it started to grow with the hyena's changes, giving itself entirely to the cause of hunting. And the hyena wasn't going to complain. It took the power and wormed its way through the boy's mind, making a home for itself inside what some would call the Id.

It was one with the boy now.

It and the boy were strong now.

A monster just waiting for the next hunt to come along.

The next morning Xander woke up with a groan and a heavy body.

He tried to get up but he soon fell to his face, "Ouch."

"'You okay there Stud?"

Xander angled his head enough to see the voice and was mildly surprised to see Faith, "Faith? Why are you in my room?"

Faith snorted, "Sorry to disappoint you but you're in my room. Dragged yourself here bloody last night."

Xander twisted his head a bit more to look around the room, "Huh, how bout that."

"So, how's the shoulder?"

Xander tried to rotate it but it was like a rusted gear, "Stiff" He tried to sit up again but found himself with a lack of energy to do the act. Though, to his surprise, Faith did help him up into a sitting position against the bed.

"Better?" she asked, taking a seat next to him.


"So exactly what happened last night?" Seeing an unsure look on his face she pushed, "Oh come on. You show up at my door step, bleeding, in the middle of the night speaking damn near gibberish and I had to bandage your ass up. I think I deserve a story."

Xander mauled it over for a minute but eventually nodded and started to tell her about his night. From the girl who liked his car, to being forced to be a wheelman for a group of deranged zombies, to the eventual battle in the basement.

"After he disarmed the bomb we did the whole end quip thing between bad guys and good guys. Apparently he didn't want to leave it till later so he jumped me. We fought for a while... I think I was winning... which is weird." Faith actually didn't think so. X had been fighting Vamps and demons with them for a while so something at human strength shouldn't have been much trouble for him. "But then something jumped us. Big, hairy... it got me in the shoulder but I kicked in the balls... Isn't it funny how that works on everything? I mean show me one male of anything that that doesn't work on. One swift kick to the groin and down he goes!"

Faith gave a sage nod, "Yea, saved my ass a few times. Works on girls too."

Xander looks at her astonished, "Really? But you guys don't have... well you know."

"Still hurts like a bitch. Now story."

"... Not really much to tell. It all kind of gets fuzzy after I raaa... oh shit!"

Faith jumped, "What?"

"The bomb! It's still in the boiler room!" Xander made a jerky motion and slowly started to rise.

"Whoa, hold you're horses there big guy." Okay he wasn't that big but there were some half way decent muscles there, "I don't think you're in any kind of shape to be doing anything."

"But, but, bomb!" He strained again but found he could barely stand and Faith's light push sent him sprawling to the bed.

"And you can barely move. Just tell me where it is and I'll take care of it." Come to think of it, he never did say where all this went down.

"I can do it, really"

"X" she drew out the letter and gave him a stern gaze.

He grumbled something.

"What was that?"

"The school boiler room." he answered sulkily.

Faith paused as she connected several dots, "You've got to be shitting me."


"X, let me see you shoulder."

Xander shrugged and turned the shoulder towards her. He watched as she hesitantly unwrapped his bandages, like she wasn't looking forward to what she was about to see. Maybe his shoulder was worse than his stiffness was telling him it was, so he looked on in interest as she uncovered the wound.

It actually didn't look half bad. The bastard probably only got a shallow hit on him. It actually looked like it was mostly healed already.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit." Faith said over and over again as she started to pace across the room.

Okay now she was worrying him "Uh, Faith, what's wrong?"

Faith looked at him and started to take in some calming breaths, "X, we locked wolf boy in the boiler room last night."

"What does that..." Xander could be called slow, he could be called lazy, but he was not stupid, "oh." he said weakly, understanding what she was implying.

"Look X, you stay here. I'll take care of the bomb and get the whole gang,"

Xander interrupted her, "Don't tell them."

"What?" She asked confused.

"Just lie or something please. They don't need to know. This can stay between us. Just give me a minute or two and I can take care of it." They didn't need to know, they weren't pack any longer. They abandoned him, they pushed him out. No longer pack.

Xander didn't even notice his new train of thought he just went with it, "Please."

Faith wanted to tell the others, partly because after the whole fake watcher thing made her wary of secrets and another part because it was a pretty cool story. But he was begging her and putting on a damn puppy dog pout, "Come on X, I need to tell them something."

"Why? Why do they need to know anything?"

Was that a growl? She wondered. That wolf demon must have been making quick work. "I don't know how to take care of a bomb Xan."

"I do. Just," He grunted as he tried to move, "Give me some time."

"X, come on. Just let me tell them about the bomb. You can tell them about the bite at your own pace" She tried to reason and failed.

"They don't need to know nothing!" Abandoned, pack less. "They deserve nothing."

"X! Come on! Bomb!" Faith screamed at him, "We need to take care of it! The bite is your business I get that" She honestly did, despite her new hate for secrets she knew some stuff you wanted to keep close to vest. "But we need to do something!"

Xander looked away, grumbled but he eventually nodded.

Buffy and the rest of the Scoobies had met together after school discussing what happened last night and what they found in the boiler room.

"So what, their back up plan was to blow us all up?" Buffy asked

Giles shook his head, "No... The sisters didn't seem to know much about modern warfare so making a bomb would be out of their range of knowledge."

"Outside help?" Oz asked, if only slightly distracted by the bloated feeling he'd had all day.


Just then Faith came through the doors, "Hey guys. some shit went down last night."

Willow rolled her eyes. "Yeah, we know Faith. The whole Hellmouth thing opening was a big hint to that."

Faith scowled at the girl, "No. I'm talking about the gang of Zombies that tried to blow up the school. I need help getting rid of the bomb."

The group sat in silence for a moment before bursting with questions. At first she tried to make sense of the mesh of questions being thrown at her but eventually she just gave up, "Would you all chill out! Please!" It was weird how this group seemed to be on a switch when it came to sound, except for the werewolf. He always seemed to have a cool head. "Okay." she said while doing a quick Eeny meeny miny moe in her head before deciding to screw it and just pick Giles, "G, questions?"

The middle aged man nodded in recognition, "Yes, well, how did you know about the bomb?"

"X showed up at my doorstep bleeding from a lucky shot the boss Zombie, O'Toole or something like that. Got the story from him." Faith said easily enough. A nice easy lie that was close enough to the truth that the others would probably believe her. They did but again they, well more like Willow and Buffy, exploded forth with demands for information.

"He was supposed to stay home!" Buffy yelled, almost indigent.

"Well he didn't. And personally I'm kind of glad he went out. You know with the whole not being dead thing and all."

Oz nodded, "Good point" While he seemed to concede the girls didn't.

"Why did he go to you?" Willow asked a little bitterly. She was over her friend, she really was, she hoped. She had Oz, but he should have come to her. They had been friends since kindergarten for crying out loud! If he was hurt he should have come to her.

"Seemed pissed at you guys for some reason or other." She said with an uncaring air, "Didn't even want to tell you but he was too stiff to move. I had to force him to tell me where the bomb was and promise to stay in bed."

"Stay in bed?" Came an irritated question from Cordelia. "As in you two..."

"Can we just get to the bomb already?" Faith exasperated.

"It's already taken care of." Giles said but the glare he received told him that wasn't the best news he could have given.

"Yeah, well, good. If there's nothin' else I'm splittin'." She did her best to ignore Red's and the Queen's muttering.

"Well, that was quick." Xander said as Faith re-entered the room.

"Yeah they were already taken care of it." She said kicking off her shoes and slamming down on the bed next to him, mildly amused by his squirming to her close presence. "But I would be waiting for a harpy yelling come at you in a triple threat."

Xander moaned in pain and it wasn't because of his shoulder. "Great"

Faith snorted at his dismay. "So, you feeling better?"

"Still a bit stiff." He answered honestly but he voice sounded distracted as his nostrils flared. Something smelled nice. "Tired."

Faith gave him a concerned look, "I know you're probably a wolf now and all but do you think we should take you to a hospital?"

"Nah, I'm good." It smelled really good, "Thanks for not telling them about, you know, the Oz hickey."

Again Faith laughed. "No problem." She was quiet for a moment, "So feeling wolfy yet?"

"Pfft" Xander tried to restrain a laugh but it came out, "No, don't feel wolfy yet."

"But you will." It wasn't a question.

"Probably" Oddly he didn't have a problem with that. He wouldn't be the normal one anymore, he wouldn't be the worthless one, useless. They tossed him aside, he was no longer their pack.

But Faith was pack, right?

"You know you have to tell them some time. At least for the cage."

"... Maybe." he said thinking that they could find something on their own but would go along with her. After a minute or two of silence he hesitantly asked, "Can I borrow your floor again?"

Faith shrugged, "sure."

The next day he was still stiff but good enough to go to school. Though Faith seemed to think he needed to be walked to his house, for a change of clothes, and walk him to school. It was nice.

A very pack like thing to do.

She dropped him off near the front of the school before moving off on her own. Probably to check in with Giles or say hi to Buffy.

"Later Faith."

"Peace X."

Getting his books out of his locker proved to be a problem. His right arm was too stiff to move to get to his math book and his efforts must have gone noticed because soon enough a slender hand reached up and took it for him. Turning towards the hand's owner he found himself confronted by the teenage front of the Scoobies. The not-pack.

"Hey Xan." Buffy greeted holding up the book for him to take. He did so hesitantly and gave her a nod in greeting.

"So, we heard you were busy a few nights ago." She tried to start.

"So were you." His tone flat and dismissive, causing some of them to wince. Oz just stared at him in confusion, what he was confused about was anyone's guess. Though Xander had a good idea.

"Look, Xander..."Buffy trailed off. Honestly she didn't know where this conversation was going. She was honestly just hoping he would make a joke or a quip but he seemed so... voided towards them. It was weird.

He cut her off before she could say anything, "Can we just do this later?"

He didn't wait for a response before moving on.

Oz didn't give the last word till a minute later, "That was weird."

They never did get a chance to talk to each other later as he kept on avoiding them throughout the day and growing into the week. The only times they did see him was with Faith and when they asked her she just said he was still pissed. And when anything involving patrolling with Xander or the bed room came up she told them to piss off and mind their own damn business.

It didn't earn her brownie points with the Scoobies but who cared. She and X were making their own.

"So how's the new Watcher?" Xander asked conversationally as they walked through the cemetery.

"Not evil. Which is a plus but he has a stick shoved so far up his ass I think it's picking his nose." Xander snickered "Anyway, evil demon in town with sword fighting vampires, want to help a girl out?"


Xander was flicking through the channels of his now shared motel room waiting for Faith to get back with her patrol with Buffy. It was one of the little peace offerings the now split Scoobies had. He didn't like it though. Faith was his pack, the old pack would hurt her like they did him. Abandon her.

He wouldn't.

So when Faith came in looking numb be was instantly on his feet.

"Faith! Faith what's wrong."

"I'm bad X. Really bad." She said collapsing into his arm as he wrapped her into a hug.

"Just tell me what happened"

"By order of the Council-"

"Get, a way, from, her!" Xander yelled as he was restrained by one of the Wesley fucker's thugs. The bastard called a hit squad on his Faith! She was sorry! It was an accident! It wasn't even her fault!

That stupid blonde! She blamed everything on Faith!

When he got free the first person he was going after was Buffy, okay, right after he tore that stick out from that Watcher's ass and started beating him with it.

"Would someone please gag him."

Gag him? Oh, so not going to happen.

He struggled harder and harder, fighting against the thug restraining him. He dug deep for strength, deeper and deeper until he touched it.

And the world met a monster.


Okay that was longer than I thought it would be. I just wanted a rough plot on paper and then bam all that showed up. I'm not even sure where I would be going with this idea but I even have a decent idea of what Monster!Xander would look like. Pretty sure it's scary.

Anyway tell me what you think of my first story idea.