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Of Brothers and Fathers

Linda was her name. Cooper bumped into her at the end of the first day of high school. It was love at first sight.

"Is this your brother?"

Kurt grabbed a picture off Blaine's nightstand. Blaine smiled and sat next to his boyfriend.

"Yea…that's Cooper."

"You look like him." Kurt said.

Blaine's grin widened, "So everybody says."

After a month of dating, Cooper invited Linda over to his house to introduce her to his parents. His mother adored her and his usually distant father gave Cooper a pat on the back and a wink.

"Where does he live?"

Kurt put the picture back and picked up another one, "You look so adorable here!"

Blaine laughed, "We went all out that year. It was our last Halloween together," he said, "Cooper lives in Vermont; he's a doctor."

"Oh?" Kurt nuzzled Blaine's neck, "what kind of doctor?"


Every year Cooper's parents attended a Christmas party thrown by his father's business partner. This was the first year he was allowed to stay home alone. Twenty minutes after they left Cooper was welcoming Linda into the house. An hour after that Cooper was unbuttoning his girlfriend's dress, his hands shaking.

"Cool!" Kurt kissed his cheek, "do you visit him often?"

Blaine frowned, "I haven't seen him since" he paused, "since before I transferred to Dalton," Kurt rubbed his back, "I want to go see him but my parents won't let me," Blaine scoffed, "they say that he's too busy to take care of me."

"You're 17-I'm sure you can take care of yourself."

"My parents…" Blaine let out a sigh, "my parents and Cooper don't get along," he winced, "When I was at the hospital after…well after, Dad and Coop got into a HUGE fight right outside my room. Security had to be called in."

"Wow," Kurt said, "that's…wow."

"My mom's a little better I guess" Blaine shrugged, "but she doesn't get along with him either. They never call him and Coop only calls me."

In March Linda showed up at his house. Her face was white and her eyes red. She told him that she'd been feeling sick for a week so her parents took her to the doctor.

"Cooper I'm…I'm pregnant."

"He calls or texts me every day," Blaine smiles, "he really wants to meet you."

"Moi?" Kurt asked cheeks red.

"Of course; he says that it's his duty to meet you."

An hour after Linda dropped by, Cooper's parents came home. He was sitting on the couch staring at the floor. Worried his mom ran her fingers through his hair and asked what's wrong. When he looked into his mother's eyes Cooper started bawling. It took him twenty minutes to tell his frightened parents that he'd gotten his fourteen year old girlfriend pregnant.

"Maybe he could come see us at nationals!" Kurt lied down on the bed, "unless your parents are going?"

Blaine rolled his eyes and lied down next to his boyfriend, "They never do…and yes I did think about asking him to come to nationals."

"Do it then," Kurt played with Blaine's curls, "I know how much you miss him."

"He's my hero."

"I got Linda pregnant."

Before he could finish speaking, his mother slapped Cooper across the face before running up the stairs, crying. His father had grabbed his arms and dragged Cooper to his room. He pushed Cooper onto his bed.

"I'm very disappointed in you."

His father's reaction hurt more than the slap his mother gave him.

"Cooper was the one who took me out on Halloween," Blaine looked at Kurt, "he also took me to see Santa every Christmas," Kurt kissed his cheek, "and every time I had a nightmare, Cooper would let me sleep in his bed and sing me to sleep," Blaine closed his eyes, "he was the best brother I could have asked for."

"Sounds like it," Kurt whispered, "talk to him tomorrow then. Ask him to come see you in New York."

Cooper and Linda's parents talked behind his back. Linda had been pulled from school and he had no way to talk to her. Cooper wanted to talk to his girlfriend. He wanted to know what was going to happen with the baby. He wanted to know if she was keeping it. He wanted to know if he could ever meet his kid. A mother after Linda told him she was pregnant his parents sat him down to talk. Neither Linda nor her parents wanted the baby. They were going to put him up for adoption. Cooper went into shock. He shouldn't have been so surprised. They were fourteen years old. They couldn't raise a baby.

Someone knocked on the door, "Blaine?"

"Yea mom?"

His mother peeked inside, "Your father should be home in a few minutes," her gaze strayed to Kurt and she smiled, "that's a nice vest you have on, Kurt."

"Thank you Mrs. Anderson," Kurt tossed his head back a little before standing up, "I guess I should get ready to go."

Blaine's mother nodded, "Thanks Kurt," she smiled at her son boyfriend, "drive safely."

"At least my mother likes you," Blaine murmured. Kurt laughed and pinched his cheek,

"That's because I make her baby boy happy."

Two weeks after finding out that his girlfriend was going to put his baby up for adoption Cooper went to his parents and begged them to let him keep his kid. His father had screamed himself hoarse, telling Cooper that he was a kid himself and how was he going to raise a kid with no money and no place of his own? His mother had stared at him, an odd look on her face. When his father stopped yelling she told Cooper to go to his room and wait. An hour later his mother had gone into his room. She told him that there was no way Cooper could raise a baby on his own. But his parents could.

"I'll talk to you tonight?" Kurt asked. Blaine nodded and pulled his boyfriend into a kiss.

"I love you," Blaine said. He dropped his head to Kurt's shoulder for a second. Kurt ran his hand down his boyfriend's back.

"I love you too, Blaine."

The day Linda gave birth Cooper had to beg his parents to let him go with them to the hospital. He had hoped to see Linda but he never did. When a nurse walked up to them holding a baby, Cooper started to cry. Before his parents could react, Cooper took his baby from the nurse and held him close to his chest.

"It's a boy."

Blaine watched his boyfriend drive off. A minute later his mom once again knocked on his door.

"Come in."

She comes in with a sad sigh.

"I'm sorry about that sweetheart," she kissed Blaine's forehead and hugged him, "you're father is trying," Blaine rolled his eyes.

"Yea," Blaine sighed, "thanks mom."

"I'm serious," his mom turned him around "we both love you very much. You're our youngest-our baby. Your father…your father just wants what he thinks is best for you. Ok?"

Cooper held his while his parents signed the adoption papers. The nurse looked at him with pity but he tried to ignore her. After everything was signed they took the baby home. His parents allowed Cooper to place his baby into the car seat and ride in the back with him. When they got home they let him take his son into the house. Before he could place the car seat down his mother unbuckled the baby and took him into her arms.

"His name is Blaine," she told Cooper, "Blaine Anthony."

"I know Mom."

She tapped his nose, "I'll call you when dinners ready ok?"


When his mom left, Blaine pulled out his phone. He scrolled through his contacts until he came across Cooper's name. His finger hovered over the "dial" button. Just as he was about to call him, Blaine heard his father's car pull into the driveway.

"Blaine!" his mother called out, "your Dad's here."

Frowning Blaine put his phone back into his pocket. He'll call his brother after dinner.

His parents moved them to Westerville. They dotted on Blaine and shipped Cooper to Dalton Academy School for boys. On the weekends when Cooper came home he spent as much time as he could with his son. Late at night, when both his parents and Blaine slept, Cooper would sneak into his baby's room and watch him.

"I love you," he said, "no matter what they say….you'll always be my son."

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